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Predictions 2018

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This is a yearly forecast for the happenings in 2018 by Master Lynn Yap, fengshui Queen, Singapore.

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Predictions 2018

  1. 1. PREDICTIONS 2018 Master Lynn Yap Fengshui Queen Singapore ® 3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd Fengshui Queen SG
  2. 2. CONTENTS: 1) Short intro about Master Lynn Yap 2) 18 Predictions for 2018 3) Which industries will do well 4) Fortune for 12 animal signs 5) Fengshui Queen SG Tip for 2018 6) Conclusion Predictions 2018
  3. 3.  Age 50+  BBA (NUS)(1982)  Fengshui / bazi experiences since 1989  Learnt from many grandmasters and registered Fenghui Queen, Singapore, 2000.  Made several appearances in CNBC Asia, BBC World, Discovery Channel, German TV, TCS 5, TCS 8, Channel U.  Interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines worldwide.  Each year there are numerous Fengshui projects and life readings and with 8 listed companies clients, to-date.  Merits : Our Company became a statutory member of Singapore Business Federation, 2009.  Multiple property sole owner Predictions 2018
  4. 4. Our Company’s Mission: To provide affordable, true and accurate fengshui / destiny consultations to anyone Predictions 2018
  5. 5. FengshuiQueen.com Method of Fengshui used: 1) Flying Star School of Fengshui 2) Landscape Fengshui 3) Intuitive Fengshui Predictions 2018
  6. 6. Predictions for the Goat Year General Predictions Predictions for the Dog Year
  7. 7. GENERAL FORECAST : It is going to be an “eventful” year with happenings on 3 main areas like human errors, infectious diseases and natural disasters. THE YEAR 2018
  8. 8.  It is an “eventful” year because the first 6 months has “yang earth” while the latter half also has “yang earth”.  The “earth” is sitting above the “earth” causing the year to be a strong Earth Year.  Hence, we can expect to see many people making mistakes causing accidents of all kinds, diseases spreading, natural disasters happening around the world. THE YEAR 2018
  9. 9.  The Year 2018, is called a “Wu Xu” year (Earth Dog Year) where we can also called it a “Brown Dog” year as it is going to be a year full of “happenings” where everyone may be feeling very “stubborn”. It is also not a good year for the “water” industry because Earth controls the Water element. Therefore, if you need to travel, try not to fly long distance. THE YEAR 2018
  10. 10.  The combination of “Wu and Xu” will make the Dog year, a year where people can be very, very stubborn, rigid in their mindset, blur and making many mistakes.  The keyword for 2018 is “Human Errors” while the keyword for 2017 is “Money” (Bitcoin / Stock Market) while “Explosions” was the keyword for 2016 and “Infectious Diseases” was the keyword for 2015 , “Emotions” in 2014.  Though they have a tendency, need to be very loyal and work very hard. The good point is that they are very grateful to you if you have ever shared a kindness to them. They are also very innocent. THE YEAR 2018
  11. 11.  The Dog is a smart animal, lovable and cute in the 11th animal of the 12 animal year sign.  Since the Dog sometimes run and sleep which means that we are all going to be a bit lazy, a bit blur at times and have to be extra hardworking (run) in order to make good money and this will guide us through the year.  The Dog year can made people more careless with mistakes whether in the car, train, plane, rocket, drone or ship. People also tend to be blur, forgetful and like to sleep more.  Next year, is the Fire Pig year where we can all find wealth but with a twist because of the fire over water causing conflict.  “It will be like a “Brown Dog” lying down and grinning” THE YEAR 2018
  12. 12. When is Chinese New Year ?  The 4th February 2018 is the season of spring (Li Chun) and is the beginning of a Chinese New Year. This is according to the “solar” calendar. However, Chinese all over the world would still celebrate Chinese New Year on 16th February 2018 which follows the lunar calendar. It is a good year to get married and kindly ensure that you get someone to pick some good and auspicious dates for you. If you are going to pray to Tai Sui this year, ensure that you pray after Li Chun, if not it may still be the Rooster year. THE YEAR 2018
  13. 13. It really depends on which Chinese New Year’s calendar. For the past few years since 2005, many of us usually observe what “happen” to us on the 4th February (Li Chun) and if good things happen on that day then it is going to be a very auspicious year !!! If negative things do occurred, then it means that the year is not going to be smooth. Go see your Fengshui Master /Destiny reader when that happens. THE YEAR 2018
