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Predictions 2016

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This is the forecast for year 2016 by Master Lynn Yap.

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Predictions 2016

  1. 1. PREDICTIONS 2016 Master Lynn Yap Fengshui Queen Singapore ® 3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd FengshuiQueen.com
  2. 2. CONTENTS: 1) Short intro about Master Lynn Yap 2) 18 Predictions for 2016 3) Which industries will do well 4) Fortune for 12 animal signs 5) FengshuiQueen SG Tip for 2016 6) Conclusion FengshuiQueen.com
  3. 3.  Age 50+  BBA (NUS)(1982)  Fengshui / bazi experiences since 1989 -  Learnt from many grandmasters and registered Fenghui Queen, Singapore, 2000.  Made several appearances in CNBC Asia, BBC world, Discovery Channel, German TV, TCS 5, TCS 8, Channel U.  Interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines worldwide  Each year there are numerous Fengshui projects and life readings and with 8 listed companies clients, to- date  Merits : Our Company became a statutory member of Singapore Business Federation, 2009.  Multiple property owner FengshuiQueen.com
  4. 4.  Our Company’s Mission: To provide affordable, true and accurate fengshui / destiny consultations to anyone. FengshuiQueen.com
  5. 5. FengshuiQueen.com  Method of Fengshui used: 1) Flying Star School of Fengshui 2) Landscape Fengshui 3) Intuitive Fengshui FengshuiQueen.com
  6. 6. Predictions for the Goat Year General Predictions Predictions for the Monkey Year
  7. 7.  GENERAL FORECAST : It is going to be a year full of “surprises” with happenings on 3 main areas like natural disasters, financial matters and explosions. THE YEAR 2016
  8. 8. It is a “surprised” year because the first 6 months has “yang fire” while the latter half has “yang metal”. The “fire” sitting above the “metal” causing the year to be a weak metal year. Hence, we can expect to see earthquakes, terrorist attacks, tsunami, fire explosions and financial fraud. THE YEAR 2016
  9. 9.  The year, 2016 is called a “Bing Shen ” year (Fire Monkey Year) where we can also called it a “Red Monkey” year as it is going to be a year of “turbulent happenings”.  This is not a good year for the “water” industry. Therefore if you need to travel, try not to fly long distance. THE YEAR 2016
  10. 10.  The combination of “Bing and Shen” will make the Monkey year a year where people can be quite sad, unhappy for no reason, rigid in thinking and arrogant.  “Explosions” is the keyword for this year while “Infectious Diseases” was the keyword for 2015 as opposed to “emotions” in 2014.  The Monkey is a witty and intelligent animal and therefore is a very good problem solver person.  Though they may be playful at times however there is also a serious side to them when it comes to work. THE YEAR 2016
  11. 11.  The Monkey is the 9th animal of the 12 animal signs.  Since the Monkey is a witty animal which means that we are all going to be witty and a little serious and this will guide us through the whole year.  Next year, is a Fire Rooster year where we can all be wealthy.  The Monkey year can also make people stressful and frustrated. The fire in the year would make people more hot tempered, proud and angry. It will be like a “Red Monkey” getting angry and very serious. THE YEAR 2016
  12. 12. When is Chinese New Year ?  The 4th February 2016 is the season of spring (Li Chun) and is the beginning of a New Year. This is according to the “solar” calendar. However, Chinese all over the world would still celebrate Chinese New Year on 8th February 2016 which follows the lunar calendar. It is also a “blind year” since Li Chun comes earlier than the lunar new year which means the year is not a good year for people to get married. THE YEAR 2016
  13. 13. It really depends on which Chinese New Year’s calendar you follow. For the past few years since 2005, many of us usually observe what happen to us on the 4th February (Li Chun) and if good things happen on that day then it is going to be a very auspicious year !!! If negative things occur then it means that the year is not going to be smooth. Go see your Fengshui Master/Destiny reader when that happens. THE YEAR 2016
  14. 14.  Since 4th February 2016 falls on a Thursday and the Banks are open, therefore, we will need to go to the bank and bank in some money (cash or cheque) on this day so that our wealth can grow.  We had been doing this since 2005 and our wealth did grow. Over the past 10 years, many became multi millionaires and much more. THE YEAR 2016
  15. 15.  On 4th February 2016, Thursday - Please go to the bank, wear red top and bank in a cash or cheque to your name or your Company’s name.  If it worked well for the past few years and particularly 2015 then do continue but kindly note that Li Chun is not always on the 4th February. THE YEAR 2016
