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Qrowd and thecity_connectedsmartcities_2019

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How QROWD is making data technology humanly possible, with its unique combination of crowdsourcing approaches on top of a Big Data Platform

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Qrowd and thecity_connectedsmartcities_2019

  1. 1. Qrowd and the city Connected Smart Cities Conference 2019 January 17th 2019, Brussels Elena Simperl, University of Southampton, UK @esimperl
  2. 2. THE QROWD PROJECT H2020 innovation action in the Big Data Value PPP Started in 12/2016, 3 years, 3.9M € 8 partners, 5 European countries, coordinated by the University of Southampton Smart city solutions Combining crowd and computational intelligence Piloted in smart transportation with A medium-sized city in Italy A leading navigation and traffic management service provider
  3. 3. MAKING DATA TECHNOLOGY HUMANLY POSSIBLE Open innovation to co-design pilots and engage with stakeholders Crowdsourcing to Collect and enhance data Train and validate machine learning Empower citizens Innovate responsibly
  4. 4. Citizen lab Participatory sensing Virtual spatial crowdsourcing Gamification Human in the loop City dashboards Road information services Big data platform