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Predictions 2014

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Forecast for the year of the Wood Horse, 2014 by Master Lynn Yap, Singapore

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Predictions 2014

  1. 1. PREDICTIONS 2014 Master Lynn Yap Fengshui Queen Singapore ® 3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd
  2. 2. CONTENTS: 1) Short intro about Master Lynn Yap 2) 18 Predictions for 2014 3) Which industries will do well 4) Fortune for 12 animal signs 5) FengshuiQueen SG Tip for 2014 6) Conclusion
  3. 3.          Age 50+ BBA (NUS)(1982) Fengshui/bazi experiences since 1989 Learnt from many grandmasters and registered Fenghui Queen, Singapore, 2000. Made several appearances in CNBC Asia, BBC world, Discovery channel, German TV, TCS 5, TCS 8, Channel U. Interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines worldwide Each year there are numerous fengshui projects and life readings and with 7 listed companies clients, to-date Merits : Our Company became a statutory member of Singapore Business Federation, 2009. Multiple property owner
  4. 4.  Method of Fengshui used: 1) Flying Star School of fengshui 2) Landscape fengshui 3) Intuitive fengshui
  5. 5. General Predictions
  6. 6.  GENERAL FORECAST : It is going to be a very “challenging”year with happenings on three main areas like emotions, infectious diseases and property matters.
  7. 7.  It is a very “challenging” year because the first 6 months has “YANG WOOD” while the latter 6 months has “YING FIRE”.  The “wood” sitting above the “fire” causing the Horse year to be a year of fire though not very stable. The wood is on top of the fire. Hence, we can expect to see more fires, sex scandals and frauds being exposed.
  8. 8.  The year, 2014 is called a “Jia Wu ” year (Wood Horse Year) where we can also called it a “Wooden Horse” year as it is going to be a year full of “strong” challenges.  It is a year where the fittest will survive. It is also a year of unwanted romance.  This year, the fire in the year would make it a very hot year as there would be less rainfall. The year itself also do not have the “water” element hence giving rise to a dry earth which can crack. 
  9. 9.  The combination of “Jia and Wu” will make the Horse year a year where people can sometimes be cooperative, sometimes rebellious. There can also be hidden jealousy.  Strong “emotion” is a key word in this year as well as “money”.  The Horse is a “wise” animal as out of the 12 animal signs, it has 4 legs and runs very well. However, the horse can also be quite shy and a quiet animal and would select its friends. The horse is also a symbol of power and perseverance. 
  10. 10.  The Horse is the seventh animal of the 12 animal signs.  The Horse is also hardworking and that means that we are all going to be working very hard and running.  Next year, is a Goat year so we can relax and be a bit lazy.  The Horse year can make people emotional. However, do remember not to whip the horse. It will be like an “super bad” horse trying to “rock”. Therefore, the year is not a peaceful one.  When things don’t go right, pack your bags and travel. This can help to alter your luck for the better but must take the plane and cross the sea.
  11. 11.  When is Chinese New Year ?  The 4 February 2014 is the season of spring (Li Chun) and is the beginning of a new year. This is according to the “solar” calendar.  However, Chinese all over the world would still celebrate Chinese New Year on 31 January 2014 which follows the “Lunar” calendar.
  12. 12.  Well, it really depends on which Chinese New Year’s “calendar” you follow. For the last few years since 2005, many of us usually observe what happen to us on the 4th February (Li Chun) and if good things happen on that day then it is going to be a FANTASTIC year !!!  If negative things occur then it means that the year is not going to be smooth.
  13. 13.  Since 4 February 2014 falls on a Tuesday and the Banks are open, therefore, we will need to go to the bank and bank in some money (cash or cheque) on this day so that our wealth can grow.  We had been doing this, the last few years and our wealth did grow. Over the years, many became millionaires (cash rich) and much more.
  14. 14.  4th February 2014 falls on a Tuesday Please go to the bank, wear red top and bank in a cash or cheque to your name or your Company’s name.  If it worked well for 2013 then continue but kindly note that Li Chun is not always on the 4th February.
  15. 15. Which animal signs will face difficulties in the coming New Year ?
  16. 16. A) Those born in the year of the “Horse” and “Rat” B) Those whose bazi (a form of life reading based on birthdate, time and country of birth) has a “Horse” or “Rat” in the hour pillar (your time of birth) (11am till 1pm) & (11pm to 1am) will also not have a good year.
  17. 17. What not to do this year ?
