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14 of 29 “What’s missing The Human Company Playbook, Version 1.0

14 of 29
“What’s missing from so many employee
surveys is the personal element. Instead of
retrofitting a standard measurement system,
we began by figuring out what we value
most as a company and worked backwards
towards how we measure those values.”
EtsyBe Happy
757 employees, founded in 2005
Inspired by the country of Bhutan, Etsy pub-
lishes an annual Happiness Report based
on an employee survey which over 90% of
employees typically respond to. Etsy then
anonymizes responses and makes them avai­
lable to the entire company, in addition to
releasing a summary report to the public.
Etsy partnered with University of Pennsylvania’s
Positive Psychology Center to use the PERMA
framework, a model to study happiness with
core elements of psychological well-being. The
survey evaluates employee sentiment about
life outside of work, their colleagues, and Etsy
as a company.

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