  14. 14.  Since 4th February 2018 falls on a Sunday most Banks are closed except for some therefore, you will need to go to the ATM Bank and bank in some money (cash or cheque) on this day so that your wealth can grow.  We had been doing this since 2005 (it’s originated from us) and wealth did grown ever since. Over the past 20 years, many became multi-millionaires and much more. THE YEAR 2018
  15. 15. Please go to the bank, MUST wear a red top, bank in cash or cheque to your name or your Company’s name. Kindly note that you will have to wear a red top, if not it won’t work and that Li Chun is not always on the 4th February. There is also no necessity to wait for a special timing. THE YEAR 2018 4th February 2018, Sunday
  16. 16. Predictions for the Goat Year Which animal signs will not do well in the coming Lunar New Year 2018 ? Predictions for the Dog Year
  17. 17. A) Those born in the year of the “Dog” and “Dragon” B) Those whose bazi (a form of life reading based on birth date, time and country of birth) has a “Dog” or “Dragon” in the hour pillar (your time of birth) (7pm till 9pm) & (7am to 9am) will also not have a good year. THE YEAR 2018
  18. 18. Predictions for the Goat year What not to do this year ? Predictions for the Dog Year
  19. 19.  1) Do not attend weddings or funerals.  2) Do not attend friend’s birthday parties and baby showers.  NOTE I: As long as your bazi has a “Dog” or a “Dragon” in it, you need to be extremely careful. You must never attend these if you want a peaceful year.  NOTE II: However, if you ever need to attend them then wear “red underwear” and carry 6 nails when attending funeral. Do not carry nails when attending wedding. THE YEAR 2018
  20. 20. Predictions for the Goat year 18 Predictions Predictions for the Dog Year
  21. 21.  Investment Outlook 2018 -  1) Gold Prices will fluctuate (overall is up) - Because of the presence of Bitcoin, gold prices forecast may therefore not be accurate.  2) Oil prices would remain stable and rise towards the end of the year. THE YEAR 2018
  22. 22.  3) Disaster Outlook 2018 – There could be earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, landslides, volcano eruption causing collapse of buildings and houses happening around the northern part of the world. The “five yellow” star is in the North or anywhere that is the “northern” part of any country like Canada, USA, Europe, Russia, Korea, Japan and China.  4) Property prices will start to rise - now is the best time to invest in the property market or you can still wait till first half of Year 2019.  5) There can be new discovery for those in “Earth” Industry - new technology in building houses, in paints, chemicals and biosciences, new discovery in medicine to cure sickness/vaccines or new discovery from the ground/Earth. THE YEAR 2018
  23. 23.  6) Characteristics of People – People will tend to be forgetful, stubborn, sleepy, lazy and eating a lot.  7) There would be strong competition among the earth industries like construction, interior design, real estate, hospitals, chemical companies, paint companies, medicine companies and health wellness companies.  8) This year, the sicknesses to take note are – stomach, liver, skin rashes (itchy), large and small intestines, ear, viruses, broken bones, knee joint pains, muscles, lungs and throats. THE YEAR 2018
  24. 24.  9) Currency Outlook 2018 – US dollar will be stable.  10) There is a possibility of a terrorist attacks in tall buildings or homes, a possible nuclear/chemical war, leaving many people homeless.  11) The younger females will tend to fall sick while the younger males may need to be careful when driving or walking. Do not do any dangerous activities.  12) The year will give rise to disharmony among people, giving rise to protests too. THE YEAR 2018
  25. 25.  13) Market Outlook 2018 - The Share prices in the stock market tends to fluctuate and fall around November.  14) There will be changes in regulations made in the Earth Industries like buildings, real estates, hospitals, biosciences, chemicals, medicine/drug companies.  15) There can be mergers or acquisitions in the “Earth” industries.  16) There may be the passing away of a famous person. THE YEAR 2018
  26. 26.  17) Stock Market – The share prices of “Metal Stocks” in the Stock Market will rise the most. Therefore, Bank shares will do very well.  18) A typhoon or tsunami causing explosions will be occurring anywhere in the world that will indicate the Fire Pig Year 2019 (Pig becoming roasted) is here. THE YEAR 2018
  27. 27. Predictions for the Goat year Which industries will do well ? Predictions for the Dog Year