  16. 16. Predictions for the Goat Year Which animal signs will not do well in the coming Lunar New Year 2016 ? Predictions for the Monkey Year
  17. 17. A) Those born in the year of the “Monkey” and “Tiger” B) Those whose bazi (a form of life reading based on birthdate, time and country of birth) has a “Monkey” or “Tiger” in the hour pillar (your time of birth) (3pm till 5pm) & (3am to 5am) will also not have a good year. THE YEAR 2016
  18. 18. Predictions for the Goat year What not to do this year ? Predictions for the Monkey Year
  19. 19.  1) Do not attend funerals or weddings.  2) Do not attend friend’s birthday parties and baby showers.  NOTE I: As long as your bazi has a “Monkey” or a “Tiger” in it, you would have to be extremely careful. You must never attend these if you want a smooth year.  NOTE II: However, if you ever need to attend them then wear red “underwear” and carry 6 nails when attending funeral. THE YEAR 2016
  20. 20. Predictions for the Goat year 18 Predictions Predictions for the Monkey Year
  21. 21. 1) Investment Outlook 2016 - Gold Prices will fall in the first half then remain stable in the second half - (overall is down) 2) Oil prices would rise slightly, the first half and then fall the second half - (overall is down) THE YEAR 2016
  22. 22.  3) Disaster Outlook 2016 - There could be fire explosions, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, accidents happening in North Eastern part of the world.  The “five yellow” star is in the North East or anywhere that is on the north eastern part of any city/country.  4) Property activity will rise the first half but fall towards the second half -  5) There will be new discovery for those in Aerospace industry - THE YEAR 2016
  23. 23.  6) Characteristics of People - People will tend to be quite rigid in their mindset, egoistic and even arrogant -  7) There would be fierce competition among the metal industries like banks, goldsmiths shops, metal/steel industries, motor vehicle industries , aerospace industries, and robotics industries -  8) This year, the sicknesses to take note are - heart problems, strokes, high blood pressure, heatiness, cough, lung issues, running nose, knee joint pains, liver and bones - THE YEAR 2016
  24. 24.  9) Currency Outlook 2016 - US dollars continue to strengthen -  10) There is a possibility of a terrorist attacks in “metal” industries or a possible war -  11) The females will do better this year than the male. The young males will need to pay attention when driving or walking. Do not do any dangerous activities.  12)The year will give rise to slowness in business growth and infectious diseases with many people falling ill because of the sickness (#2) energy. THE YEAR 2016
  25. 25.  13) Market Outlook 2016 - The Share prices in the stock market would fall slightly in the first half and fall further in the second half (September/October) - (overall is down)  14) There will be changes in regulations made in the metal Industries like banks, metal/steel industries, motor vehicle industries, robotics industries and aerospace industries -  15) There can be mergers or acquisitions in the “metal” industries -  16) There may be a collapse/fall of a “metal” (building)(bridge) due to a terrorist attack or financial fraud - THE YEAR 2016
  26. 26.  17) Stock Market - the share prices of “Water Stocks” in the Stock Market will rise the most. Therefore telecommunications companies, shipping industries, water industries will do well.  18) A small fire or explosions occurring anywhere in the world will indicate that the Fire Rooster Year, 2017 is here. THE YEAR 2016
  27. 27. Predictions for the Goat year Which industries will do well ? Predictions for the Monkey Year
  29. 29. Fire Industry: FIRE: Average Properties of fire: warm and gives off heat Fire industries are those related to electrical products, stock markets, restaurants, lighting shops, fast food chains, bakery shops and accounting firms. Predictions for the Monkey Year
  30. 30. Predictions for the Monkey Year Earth Industry: EARTH: Average Properties of earth: hard and stillness Earth Industries are those related to properties, human resource, pet shops, chemicals, cosmetics, renovation companies, property developers, agriculture, insurance, construction firms, cosmetic surgery and Tibetan medicine.
  31. 31. Predictions for the Monkey Year Metal Industry: METAL : Average Properties of metal: hard and piercing Metal Industries are those related to banking, machineries and equipment, law firms, fortune telling, gold-smith shops, robotics, steel, motor vehicles, and aerospace industries.
