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How To Run A Crowdfunding Campaign?

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How To Run A Crowdfunding Campaign? Here are the steps you have to take in 14 easy sliders!

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How To Run A Crowdfunding Campaign?

  1. 1. Crowdfunding viaWhat does Symbid do?We make Crowdfunding: Safe for entrepreneurs and investors Accesible for startups Professional Great for Small Angels and Groups of investors Available for capital requirements between €20.000 and €2.5 millionThis slideshow will teach you how to run a Crowdfunding Campaign!
  2. 2. Crowdfunding can be very rewarding, but how are you going to make your campaign a success? A great campaign consists of three components: 1) Your Crowd 2) Planning 3) Persistence
  3. 3. Your crowd wants to experience a great story..of how you, the entrepreneur, came up with a brilliant idea, and how they, theinvestors, recognised its potential, made it possible and will soon reap thebenefits. Thrilling business ideas an d great storytel ling crea engagem te ent!
  4. 4. Create great storytelling and engagement with a video pitchInvestors analyse your idea with your data in mind, but they to decidewhether or not to invest based on their gut feeling. Great pitches dontAddress their emotive decision-making include great budgets. Learn more aboutvia your video pitch! amazing pitches >>
  5. 5. No clearity = no investments!Get your story straight. What are you offering, what problem do yousolve and what does it take for your to succeed?Be clear, specific andengaging.Explain your story in:1 document1 page1 paragraph1 sentence for e f ocus Creat your team elf, ur yours course yo f and o rowd! c
  6. 6. ?Identify your crowdAnswer these three questions to find out who your potential investors are:- Is your investor also the end-user of your product?- How much will each investor bring in?- Where are you investors?Approach them in an open, honestand positive way. Highlight yourassets and achievements, butdont make promises youcant keep! y ou r r T ailor thei o ry t rofile! s to i c p if spec
  7. 7. Chart your network1) List everybody your team knows2) Give those people a title like: friend, family, sports club, colleague, ex-colleague, acquitance, business partner, etc.3) Recruit them as first investors, ambassadors, etc.Why?Without their initial funding,no anonymous investors willtake your idea seriously.
  8. 8. ors areFirs t Invest ey arecruc i a l a s th support wi lling to you + he y w i l l create t ween 2 5%-50% bet of you r initial crowd-f u nd i ng !
  9. 9. Create a new networkHas your immediate network contributed as much as possible?Then hop on to the next! Network both online as well as offline and letyour current crowd introduce new investors and ambassadors.
  10. 10. How to create a new network?- Ask your current network to all introduce five people they know- Be active on social media in order to keep your current crowd update andcreate new investors as your go- Network offline during (business) events, clubs, cooking courses, etc.- Consider having special campaign cards made with the Logo, Title, URL,one sentence pitch, contact person and investment options- Contact bloggers, (local) news papers, related websites, radio stations andthe like to get your idea promoted
  11. 11. Reward you crowd!Who doesnt like a bonus?The reward for equity investors often takesa while to pay off and an immediate rewardshows gratitude from your side. However , dont reward t us e a o make invest; u t hem se a rew make th ard to em inve st more !
  12. 12. Monitor your investmentsCheck if one of your rewards is the magic bullet. Focus on generatingas much funds via that reward as possible. Examples of rewards:- Have a kick-off party- Give away exclusive information- Arrange a guided tour in your office- Give away the end-product- Give them credits in your book, movie, show or blog Bonus tip: calculate your additional costs of your rewards in advance and add it up to the goal capital you want to crowdfund
  13. 13. Finally.. Continue to update your crowd both during the campaign and after.Your crowd invested because they like to take part in the story you laidout for them. Dont take that away after theyve invested, because its their intrinsic motivation to support you!
  14. 14. Want to know more about running a crowdfunding campaign?- Read our Crowdfunding Guide- Contact us via Chat, ludwine.dekker@symbid.com or call: 010-4134 601- Make an appointment for our weekly Campaign Coaching Open Session. Tuesday and Friday from 4-6 PM (mail to let us know youre visiting!) Have a great campaign! Created 2013 | Created by: Ludwine Dekker, Crowdfunding Manager for Symbid | Visit us at Van Vollenhovenstraat 56A Rotterdam, The Netherlands, or at www.symbid.com