  18. 18.  1) Do not attend funerals or weddings especially for those born in the animal signs of “Horse” and “Rat”.  2) Do not attend birthday parties, baby one month old celebrations and cannot eat the cake if you have to go. NOTE I: As long as your bazi has a “Horse” or a “Rat” in it, you would have to be extremely careful. You must never attend these if you want a smooth year.   NOTE II: However, if you ever need to attend then wear red “underwear” to ward it off.
  19. 19. 18 Predictions
  20. 20. 1) Investment Outlook 2014 - Gold Prices will continue to fall till it reaches US$1,000/- per ounce, may fall below US$1000/- and then rise slightly towards end of the year Oil prices would rise then remain stable - 2) There will be sex scandals 3) There can be accounting frauds being exposed -
  21. 21.  4) Disaster Outlook 2014 There would be many natural disasters - more fires, some floods, typhoons, tsunami, volcanoes and earthquakes. The “5 Yellow” star is in North West.  5) Property prices will fall - Best time to buy property however do wait for that sharp fall or right opportunity for you.  6) There can be a new discovery in medicine Example, new cancer drug for the stomach or a drug for the heart.
  22. 22.  7) Characteristics of People - People will be more quick and hot tempered, muddleheaded, jealous, feeling sexy, fear and panic.  8) There would be strong competition among fire industries like those in electrical and electronic firms, restaurants, food catering, stock exchanges, lighting shops and accounting firms.  9) This year, the sicknesses to take note are - heart attacks, high blood pressure, liver, heat stroke, headaches, stomach and lung trouble.
  23. 23.  10) Currency Outlook 2014 US Dollar may remain stable -  11) There is a possibility of a terrorist attack, riots or war -  12) There can be a possibility of “sars” related incidences, infectious diseases, bird flu, more haze is also possible especially around end April/May/June where there are fire elements in the months.
  24. 24.  13) Market Outlook 2014 Share prices in the stock market would fall and watch out for end October/November 2014 -  14) There will be even more regulations made by the Stock Exchange -  15) Many people would continue to be feeling sad and unhappy most of the time for no reason -  16) There may be a collapse of a building -
  25. 25.  17) Stock Market - the share prices of “Earth Stocks” in the Stock Market will rise the most hence REITS or companies which build houses like property developers or chemical companies would do very well.  18) An explosion or earthquakes occurring anywhere will indicate that the Wooden Goat Year, 2015 is here.
  26. 26. Which industries will do well ?
  28. 28. Fire Industry: FIRE: Good Properties of fire: warm and gives off heat Fire industries are those related to electrical products, stock markets, restaurants, lighting shops, fast food chains, bakery shops, accounting firms.
  29. 29. Earth Industry: EARTH: Excellent Properties of earth: hard and stillness Earth Industries are those related to properties, human resource, pet shops, chemicals, cosmetics, renovation companies, property developers, agriculture, insurance, construction firms, cosmetic surgery, tibetan medicine.
  30. 30. Metal Industry: METAL : Unfavourable Properties of metal: hard and piercing Metal Industries are those related to banking, machineries and equipment, law firms, fortune telling, gold-smith, robotics, steel, vehicles.
  31. 31. Water Industry: WATER: Unfavourable Properties of water: Wavy Water Industries are those that deal with internet, consultancy, shipping, transportation, logistics, distribution, tourism, lottery, cold beverages, hotels, shipbuilding, broadcasting, pubs, information technology, marine products, oil, money lending, telecommunications, airlines, casino business, animation, advertising, online shops and gaming.
  32. 32. Wood Industry: Wood : Average Properties of wood: hard and grows upwards Wood Industries are those related to Government, printing, seminars / events, universities, schools, textile firms, paper and pulp, timber, furniture, fashion, politics, education, hair salons and photography, book stores and publishing.
  33. 33. Forecast for the 12 animals
  34. 34. 1) MONKEY - Average Year - 7/10 This is a fairly average year because of the presence of some negative stars and only a few good ones. Be careful in what ever you are doing especially when driving or at work. It is not going to be a good year as there might be some obstacles at work. Pay special attention to your money in case of being cheated by friends.
  35. 35.  Money and Work: Work may not be smooth but simply go with the flow and all will be well. Try not to be too strong headed but listen more. There is no Heaven’s luck, every money is hard earned and comes from career. Do not gamble would be the best. Simply work hard and save. “Speak less is to have wisdom”
  36. 36.  Health: Health is not be good this year. Have enough rest and don’t work long hours. This is because when you are tired and not having enough rest then the energy around you would not be good and accidents can happen easily. Either travel, go for massage or exercise as these can help to improve your health, both physical and mental.
  37. 37.  Love and Family:  This year, you may need to pay special attention to family members.  Family members may take up a bit of your time but is really needed. Just be happy all year round.  Relationship with spouses might be strained so go for a holiday to bring that “spark” back.