  32. 32. Predictions for the Monkey Year Water Industry: WATER: Average Properties of water: Wavy Water Industries are those that deal with internet, consultancy, shipping, transportation, logistics, distribution, tourism, lottery, cold beverages, hotels, shipbuilding, broadcasting, pubs/bars, information technology, marine products, oil, money lending, telecommunications, airlines, casino business, animation, advertising, online shops and gaming.
  33. 33. Predictions for the Monkey Year Wood Industry: Wood : Unfavourable Properties of wood: hard and grows upwards Wood Industries are those related to Government, printing, seminars / events, universities, schools, textile firms, paper and pulp, timber, furniture, fashion, politics, nurseries, education, hair salons, photography, book stores and publishing.
  34. 34. Predictions for the Goat year Forecast for the 12 animals Predictions for the Monkey Year
  35. 35. 1) MONKEY - Average Year - 5+/10 This is your year and because of the presence of some inauspicious stars, career becomes difficult and full of obstacles. This year, you may change job, change house or change car. Business outlook - cash flow is an issue as business is slow. For students – Study hard as this year is not a smooth one. It is best to wear a 3 D “kirin” (Goldsmith) all the time to ward it off then all will be well. It is also best to go pray to “Tai Sui” for a peaceful year. Do remember to shed blood on first lunar month, the 10th or 11th day. THE YEAR 2016
  36. 36.  Money and Work: Work is not smooth however there may be some helpful people appearing to help lessen the hectic work load. Whatever work/projects that you do will not be smooth. You may feel stressed but need to endure till 22 December then all is well. “Let things be what they are” THE YEAR 2016
  37. 37.  Health: Your health is good. Do continue to exercise regularly and eat well. However, if you have any small sickness like flu then quickly go see a medical doctor. You are advised to be very careful when handling sharp objects like knives, nail cutter etc. Try not to wear slippers often and be careful of a kneecap pain. THE YEAR 2016
  38. 38.  Love and Family: Family relationships is not good this year. Be careful of misunderstanding between spouses. Depending on the relationship (bazi) with spouses, either talk less or communicate more. If in a relationship - Relationship may break this year. Hence, forgive and forget then all ends well. If single - There is romance but not all are good. Be choosy so that you can pick the right one. THE YEAR 2016
  39. 39. 2) ROOSTER - Good Year - 8 This is a good year for you with some auspicious stars. Work is smooth and peaceful though busy. There is a possibility of a promotion for you. Business outlook - if you are planning for Company expansion, can go ahead. All issues will be smooth. For students - this is the year where your studies/projects will shine. “A disciplined mind brings inner happiness” THE YEAR 2016
  40. 40.  Money and Work : Money still come from income while there is some heavenly luck ! You may wish to try a little lottery as and when you feel “lucky”. Do remember to wear your lucky colour. There is a possibility of a small pot of gold coming. When it comes, do remember to donate some to charity. THE YEAR 2016
  41. 41.  Health: Your health is good this year. Take your vitamins and drink lots of water every day. If you are those who do not like to drink plain water then buy “bottled water” to drink. They may cost slightly more but it is good for health. The best is not to eat “chickens” as it is like “eating yourself” hence the luck may not be good or simply eat less. THE YEAR 2016
  42. 42.  Love and Family: Roosters tend to have a bad temperament. They lose temper when things do not go their way. Hence, their spouses have to either to give way or talk less. Children and old folks at home are well and good. If in a relationship - Pay more attention to the other party and all will be well. If single - there is romance this year. THE YEAR 2016
  43. 43. 3) DOG - Average Year - 6+ With the presence of inauspicious stars, the year tends not to be a good year. Therefore you are advised to just work, go with the flow and all will be smooth. There may be some small trouble at the work place causing you to lose sleep. Business outlook - this year, it is best not to start any new business ventures. For students - this year, studies is smooth however you will still need to study hard. THE YEAR 2016
  44. 44.  Money and Work: This year, money comes from income only. No Heaven’s luck so avoid gambling. Be careful with money spent this year. You may also need to be careful of being cheated a sum of money. THE YEAR 2016
  45. 45.  Health: Your Health is not so good this year. Any small sickness better to see a medical doctor rather than “self treatment”. Exercise often or do Yoga. Avoid eating in between meals till you put on too much weight which may be bad for health as “dog” people have a strong tendency to be a little plump. “You get self healing from meditation” THE YEAR 2016
