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Gimp Selection Feature Plugin QGIS

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Plugin for adding selected area in GIMP how a feature in memory layer.
This plugin create a memory layer, where, yours feature can come from selected area in GIMP.

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Gimp Selection Feature Plugin QGIS

  1. 1. IBAMA Plugins for QGIS Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources COTIG – Coordination of Geotechnology Plugin: Gimp Selection Feature ● Description: Adding selected area in GIMP how a feature in memory layer in QGIS. ● Used with GIMP and QGIS, where, in GIMP has a plugin that enable the services for send of image (QGIS to GIMP) and get features selected in GIMP to QGIS. http://www.ibama.gov.br June, 2016 Luiz Motta
  2. 2. Plugin: Gimp Selection Feature GIMP's Plugin is installed by QGIS's Plugin
  3. 3. Plugin: Gimp Selection Feature Steps ● Open QGIS and install 'Gimp Selection Feature' Plugin. ● Run QGIS plugin for install the GIMP Plugin, 'Service for save the selected regions'. ● Open GIMP and add an image, this is necessary to enable plugin. ● Select a image in QGIS for working with selections tools in GIMP. ● When finish your selections of regions in GIMP, add this selections in QGIS, how features.
  4. 4. Plugin: Gimp Selection Feature 1) Select a raster layer 2) Set the image for send to GIMP 3) Select the type of image that will be sent to GIMP: ● The image of view in canvas( extent and contrast ) ● The image of source(full image) 4) Add image to GIMP 5) Add Features to QGIS The selections in GIMP will be polygonize and theirs geometries will be added in memory layer Setting the minimum area of pixeis in regions and the parameters for smooth* * https://qgis.org/api/classQgsGeometry.html
  5. 5. Plugin: Gimp Selection Feature “In action” GIMP selections toolsAdd image QGIS → GIMP
  6. 6. Plugin: Gimp Selection Feature “In action” GIMP tool for select regions
  7. 7. Plugin: Gimp Selection Feature “In action” Add features GIMP → QGIS * datetime when image was added.