  38. 38. 2) ROOSTER- Good Year - 8 This is a good year where career and money are both good as there are more lucky stars than the bad ones. It is going to be a great year. Work is smooth and you can expect a promotion as well as recognition. There may be a few good opportunities for your career advancement. Go grab it. “Be kind to those who are close to you”
  39. 39.    Health: Your health is good this year. You will be in top form. However do remember to take your vitamins and exercise regularly. When things are smooth this year, just remember to avoid negative Qi places or very dark areas. If not they can affect your health.
  40. 40.    Money and Work : There is money luck this year. You may try your luck at the casinos or simply buy some lottery. Whenever there is extra money coming to you, just make sure that you save some and spend some as this allows the Universe to give you more, the next time. Spend by buying lunch or dinner for friends or relatives, as it simply means that you can absorb their luck and then can strike again. That is why people who strike lottery likes to buy you good food.
  41. 41.  Love and Family:  Relationship with spouse and friends are good. Couples can learn to be more trusting by having a very open communication.  Plan for a nice long and expensive vacation example visiting Europe with family members.
  42. 42. 3) DOG- Average Year - 7+ This year is just average as there are more bad stars than the good ones. Career can still be quite smooth though there may be some obstacles at work. You will need to be careful when handling relationship with people. If you are doing business, there might be slow business hence try looking for another market for your product or services or advertise more.
  43. 43.  Money and Work: This year, your money luck is weak so try not to do any big investments if not you could lose them. There is only career money which is hard earned. So best is to focus on saving and all will be well. Do not spend on big ticket items or you may regret later.
  44. 44.  Health: Your health is good this year. You would still need to do your exercise, take vitamins and sleep early. Dogs may tend to feel mentally tired this year hence sleeping well and early would be best. “When it rains, think of nature”
  45. 45.  Love and Family: Your relationship with family members is good this year. Be kind and specially nice to your other half.  You may need to pay special attention to an elderly family member. This year, you will also be super busy with family’s needs rather than your own. Just do them with a smile on your face, be less stubborn and less argumentative and all will be well.
  46. 46. 4) PIG - Good Year - 8 There are some lucky stars in the year which can bring about quite a fantastic year. Career is great and there can be a promotion. However, remember to avoid being complacent at the work place. Always strive to do your best. Avoid gossips and talking too much at the work place. Sometimes your “mouth” can get you into trouble. “The meeting of the minds is silence”
  47. 47.  Money and Work:  This year, your money luck is excellent. There is a pot of gold waiting for you.  When there is Heaven’s money coming in, plan to save some and spend some away.  Do more donations as these can help you to have a better future.
  48. 48.  Health:  Health is generally good this year. Eat well and exercise regularly to avoid any heart trouble.  However, if you feel any small pain or discomfort, quickly see the doctor and all would be well.  It is always good to pay attention to health.
  49. 49.  Love and Family:  This year, all is well at home. However, do pay attention to elderly members in the family.  Family relationship is harmonious and good. If attached, marriage is on the cards.  If you are single, love is in the air and you may meet your Mr/Miss Right. It is the right timing.
  50. 50. 5) RAT - Unfavourable Year - 6 This is going to be a year where you would wish it can pass by quickly. Everything that you plan to do, cannot work. You are advised to pray to Tai Sui. Be patient and handle everything with care then things can start to work. You may need to work twice to get it done. You are advised to “see blood” after 10th lunar day of the first lunar month to ward it off. You may also change job, change car, change house this year. It is the right timing.
  51. 51.  Money and Work:  There is no lottery luck hence if you do play, just bet small amounts.  Some money has to be lost this year. So early in the year around 2nd lunar month go do a generous donation to ward it off.  Money still come from career so try to save some money for your year end holiday or any emergency.  This year, read and re read any contract agreements and be very careful. Be care of being cheated. The Horse in the year will come and take your things away.
  52. 52.  Health:  Health is definitely not going to be good this year. Take your vitamins and exercise regulary to keep fit. If you catch a flu before the chinese new year, it is normal.   Be very careful too when handling sharp objects like knives or any metal objects.  You are advised also to have a car park fine (2nd lunar month onwards) to ward off any negative legal matter. Carry or wear a golden Kirin pendant (916 gold) all year round to ward it off. 
