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Strengthen your confidence

  1. When you strengthen your confidence, you’ll be a happier person. Confidence in yourself equips you to accomplish everything you've always dreamed about. Try these strategies to boost your confidence…
  2. 1. Stick Up For Yourself. Instead of allowing others to overpower you, stand up for your rights and your beliefs.
  3. 2. Believe In Yourself. Make the extra effort to look at yourself in the mirror and truly believe that you can accomplish anything.
  4. 3. Ask For Help. Seek help from others when you’re struggling. Draw from the expertise of others when you lack the knowledge you need. The ability to admit you need help is a sign of strength.
  5. 4. Pick A New Outfit. Concentrate on your appearance. If you feel that you look good, you’ll begin to feel more confident with yourself on the inside too.
  6. 5. Think Positive Thoughts. • Challenge yourself to think positive thoughts each and every day. • If you stay positive, confidence will come.
  7. 6. Stop Negative Thoughts. When negative thoughts enter your mind, notice them and replace them with more productive ones. Dwell on thoughts that lead you to success.
  8. 7. Prepare Yourself.  Sometimes a lack of confidence comes from lack of preparation.  Ensure you properly prepare yourself for the challenges you face.
  9. 8. Focus On The Smaller Things. Tackle one thing at a time in a step-by- step fashion. Little by little, each success you experience builds a reservoir of confidence inside you.
  10. 9. Express Gratitude. Express gratitude for the things that are important to you. You'll experience renewed energy and enthusiasm.
  11. 10. Take Control. Choose to seize the steering wheel, instead of sitting in the passenger seat. Instead of letting life happen to you, live your life with purpose. Pretend you’re confident, and the feelings will follow.
  12. 11. Get To Know Yourself. Delve deep and find out who you are. You’ll be better able to point out and work on your weaknesses. Your strengths will give you confidence.
  13. 12. Engage In A Kind Act. • Do what you can to bring about more joy in the lives of others and enjoy the feeling it gives you.
  14. 13. Practice. Practice makes perfect. If you’re struggling at a task, keep trying until you get it right. This may take time, but the effort is worth it.
  15. 14. Relax. When you feel pressured to accomplish too much at once, slow down and take a few deep breaths. Sometimes, all it takes to feel confident is a few seconds to relax and refocus your mind.
  16. 15. Smile More Frequently. Put a smile on your face and you’ll be surprised at how you end up feeling as a result.
  17. 16. Look At The Big Picture. • Keep the bigger picture in mind as you attempt the trials of life. • It will keep you from getting caught up on the smaller issues that detract from the important ones.
  18. 17. Concentrate On Your Self-image. Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses. Find out what you like about yourself and focus on enhancing those characteristics.
  19. 18. Change Your Behavior. o If you’re feeling down on yourself, change your approach. o Continue to change your approach until you start getting the results you deserve.
  20. 19. Fight Boredom. Sometimes a lack of confidence is simply a sign that it’s time to leave your comfort zone in favor of something more exciting.
  21. 20. Strivefor Excellence Instead of Perfection. If you continue to try your best and change your approach when things seem to be headed in the wrong direction, your confidence will grow naturally.
  22. 21. Accept Compliments. Learn how to accept compliments. People are likely being genuine with you and telling you what your strengths are.
  23. 22. Try Hypnosis. • Hypnosis is a great way of communicating with your subconscious mind. • Program your subconscious with productive thinking about your capabilities and strengths.
  24. 23. Start The Day Right. • Get everything off to the right start by getting into a positive mood right from the beginning of the day. • Plan your day the night before and develop a morning routine. • Get enough rest and eat a healthy breakfast.
  25. 24. Fake It. • Go through the motions of confidence even when you feel down in the dumps. • You’ll be surprised how much more confident you feel when you pretend that you are.
  26. • Use positive self-talk to boost your confidence. • Use personal, positive, present-tense affirmations that speak words of encouragement to your heart and mind. 25. Talk To Yourself.
  27. • There are many ways to strengthen your confidence. • All you need is the courage and the drive to try them. • When you do, you'll start to see your dreams come true!