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Digital strategy for coca cola

  1. Digital Strategy For Coca-Cola Presented By: Lyndsey Stormer
  2. • American males and females aged 15-20 • Social Media • Brand Decisions Target Audience
  3. • Increase product sales • Increase brand loyalty • Create engagement Goals
  5. Creating art projects out of coke products. • Entrants post on Youtube. • Winner will receive $25,000 • Non-entrants will be able to vote Coke Art Contest
  6. • Increased engagement • Increased Awareness • More ad clicks Intended Effects
  7. • Get people talking • Cheap advertising • High consumer involvement Importance of Social Media
  8. 10 million • $25,000 Prize • Cost per clicks • Professionals • Art Display Budget
  9. Get young people excited • Involvement • Brand awareness • Brand loyalty The Point
  10. Thank You

Notas do Editor

  1. I plan to target American males and females aged 15-20 years old. This group is heavily involved in social media. They are also at an age where they can make brand decisions. This group is important to target if Coke wants to build a new generation of loyal Coke drinkers.
  2. While the immediate goal of the campaign will be to increase products sales. The more important goal will be to increase loyalty. It is important to build loyalty early in a consumers life so that their loyalty for the Coke brand will continue for the rest of their lives. It is also important to create engagement because engagement leads to loyalty.
  3. The big idea for the campaign is consumer involvement. It is important to make consumers feel as though Coke is really engaging them and speaking to them. If people feel like they are important to the Coke company then they will see Coke as an important brand in their lives. In order to create engagement, coke would have to use social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, twitter, instagram and blogs.
  4. The entries will have to be art projects made out of coke products (such as dresses, sculptures, or any other artistic creations) Participants will be encouraged to post their creative process on Youtube. Other people will be able to look at the final entries and vote on which one they think should win. The winner will win 25,000 dollars and have their artwork displayed in a prominent art gallery.
  5. This will create a lot of engagement because people who want to see their favorite art project win will participate. People will have a better awareness of coke and its products. They will search information about the contests and then be more likely to click on ads. This will increase sales and brand loyalty. Ads would be found on youtube, adwords, and twitter.
  6. The most important aspects of this campaign will be the social media. It is important to have people talking about your company and the things they are doing. Things like facebook, youtube, twitter and other are great for advertising and relatively cheap.
  7. I would aim to have a budget of 10 million. Coke would have to hire professionals to monitor websites and campaign effectiveness. The 25,000 prize would be included, costs per click $100,000 for 50 days=2000 clicks a day. The cost of the winning ad and building a display for the winning project will also be included.
  8. The point of the campaign is to get young people excited about coke and coke products. This will be done through getting them personally involved with coke. Increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty will eventually increase sales. More importantly, it is essential to involve younger people because then the potential for building life-long customers.