  29. 29. Fire Industry : FIRE: Average Properties of Fire: warm and gives off heat Fire industries are those related to electrical products, stock markets, restaurants, lighting shops, fast food chains, bakery shops, security business and accounting firms. Predictions for the Dog Year
  30. 30. Predictions for the Dog Year Earth Industry : EARTH: Average Properties of Earth: hard and stillness Earth Industries are those related to properties, human resource, pet shops, chemicals, cosmetics, renovation companies, property developers, agriculture, insurance, construction firms, cosmetic surgery and Tibetan medicine.
  31. 31. Predictions for the Dog Year Metal Industry : METAL : Good Properties of Metal: hard and piercing Metal Industries are those related to banking, machineries and equipment, law firms, fortune telling, fengshui consultancy, gold-smith shops, robotics, steel, motor vehicles- all types, trains, rockets and aerospace industries.
  32. 32. Predictions for the Dog Year Water Industry : WATER: Unfavourable Properties of Water: wavy Water Industries are those that deal with internet, consultancy, shipping, transportation, logistics, distribution, tourism, lottery, cold beverages, hotels, shipbuilding, broadcasting, pubs/bars, Information technology, marine products, oil, money lending, telecommunications, airlines, casino business, animation, advertising, online shops and gaming.
  33. 33. Predictions for the Dog Year Wood Industry : Wood : Good Properties of Wood: hard and grows upwards Wood Industries are those related to Government, printing, seminars / events, universities, schools, textile firms, paper and pulp, timber, furniture, fashion, politics, nurseries, education, hair salons, photography, book stores and publishing.
  34. 34. Predictions for the Goat year Forecast for the 12 Animals Predictions for the Dog Year
  35. 35. 1) MONKEY - Average This is not a good year therefore you may have to lie low at the work place and simply work quietly then it can be a smooth year. Do not talk too much as it can give rise to miscommunication. Business Outlook - Money is difficult to come by, reduce cost is the best solution. For students - You are witty and smart and may need less hours to complete your studies. Results are good and promising. THE YEAR 2018
  36. 36. Money and Work: There is money from career only and no windfall. Therefore, be happy, meditate or go travelling to make yourself happy. Work is busy this year and if you have to work late, take a taxi home. “Meditate to go deep into yourself to discover the truth” THE YEAR 2018
  37. 37. Health: Health is not good this year. Small ailments better quickly see a medical doctor. Do continue to do your regular exercise or foot and shoulder massage. Take your vitamins and slow down the pace if you can. Can do yoga, brisk walking or running will be good. THE YEAR 2018
  38. 38. Love and Family: Relationship with spouse has improved this year, continue to travel together and with family members. If in a relationship - Money continues to be an issue, simply give and take is better. If single - Your Mr/Miss right is nowhere to be seen, this year. Simply enjoy the year with friends or family members. THE YEAR 2018
  39. 39. 2) ROOSTER - Average This is a much better year then last year however it is still a year to be cautious. Work gets more that you may have to work long hours. One of your staff may wish to resign. Colleagues may not be very friendly. Stay calm and enjoy the year. When you need help, someone will come forward to assist. Business Outlook - There are only small business deals. For students - You are going to be busy in your studies. “When your mind is calm, there is wisdom” THE YEAR 2018
  40. 40. Money and Work : There is a slight Heaven’s luck. Try not to gamble is best, if need to then buy small small. If your own numbers always open then stick to this winning formula. You may wish to put two orange, fizzy drink plastic bottles in the fridge freezer for extra good luck. This year, income from career remains stable and be thankful that you have a job. You may wish to do some investments like buying a property anywhere in the world before Year 2019. THE YEAR 2018
  41. 41. Health: Your health is not good this year and there can be minor flu and cough. Go see a medical doctor for treatment and all is well. Do your regular exercise like yoga or massage would be good. THE YEAR 2018
  42. 42. Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse continues to be not so good. Try bringing the family out for a holiday. When everyone is relaxed, there is harmony and happiness. If in a relationship -Try to get married if you can. A simple wedding is good enough. If single - there is no romance this year. THE YEAR 2018
