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Magento Auction Extension – Build your own auction website in Magento!

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Download: https://www.fmeaddons.com/magento/auction-extension.html

You are just a couple of minutes away from creating your own auction website with the help of Magento Auction Extension. Your customers will have the option of tracking the status of the bidding process by clicking on “Watch this” option which will be made available by this Magento auction extension. Your customer’s time may be saved with the help of automatic bidding which will be done by the software for them in order to save their time. Both the admin and the customer will have the option to manage and view information about the bidding from their own accounts.

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Magento Auction Extension – Build your own auction website in Magento!

  1. 1. Hi, Today I want to show you Magento Auction Extension / ‘I3; ‘/3 www. Imeaddons. com (UH i -1. I] ,2.
  2. 2. IIii01'i1idfi0Ii about the liid and Cllllt-‘Ill bidder. .. ‘Supports auto and llldlllldl l)IlIIIIIg, . cuslonieis will need to Iogin tirst. .. i. ~:-: . A ti rm‘. : i,: i:: I:. ',1 »: - a; ;i: iIt ~~. r-, ;r1*ri. -.: ALl, ii/ mi, ‘ ll :1: Magento Auction Extension allows you to create and manage online auction website like eBay!
  3. 3. Ii MAIN FEATURES oYour customers can bid on your website 0 Allows Auto and Manual Bidding 0 Customers can monitor from their accounts
  4. 4. ‘: 'ste111 qoncmtccl iitossagos tor Iwidcliu.0,. .. RONT END DEMO Quick Overview Re-Cetininx; in‘ the HT’: To _ ICl"‘III: 'TI. ’1r; ]i’il- exhilarating Bidders can tollowup on the auction bx’ -.11 crcwxess Aitn mil _ . - . .;r. L‘IICl'lllg on xmicli lliis. .. >—pli-an oi aj'. an: », Ciia“w3nc"‘ signals 1 ‘,1 Auction 15 Days 11:37:15 I‘J Er-ix‘ tn I. .1. r 2 i, L.iruriE-_. i,i -iihail 3h~1»: ~r1 -. n iilrrmr viii irr -I u. ITI {TI <iarl £4) »— um I ll . . as Lia. 2014 : >:-: 2»; Jo 3): ) 1.13, 2014 ‘33 _ 1»: urF‘riceiBe-I. veeriS4é-T and E47; i7“ - 9 0 Stanaarc Era Ii'. "‘ I -utc Eid I
  5. 5. rm Magento Admm Pane‘ L: ii1.'1r: i3iri.1<. ::i-1rrv| 'i ‘v‘rL‘i1TIL"%G.1)‘l-'Jl'I: 'JI‘ - E ’II ~—i Dashboard Sales Catalog Mobile Customers Promotions Newsletter cus Audion Reports I- l. ‘ageri7.' t‘I~~m. nr. I : 'r). ‘r: - I 2, I3 rw. a a-are Manage -‘-AJCTIOTIS at h5.E1 nr‘Iif§. ,1F€fi'. lV€§= .1;gI: MSTISQS TT3f‘iSCfix'JI'IS Current Configuration Scene I I -I 7 I C°”'l°”I3l'°” . ' I v ' I o 0 0 c r ' L I - I °"'9"""°" """"“‘9" Iogiti to dllllllll panel I ° » GENERAL in o1‘<'I0i‘ to aCCO. <:”~ / -/ mm’ Various toatures. .. / I. -ran _ 1 r / ,/ o Admins can view and modify auction info & product info 0 Admins can keep track of watchers & winners 0 Email configuration such as notice to new bidder, watcher, admin etc.
  6. 6. You can find this product here: / §§ s, —- ‘WI : 'i'i'. '~'. '.. "I'll: -w‘i: l=I»IiL: :.I= s ilu
  7. 7. Find out more on. .. 0 @fmeaddons 0 / fmeaddons Q