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How to Shop for and Get the Best Home Loan Rates in 2014

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This deck will help you understand how you can shop for and get the best home loan rates in 2014.

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How to Shop for and Get the Best Home Loan Rates in 2014

  1. 1. How to Shop for the Best Loan Low VA Rates will pay you $250 if you get an offer that we cannot beat
  2. 2. Who is giving you the best deal?
  3. 3. The Lowest Adjusted Origination Charge Wins • As long as the other variables are the same across all loans being compared • You have to be comparing apples to apples
  4. 4. What variables must match? • Make sure all offers have either LOCKED Rates or Floating Rates • All interest rates must match • Loan terms must match
  5. 5. Real life example?
  6. 6. We will pay you $250 if you bring us an offer we cannot beat and you end up closing and funding your loan at the terms we could not beat Here is what you need to do: Send us the following for President’s signature: 1. A Good Faith Estimate you feel is better than ours 2. A Truth in Lending Statement that coincides with that GFE
  7. 7. There are 2 possible outcomes 1. We help you see the light and uncover the lies, mis-leadings or wrong doings of competitors and you go with us at a better deal 2. We cannot beat them and you get your forms signed by the President of the company and once you close with them we either: a. Send you a check if they did what they said they would b. Show you where they pulled the rug out and did not do what they said and we will not send you the $250
  8. 8. Thank you And Best of Luck Shopping and Comparing.