  43. 43. 3) DOG - Average This is not a good year for you when it is your year. You may change house, change car or change job. The changes are good just that events are not smooth. You may wish to wear a 916 gold “kirin” so that the year can be smooth. Business Outlook - This is a year to lie low and just go with the flow. For students - This year, you may tend to feel sleepy and lazy. When sleepy, sleep but after that you must study hard. THE YEAR 2018
  44. 44. Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s luck this year so best don’t buy lottery however if you still want to buy then buy small small, maybe can strike. Next year, 2019 then got the big luck so be patient and wait. Since it is a Dog year, be careful of losing a sum of money in investments or be cheated. Therefore in the second lunar month, 17 March 2018, go do a generous donation (amount up to you) to ward it off. THE YEAR 2018
  45. 45. Health: This year, your health is average. You will still need to pay attention to sharp objects for fear of being cut etc. Therefore you will need to “shed blood” on 25 February 2018 then all is well. Take your vitamins and go for your regular foot or body massages. People born in the dog year tend to love massage and these massage can break down the earth elements and hence can have better luck and also good for blood circulation. “Truth has nothing to do with words” THE YEAR 2018
  46. 46. Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse is not good and there can be disharmony at home. Talk less and either help out in house work or don’t say anything. If in a relationship - It is time to get married. Go find a Fengshui Master to choose a good wedding date. If single - This year there is a possibility of a romance but is not good. THE YEAR 2018
  47. 47. 4) PIG - Good The year is a good one for you. There are helpful people at the work place to make this a smooth and promising year. There is some money coming in either through better bonuses or windfall. Business Outlook - Business is slow but steady. For students - You tend to study smart and not study hard and yet pass. THE YEAR 2018
  48. 48. Money and Work: There is some Heaven’s luck and income from career continues to be good. You may need to focus on saving money by opening another bank account which has your favourable lucky colour and every month transfer S$..... into this account where money can grow. It is a good time to invest in another property if you wish. If you know that your bazi has very good property luck then simply choose one within your means and hold, wait for capital appreciation and plan for retirement. THE YEAR 2018
  49. 49. Health: This year, your health is good. However, you may need to pay attention to older folks at home. Take your vitamins, exercise regularly or go for yoga or massage. “The Ultimate truth is beyond words” THE YEAR 2018
  50. 50. Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse is good and harmonious. You can travel to far away places for family trips this year. Remember to buy “items” for what your bazi needs. If in a relationship - The relationship is smooth and can tie the knot. If single - There is someone for you this year. THE YEAR 2018
  51. 51. 5) RAT - Good The New Year promises to be a good year with numerous work to do and a lot of travelling. There is a promotion in sight and money is hard earned. Business Outlook - Business is slow so just ride along. For students - This year, you may need to study long hours. THE YEAR 2018
  52. 52. Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s luck and only money from income earned. Do not do any gambling this year. Best is to spend less then all is well. If you wish to have some windfall money is to give to others. When you are generous with money the Universe will also be generous towards you. THE YEAR 2018
  53. 53. Health: Health continues to be good this year. Take your vitamins and do your exercise regularly and all will be well. An elderly family member may need your care to make you busy. Continue to exercise and go for cupping, Gua Sa and Tunia as these are good for health. THE YEAR 2018
  54. 54. Love and Family: Married couples have love and harmony this year. Also a good time to spend more holidays together. If in a relationship - There may appear a third party. Be careful in the relationship or it might break. If single - It will be difficult to meet the right partner. “Every step is going home” THE YEAR 2018