  53. 53.  Love and Family:  You can expect to see some conflict in relationships at home and at work. Simply keep quiet, talk less and low profile as rats have a tendancy to be very talkative.  Your spouse might find you very irritable this year. So just be aware of this, learn to control your temper. If you can do that, everything will definately be fine.  “Silence is key to knowing wisdom”
  54. 54. 6) OX - Good Year - 8 This is a good year for you as career is smooth with a promotion in sight. However, you could also be very busy at work. If there are any projects outstanding, colleagues will come forward to help. Avoid gossipy people at work if not you might get yourself involved.
  55. 55.  Money and Work:  This year, your money luck is very good and you can expect a sum of money to drop from Heaven.  Save those money and be careful with any investments or starting new business ventures with friends.  Try to save more instead of thinking to spend the money for investments. Sometimes money in the bank is better than being spent away in failed investments.  “You can learn a lot about life from nature”
  56. 56.  Health: Take note of your health this year. Rest and sleep early when tired. If over worked then health needs to take care. Exercise regularly.
  57. 57.  Love and Family:  This year, you may find family relationships more loving.  Care is needed for an elderly person at home. So just try your best to help.  Each year, try planning for a family holiday to have more bonding.
  58. 58. 7) TIGER - Average Year - 7 This is an average year for you as there are more bad stars than the good ones. You will need to be careful at work or when driving. There may be some obstacles at work. Work is not smooth however there are helpful people around to complete the project. Change your mindset to see things differently. “Smile and laugh more in life”
  59. 59.  Money and Work:  Money is not easy to come by this year and there is no Heaven’s luck. Money has to be hard earned.  When doing business, you will need to remember not to invest big sums of money. This is not the right year, wait for next year.  Spend less.
  60. 60.    Health: Pay attention to your health this year especially take note of high blood pressure and frequent headaches. Be calm with a clear mind and all would be well. Rest more and work less if possible to get rid of stress. Take a short break if you can. Travel.
  61. 61.  Love and Family: This year, relationships with family members are not so good so pay attention. After work, buy some food, durian or bread back to have stronger bonding. Each year, bring the family members for a tour to different countries. If you have travelled extensively already then try going for more “exotic” trips. You will need to pamper yourself and family members, a little bit. If you are single, this year, you might meet him/her.
  62. 62. 8) RABBIT - Good Year - 8 This year, there are many good stars so this is a good year. Work is very smooth and can expect some recognition. However, stay clear of people who likes to gossip or you might yourself involved and then get into trouble. If you are in business, there is an opportunity for you to expand and you should do so.
  63. 63.  Money and Work: There is some Heaven’s Luck. Money luck is indeed excellent. Hence, if you like to go to the casino, can try or buy some lottery tickets. However, do save some and spend some away.
  64. 64.  Health: Your health may not be good this year hence you may need to pay some attention. When health is not very good or some discomfort, quickly see a medical doctor. Exercise daily if you can and take vitamins to have good health. Go for regular check up.
  65. 65.  Love and Family: This year, you may need to pay special attention to your spouse and keep the relationship going. If married, you might have a “roving eye”. If single, there is a high chance of meeting someone from the opposite sex. “One should not have strong likes and dislikes”
  66. 66. 9) DRAGON - Average year - 7 This year is average as the work is slow but smooth. There might be gossips about you as the year has more bad stars than the good ones. Be prepared for the unexpected happenings at work then all will be well. Once your mindset is “open”, you can handle anything negative that can come your way and turn it into positive.
  67. 67.  Money and Work : There is no Heaven’s luck this year, hence don’t gamble or do any major investments. Becareful of a theft or robbery at home or outdoors. Career money is still good and stable. Try saving some money and adopt a “wait and see” attitude. If not, you might lose some money.
  68. 68.  Health: This year, you may need to pay attention to your health and if you are sick, do visit the medical doctor. Try having a positive mindset and stay happy all year round. “Grab opportunity when you see it”
  69. 69.  Love and Family:  This year, relationship with spouse and family members is good. There is more harmony at home.  A happy family sits and eat together. Have that often to have more bonding. This keep relationships going.  If single, there is someone for you this year.
  70. 70. 10) SNAKE - Average Year - 7 This year is a much better year than last year’s though not very favourable as there are only a few good stars to help you. You will need to have a very positive and happy mindset to pull this year through. Work is stable and not much progress so just bear with it and the year will soon pass. There is not much changes at the work place.
  71. 71.  Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s luck this year only career money. Therefore, do not gamble. It is always better to earn your own money than wait for Heaven’s money which usually cannot save and must be spent away. “Being generous is everything”
  72. 72.   Health: This year, you may need to pay attention to health. Just exercise regularly and eat well.  Any small sickness, quickly go see a doctor if not it can get worse.  Do not over work, try to take more holidays if you can. Work is just work and health is more important than money or work.