  46. 46.  Love and Family: You are advised to spend more time with family this year especially your spouse. It may be a good idea to go travelling more this year with your spouse. Relationship with parents is not good hence be mindful of the words spoken to them. If in a relationship - when you can be less stubborn then everything is fine. If single - there is no romance only just friends. THE YEAR 2016
  47. 47. 4) PIG - Good Year - 7+ The presence of some auspicious stars help make this a good year. However, at work there may be some small issues but all will be well. Your career skills is very well recognised this year and there is extra money coming in or even a promotion. Business outlook - business is good with many referrals. For students - smile more and study hard, it is a good year for you. THE YEAR 2016
  48. 48.  Money and Work: This year, income from career is very good and there is some Heavenly Luck too. You may wish to go to a casino or gamble a little if you wish. It is also a good time to do some investments. However, you may need to re read contracts in order to avoid getting into some trouble. THE YEAR 2016
  49. 49.  Health: Your health is good this year. However, if there are small sickness quickly go see a medical doctor to get cured. However, pay special attention when driving or crossing the road. “Wisdom comes from being still” THE YEAR 2016
  50. 50.  Love and Family: This year, you may need to pay special attention to older family members at home. Young children at home may also need your care. Best is to travel as a family together on short trips overseas. If in a relationship - it is time to consider getting married. If single - be careful of members of the opposite sex. Some are not true friends. THE YEAR 2016
  51. 51. 5) RAT - Average Year - 7+ This is just an average year for you because of the presence of some inauspicious stars. If you want it to be a good year then work hard and work smart and the rewards are there. You may need to be careful of a negative legal matter. You may wish to get a car park “fine” to ward it off. Business outlook - things may not go as planned as there are obstacles. Be patient. Use your intelligence to handle them. For students - you study best at night, just follow. THE YEAR 2016
  52. 52.  Money and Work: There is some Heaven’s luck while money from income is very good. If you wish to invest, it is better to re read contracts carefully before investing. This year, you may need to be careful of a fraud or someone cheating you in business dealings. THE YEAR 2016
  53. 53.  Health: Health is not so good this year. Any small sickness, it is better to go see a medical doctor for treatment. Exercise often and sleep early though rats tend to be more active at night. You may also need to pay special attention when driving on the road, walking or working this year. THE YEAR 2016
  54. 54.  Love and Family: Family relationships at home is good. If in a relationship - try to refrain from speaking unkind words to each other and all will be well. Just say good things to one another. If single - there is romance and you may meet that special someone. “In darkness there is light” THE YEAR 2016
  55. 55. 6) OX - Average Year - 6+ This is a much better year than last year. Business outlook - you may wish to expand your business overseas this year, it is the right timing. For students - study in a comfortable air con room is good for you. THE YEAR 2016
  56. 56.  Money and Work: This year, whatever that you need to spend on, just be a little careful. Money from income continues to be good and stable while there is little Heaven’s luck. Best is not to gamble. “If you realised issues, there…. is the truth” THE YEAR 2016
  57. 57.  Health : Your health is not so good this year with the occasional flu and cough. So rest often and go slow this year. Exercise and keep fit or simply go jogging. When driving, be careful on the road and exercise care. Do not over exercise till you hurt your back or knee joints. THE YEAR 2016
  58. 58.  Love and Family: This year, family relationships are good. Try travelling to exotic places for that special vacation. If in a relationship - it is time to tie the knot. If you are single - there is romance. Go for it. THE YEAR 2016
  59. 59. 7) TIGER - Unfavourable Year - 5 The Monkey year clashes with you. Hence you are advised to lie very low at the work place. If you can, go pray to “Tai Sui” for a smooth year. This year, you may change job, change house, change car. This year, around the first lunar month, the 10th or 11th day onwards, you will need to shed blood so as to have a smooth year. Business Outlook - try not to do any major expansion. For students - you may need to put on more hard work in order to have success in studies. If you can, wear a 3 D “kirin” (Goldsmith) to ward the year off so that it can still be a smooth, peaceful year. “A wise person is one who can always let go” THE YEAR 2016
  60. 60.  Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s Luck for you this year and therefore you may wish to be prudent in your spending. Money from income is still good and strong. This is also not a year, to do any major investments in property or shares. Simply keep cash is the best. THE YEAR 2016