  55. 55. 6) OX - Average It is an average year for you as there are certain stars which can affect work. There is a possibility of company restructuring hence affecting job scope and responsibility. Go with the flow and all will be well. Business Outlook - You have to work harder this year in business. For students - this year, you may need to study very hard as you tend to be forgetful. Therefore, every chapter, you will need to study it many times. THE YEAR 2018
  56. 56. Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s luck so the main source of money will come from your career. Watch your expenses this year and try to save some money. Do not do any investments unless it is in property. “When the timing is right, you will meet your teacher” THE YEAR 2018
  57. 57. Health : You may need to pay attention to health this year as it is quite easy for you to have small sickness like flu and cough. Quickly go and see a medical doctor and all will be well. Be careful of metal objects like knives etc. It will be good for you to shed blood on 25 February 2018 onwards and this might ward it off. THE YEAR 2018
  58. 58. Love and Family: Relationship with family members will be stressed and a possible miscommunication with spouse and family members. Talk less and listen more is good. If in a relationship - It is time to get ready to get married next year. If you are single - there might be a slight chance for finding love if you buy blue roses and place them beside you where you are sleeping. THE YEAR 2018
  59. 59. 7) TIGER - Average The New Year is not too favourable as there are people gossiping about you and finding fault. When this happens, go for 3 full day vegetarian to cleanse the body then all will be well. There is still a job for you therefore be thankful. Only when you are thankful of your job then the good fortune comes. Business Outlook - If there is a business partnership that relationship might break. For students - Do not use your clever ways to get your way but rather study hard. “A wise man sees others as himself” THE YEAR 2018
  60. 60. Money and Work: Heaven’s luck is not stable, sometimes good, sometimes no good. Money from your normal income is still good. You are therefore advised to save money and sometimes it is best to save money in a joint account, which means the money will be able to stay. THE YEAR 2018
  61. 61. Health: This year, your health is average however, you may need to pay attention to injuries like a small cut hence be careful of any sharp metal objects like knives, nail cutter etc. Go do your regular exercise or try meditation will be good for you. Search for a non religious meditation teacher. THE YEAR 2018
  62. 62. Love and Family: You may feel stressed this year, hence relationship with spouse might not be smooth. Best is to travel as travelling can help you relax and be happy. If in a relationship - This year, there are some miscommunication so you may need to make effort to make the relationship work. If single - There is romance in the air, choose carefully. If you are destined for someone much younger than you then go for it even if he/she is 10 years younger. THE YEAR 2018
  63. 63. 8) RABBIT - Good This year is a much better year than last year. Career is smooth and good. You can expect a promotion. It is also a right timing for you to change job. Business Outlook – You will have a few opportunists. For students – This year, you may find yourself having to study harder because the earth in the Dog year is not good for you. THE YEAR 2018
  64. 64. Money and Work: There is Heaven’s luck for you. Try buying your own set of numbers or your children’s number and see whether there are any results and don’t forget to wear your lucky shirt colour when the draw starts. If you wish to do an investment, it is a good timing to buy another property for your retirement planning. However do consult your financial planner before doing so. THE YEAR 2018
  65. 65. Health: This year, your health is good however do continue to take vitamins or other health supplements, exercise, do yoga and meditation. Try to sleep early will be good. “All the opposing pairs come from One Mind” THE YEAR 2018
  66. 66. Love and Family: This year, you may find yourself popular with people of the opposite sex. Kindly ensure that you do not over commit your time with friends and neglect the family. It is best for the family to travel twice this Lunar New Year. If in a relationship – It is time to get married. If single - This year it is possible for you to meet your Mr/Miss Right. THE YEAR 2018
  67. 67. 9) DRAGON - Average It is an average year for you because the Dog year clashes with you. This is a year where you need to lie low at the work place. Go buy a 916 gold “kirin” to wear and ward off the negative luck. This year, you may change house, change car or change job and these are good changes except that whatever you do is not smooth. Business Outlook - It is not the right timing to do any business expansion. Be careful with money. For students - This year, you may tend to be forgetful hence you have to study harder then can pass. THE YEAR 2018