  73. 73.  Love and Family: You will need to pay more attention to family members this year. If married, there might be unwanted romance. Be careful. It will be good to plan for a travel for the whole family for that extra bonding. If single, this is the time to meet members of the opposite sex.
  74. 74. 11) HORSE - Unfavourable Year - 6 This is your year and hence you are advised to pray to Tai Sui for a blessed and smooth year. Everything that you try to do, would not be smooth. Hence, do expect to see some obstacles at work and at home. Sometimes, one event is over and a new one arrives. If this is always happening then you are advised to wear a golden Kirin pendant (916 gold) when at work.
  75. 75.  Money and Work: This year, you can expect to see changes like change job, change house or change car. You also advised to “see blood” after 10th lunar day to ward it off. Though work is not smooth however career money is still good. However, do not do any major investments if not you might lose money. This year, some money has to go away so in 2nd lunar month, do a generous donation to ward it off.
  76. 76.  Health: Your health is generally good this year. However, when driving on the road be careful and when walking. Anything that breaks the law, don’t do like drink driving. At home, be careful of sharp objects as you might get hurt.
  77. 77.  Love and Family: This year, family relationship is good. If he or she happens to nag a lot, just bear with it, one ear in and one ear out then all will be well. Both also cannot be talking at the same time if not marital relationship might need to take care. “Never be calculative or you won’t find happiness”
  78. 78. 12) GOAT - Average Year - 7+ This is quite an average year as there are presence of some good stars. the The year will bring about some good opportunities at work and may even change job. Otherwise, career is smooth and on going. You can expect a promotion this year.
  79. 79.  Money & Work: Your money luck is good this year with many opportunities for you to make money. Go for it when you feel it is a right move. However, some money also have to go away. Sometimes, friends or relatives would come to borrow money or sometimes it can be spent on an expensive overseas trip for the family.
  80. 80.  Health: Your health may not be good this year as you might catch a bad flu before the coming year. After that, then all is well in the new year. When driving, be careful on the road as well as when walking on the road. Be careful of accidents. We usually place two golden roosters in the glove compartment of the car for safety.
  81. 81.  Love and Family: The “Happy” star is shining for you hence any relationship with anyone is good. However, do not get too happy and drink too much. Moderate is key to everything. If single, there is a high chance you could meet him or her. “In an argument, try once, twice then let it go”
  82. 82. How to have better wealth? Fengshui for 2014
  83. 83. 1) The 5 yellow (5) is in the North West 2) The sickness (2) is in the East 3) The wealth (8) is in the South 4) The legal (3) is in the South East 5) The romance (4) is in the Centre 6) The fire star (9) is in the North 7) The robbing (7) is in the North East 8) The helpful sector (6) is in the West 9) The water star (1) is in the South West
  84. 84.  Fengshui for 2014:  Please ensure that should you wish to renovate your house this year, do not renovate at the North West, East and South East sectors of the house.  To activate wealth is to place a “pot of gold” (bowl with lots of coins) in the South sector of the house.
  85. 85. Fengshui Queen® Singapore Tip for 2014 -
  86. 86. 2005 – Carry 88 grains of uncooked rice in a red packet and a gold pendant for good luck and protection for the year 2005 in another red packet. 2006 – Carry a “gold pendant abacus” in your wallet for more money to count in the year. 2007 - Carry S$500 cash in the zip pouch of your bag so that with more money, you will be able to “attract” more money to come to you. 2008 - Carry a small bagua, size of 20 cent coin in the wallet for wealth, protection and power.
  87. 87. 2009 - Throw lots of coins on the writing desk in your study room or anywhere in the living room for additional Good Luck and for your wealth to grow in 2009 !!! 2010 - Go and buy a real gold (916 gold) “ruyi” pendant for your smooth career and place it in your wallet !!! 2011 - Place 8 big mandarin oranges individually wrapped in the freezer and watch for Good results, 3 months later !!! 2012 - Carry a Jade laughing Buddha in your wallet ! 2013 - Buy a big 3 legged toad (bronze) and placed it in your wealth area of your house.
  88. 88. Buy a Laughing Buddha and and place him on the floor behind the house main door for added Good Luck !!! Fengshui Queen Singapore ®
  89. 89. Conclusion : 3 FS Tips for 2014
  90. 90. 1) Investment Tip : Continue to keep cash 2)Create Merits : Be generous when doing donations 3)Read my Blog, “The FengshuiSavy Investor” to find out more about my latest updates or join me in Facebook, fengshui queen Singapore, Lynn Yap - http://www.lynnyap8888.blogspot.com 4) Go to slideshare.net to view the slides -