  61. 61.  Health: Your health is generally good. Eat well and exercise regularly. You may complain of a bad headache however medication taken will be able to cure. This year, pay attention to exercise and do brisk walking. Be careful when handling sharp metal objects. THE YEAR 2016
  62. 62.  Love and Family: This year, family relations need a little pampering. Buy small gifts for the family often or bring the family out for a nice dinner. If in a relationship - You may need to pay close, special attention if not they can break. If single - there is no romance. THE YEAR 2016
  63. 63. 8) RABBIT - Good Year - 8 This year is a good year for you hence you can just enjoy the year. At work, there are helpful people who will come and help you. Business outlook - it is the right timing for you to expand your business. For students - you will do well in your studies. “When you mediate, you can remember where you last placed that missing object” THE YEAR 2016
  64. 64.  Money and Work: There is Heaven’s luck this year while income money is good. Hence, you may wish to wear your lucky colours and do some gambling or even to go to the casino. For added luck, you may wish to buy your own animal sign “piggy bank” (porcelain or plastic) and put some coins, every day till it is full. When your “rabbit” piggy bank is full, it means you will always have a lot of money. Other animal signs may also wish to do the same. THE YEAR 2016
  65. 65.  Health: Your health is good this year. Exercise regularly. Try to drink and smoke less. Do not take your good health for granted. Go for your foot and shoulder massages or even body massages are good for you. When driving, do be careful this year. THE YEAR 2016
  66. 66.  Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse may not be very good. Therefore, spend more time or go for a short holiday together. If in a relationship - it is the right timing to get married. Go plan for it. If single - there is romance for you. THE YEAR 2016
  67. 67. 9) DRAGON - Average year - 7+ The presence of good stars are few hence this will only be an average year. Business outlook - you may meet obstacles at work. Use your intelligence to solve and all will be well. For students - your studies are good this year however try not to take too many snacks as dragon child has a tendency to put on too much weight. THE YEAR 2016
  68. 68.  Money and Work: There is some Heaven’s Luck hence you may wish to buy some lottery or do some investments. Income earned is good and can keep. A “dragon”, animal sign is the most powerful out of the 12 animal signs hence making you strong in the eyes of others. If your bazi chart has a “dragon” in it then it also means that you can be quite “powerful” in public. THE YEAR 2016
  69. 69.  Health: This year you may need to pay attention to health. Any small sickness quickly go see a medical doctor. Sleep early and rest well. It will be good if you can slow down a little in your work. Try not to over drink and drive at the same time. “Be the learned one, the awakened one” THE YEAR 2016
  70. 70.  Love and Family: This year, you may need to pay attention to family members. It will be good to bring the whole family for a trip together and enjoy ! If in a relationship - this year, relationships may not be smooth hence have patience and endure. If single - there is no romance so simply wait and in the meantime, just enjoy the year. THE YEAR 2016
  71. 71. 10) SNAKE - Good Year - 8+ This is quite a lucky year for you because of the presence of a few auspicious stars. Therefore, career is smooth and there is a possibility of a promotion. Business outlook - there is a benefactor who will come and help you achieve better sales. For students - study hard and all will be well. Snakes are known to have good memory and are also very creative. THE YEAR 2016
  72. 72.  Money and Work: The Heaven’s luck is good and so is money from income earned. Set aside some for savings while the rest you may use for your other expenses. Do not do any risky investments this year or you may lose money. “Quietness brings wisdom.” THE YEAR 2016
  73. 73.  Health: This year, your health is generally good. However, you may still have some pain in joints. Pay special attention to your heart and exercise regularly if you can. If you can, it is good to “exchange blood” , get rid of the old blood cells and get new blood cells through “qua sar”, a traditional, Chinese method of massage. THE YEAR 2016
  74. 74.  Love and Family: You will be able to enjoy family’s harmony and blessings this year. Enjoy by travelling together for a short holiday. If in a relationship - Enjoy a smooth, fun and loving relationship this year. If you are single, you may meet the right one this year. THE YEAR 2016
  75. 75. 11) HORSE - Average Year - 7+ With the presence of some inauspicious stars, this year will therefore just be an average year. You will need to work hard this year in order to show that you are a capable, intelligent person. Do not be afraid of hard work because success will come later. Business outlook - there is an opportunity for you, so grab it if you think it is good. For students - you will do well in your studies without much studying as you are a naturally talented person with good memory. THE YEAR 2016