  68. 68. Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s luck and therefore only money earned from career. So spend less and watch your expenses. Some friends may come and want to borrow money from you. If you can, give only and don’t lend, would be the best. Try saving your money in a joint account and when you feel that the timing is right, go pick a freehold property to buy as a form of investment. This year, you may also lose a sum of money so be careful. On 17 March 2018, write a cheque (amount up to you) for a donation and this can ward it off. THE YEAR 2018
  69. 69. Health: Health is not so good this year as you may experience small illnesses like flu and cough. It will be best for you to “shed blood” on 25 February 2018. Do not over worked or over stretched yourself. Take good care of the body by doing regular exercises, body and foot massage too. An elderly family member may need your attention hence giving rise to more stress. This year, when walking, working and driving will need to be very careful. “All things are within. Look within you.” THE YEAR 2018
  70. 70. Love and Family: This year because of work and family stress, your temper may therefore need to adjust. Try not to lose temper if you wish for better fortune. Try to bring the family for a holiday to distress and with a change of environment. If in a relationship - Relationship is not smooth as there are some miscommunication. If single – Love is in the air, there is a chance to meet your partner in life. THE YEAR 2018
  71. 71. 10) SNAKE - Good It is a good year for you as work is smooth with a promise of a promotion. The presence of a lucky star makes work smooth and pleasant. Enjoy the year ! Business Outlook - Sales are improving but you will still need to cut cost. For students - this year you will find that you can study well and score good results. THE YEAR 2018
  72. 72. Money and Work: There is Heaven’s luck. You may strike twice this year. However, after getting some money, remember to donate some away or buy friends lunch or dinner and then can strike again. Do remember to wear your lucky shirt colour for lottery luck which may be different from your normal favourable colours. Income from career continues to be good. “An enlightened person is someone who finds freedom in the good and the bad” THE YEAR 2018
  73. 73. Health: This year, your health is good. Take more vitamins and health supplements if you are getting old and exercise regularly or do more meditation would be good. It will be good to free 2 birds every now and then for long life and good health. THE YEAR 2018
  74. 74. Love and Family: This year you may need to pay attention to food hygiene in the family as one elderly member of the family may fall sick and need care. If in a relationship - There is a chance that you will get married soon. If you are single - Romance is in the air, you may meet your rightful partner. THE YEAR 2018
  75. 75. 11) HORSE - Good The year looks promising as work is smooth. There is harmony and support from colleagues at the work place. There is a promotion too. Projects are big and can complete on time. Business Outlook - It is good and there are business deals. For students - Classmates are friendly and study is a breeze. THE YEAR 2018
  76. 76. Money and Work: This year, money comes from income earned though there is some Heaven’s luck. If in your bazi, you can’t save money then it is best to open a joint account with someone (close relatives). That way, the money can stay. This year, there might be an opportunity for a windfall. So can buy some lottery tickets would be good. THE YEAR 2018
  77. 77. Health: Your health is average this year with some sickness like cough and flu. You may need to rest well and sleep early. Do your regular exercise or yoga or meditation would be good. Take more health supplements. THE YEAR 2018
  78. 78. Love and Family: This year, an elder family members may need help. Try to spend time with them as well as your spouse. Go for the yearly family travel. If in a relationship - Try to be less stubborn would be best and plan for the future. If single - There is romance in the air. “Not thinking about anything is zen” THE YEAR 2018
  79. 79. THE YEAR 2018 12) GOAT - Good This is a good year for you with promotion in sight. However colleagues might be jealous therefore lie low at the work place. Business Outlook - Business is difficult. Reduce costs and stay afloat. For students - You need to study harder this year as there is a tendency to forget.