  76. 76.  Money and Work: This year, your money comes in and goes out fast. There is some Heaven’s luck. However, the luck tends to go like a “yo yo” (up and down). Therefore, you are advised not to gamble is best. Be calm in everything that you do this year and all will be well. THE YEAR 2016
  77. 77.  Health Health is generally good this year. Try to eat well and sleep early as our body heals when it is sleeping. Go for exercises or yoga may be good for you. Be careful of joint pains though and seek treatment early. THE YEAR 2016
  78. 78.  Love and Family: This year, you may need to control your emotions whether it is at work or at home. If in a relationship - you may need to be more patient and understanding and work towards to a harmonious, loving relationship. If single - there is no one special in sight. “filial piety is important in granting good fortune” THE YEAR 2016
  79. 79. 12) GOAT - Average Year - 7+ This year is a much better year than the last year. It is an average year and career would be smooth. Work would not be as hectic and stressful. There is a possible promotion for you. Business outlook - you will need to put in more work in order to earn the same revenue. For students - you may have to put in more effort than others so that you can do well in your studies. THE YEAR 2016
  80. 80.  Money & Work: Your money luck is good and can accumulate wealth this year. There is also Heaven’s luck. There is a small windfall for you. It will come. You can always try to save your money in a lucky bank colour that is most suitable for your bazi. It can help to grow the wealth. THE YEAR 2016
  81. 81.  Health: Your health is not so good this year hence if there are small sickness like cough or running nose better quickly go see a medical doctor. Go for exercise often if not then go for “tunia” (cupping or qua sha) for good health or a simple foot massage. Stay away from eating raw food like raw fish, if need to then exercise care. THE YEAR 2016
  82. 82.  Love and Family: Family members are in harmony this year so relationships are joyful. Go for short holiday with family members. However try to avoid flying long distances this year and no mountain climbing. If in a relationship - there may be friction and misunderstandings. If single - you may meet that special someone. “Respect is earned not given nor taken for granted” THE YEAR 2016
  83. 83. How to have better wealth? Fengshui 2016 Predictions for the Monkey Year
  84. 84. How to have better wealth ? 1) The 5 yellow (5) is in the North East 2) The sickness (2) is in the Centre 3) The wealth (8) is in the South West 4) The legal (3) is in the North West 5) The romance (4) is in the West 6) The fire star (9) is in the East 7) The robbing (7) is in the North 8) The helpful sector (6) is in the South 9) The water star (1) is in the South East
  85. 85.  Fengshui for 2016: Please ensure that should you wish to renovate your house this year, do not renovate at the Centre part and North East sectors of the house. To activate wealth is to place a “pot of gold” (gold ingot shaped bowl with lots of coins) in the South West sector of the house. THE YEAR 2016
  86. 86. Fengshui Queen® Singapore Tip for 2016 - Predictions for the Monkey Year
  87. 87. FengshuiQueen SG Tip 2005 – Carry 88 grains of uncooked rice in a red packet and a gold pendant for good luck and protection for the year 2005 in another red packet. 2006 – Carry a “gold pendant abacus” in your wallet for more money to count in the year. 2007 - Carry S$500/- cash in the zip pouch of your bag so that with more money, you will be able to “attract” more money to come to you. 2008 - Carry a small bagua, size of 20 cent coin in the wallet for wealth, protection and power. 2009 - Throw lots of coins on the writing desk in your study room or anywhere in the living room for additional Good Luck and for your wealth to grow in 2009 !!!
  88. 88. FengshuiQueen SG Tip 2010 - Go and buy a real gold (916 gold) “ru yi” pendant for your smooth career and place it in your wallet !!! 2011 - Place 8 big mandarin oranges individually wrapped in the freezer and watch for Good results, 3 months later !!! 2012 - Carry a Jade laughing Buddha in your wallet ! 2013 - Buy a big 3 legged toad (bronze) and placed it in your wealth area of your house. 2014 - Buy a laughing Buddha and place him on the floor behind the house main door for added Good Luck !!!
  89. 89. FengshuiQueen SG Tip 2015 – Buy a bronze “chye sen yeh” for Good Fortune all year round !!!
  90. 90. FENGSHUI QUEEN SG TIP 2016 Buy a 916 gold Chye Sen Yeh for Good Luck all year round !!! Fengshui Queen Singapore ® © FengshuiQueen .com
  91. 91. Conclusion: Fengshui Tips for 2016 Predictions for the Monkey Year
  92. 92. THE YEAR 2016 1) Investment Tip: Keep cash - 2) Create Merits: Be very generous when doing donations - 3) Read my Blog, “The Fengshui Savvy Investor” to find out more about my updates or join me in Facebook, FengshuiQueen Singapore, Lynn Yap, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube - http://www.lynnyap8888.blogspot.com 4) Go to slideshare.net to view the slides -