  80. 80. Money & Work: There is some Heaven’s luck this year while main income from career is smooth and good. If you want to win lottery, here is a fengshui tip - when the time is 4pm go wear your lucky colour shirt and wait for the draw, by 7pm then change back. Try to save in your lucky bank colour would be best too. THE YEAR 2018
  81. 81. Health: Your health is good this year, however someone in the family is not well and may need your care and attention. Continue with your regular exercise and health supplements. Try to sleep early and invest in a good mattress. THE YEAR 2018
  82. 82. Love and Family: Your relationship with spouse is good this year and there may even have a celebration at home like a wedding. And try to give out many red packets if possible and that is being generous and is good for personal luck. If in a relationship - This relationship might be problematic at some months but overall is ok. If single - It will be difficult to find someone new this year. Relax and enjoy the year with friends. “There is nothing to be born and nothing to perish” THE YEAR 2018
  83. 83. How to have better wealth? Fengshui 2018 Predictions for the Dog Year
  84. 84. How to have better wealth ? 1) The romance star (4) is in the South 2) The water star (1) is in the North West 3) The robbing star (7) is in the East 4) The sickness star (2) is in the West 5) The legal star (3) is in the North East 6) The wealth star (8) is in the South East 7) The helpful star (6) is in the South West 8) The 5 yellow star (5) is in the North 9) The fire star (9) is in the Centre
  85. 85.  Fengshui Tips for 2018: When you wish to renovate your house this year, do not renovate at the North and West sectors of the house. To activate wealth is to place a “pot of gold” (gold ingot shaped bowl with lots of coins) in the South East sector of the house. When events don’t go smooth, go vegetarian for 3 full days to change the luck.
  86. 86. Fengshui Queen® Singapore Tip for 2018 - Predictions for the Dog Year
  87. 87. 2005 – Carry 88 grains of un-cooked rice in a red packet and a gold pendant for good luck and protection. 2006 – Carry a “gold pendant abacus” in your wallet for more money to count in the year. 2007 – Carry S$500/- cash in the zip pouch of your bag so that with more money, you will be able to “attract” more money to come to you. 2008 – Carry a small bagua, size of 20 cent coin in the wallet for wealth, protection and power. FengshuiQueen Tip
  88. 88. 2009 – Throw lots of coins on the writing desk in your study room or anywhere in the living room for additional Good Luck and for your wealth to grow in 2009 !!! 2010 – Go and buy a real gold (916 gold) “ru yi” pendant for your smooth career and place it in your wallet !!! 2011 – Place 8 big mandarin oranges individually wrapped in the freezer and watch for Good results, 3 months later !!! 2012 – Carry a Jade laughing Buddha in your wallet ! FengshuiQueen Tip
  89. 89. FengshuiQueen Tip 2013 – Buy a big 3 legged toad (bronze) and placed it in your wealth area of your house. 2014 – Buy a laughing Buddha and place him on the floor behind the house main door for added Good Luck !!! 2015 – Buy a bronze “Chye Sen Yeh” for Good Fortune all year round !!! 2016 – Buy a 916 gold “Chye Sen Yeh” for Good Luck all year round !!! 2017 – Carry 888 un-cooked rice in a red packet for Good Luck !!!
  90. 90. Carry a Golden Bell for Good Fortune and Protection !!! Fengshui Queen Singapore ® @ lynnyap8888.blogspot.co
  91. 91. Conclusion: Fengshui Tips for 2018 Predictions for the Dog Year
  92. 92. THE YEAR 2018 1) Investment Tip: Buy property - 2) Create Merits: Be very generous when doing donations - 3) Follow Blog, “The Fengshui Savvy Investor” to find out more about updates or join in Facebook, FengshuiQueen Singapore, Lynn Yap, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube - http://www.lynnyap8888.blogspot.com 4) Go to slideshare.net to view the slides -