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3 Ways to Protect the Data in Your Apple Account

Chances are you have some photos living in the cloud. In light of recent celebrity photo leaks, how do you make sure your private photos stay private? Here's 3 steps to make it easy.

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3 Ways to Protect the Data in Your Apple Account

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  3. 1 USE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION on all your accounts especially the ones that hold sensitive data such as photos, credit card numbers, and personally identifiable information.
  4. 1. Visit https://appleid.apple.com and click on “Manage your Apple ID”
  5. 2. Log in with your credentials
  6. 3. Click on “Password and Security”
  7. 4. Answer your security questions
  8. 5. Click on “Get Started” under “Two-Step Verification”
  9. 6. Click on “Continue”
  10. 7. Click on “Continue” again
  11. 8. Click on “Get Started”
  12. 9. Add a trusted device and enter the verification code that Apple will send to your device via SMS. Once your device is verified, click on “Continue”
  13. 10. Print your Recovery Key. Pro tip: you’ll need this key for the next step.
  14. 11. Enter your Recovery Key and click “Confirm”
  15. 12. Accept Apple’s terms and conditions and click “Enable two-step Verification”
  16. 13. You’re done!
  17. 2 USE A COMPLEX PASSWORD using at least 8 characters including numbers, special characters, and that is not based on a dictionary word. Alternatively, you can use a number of dictionary words to create a “passphrase." Read the blog
  18. 3 IF YOU MUST TAKE SEXY PHOTOS turn off iCloud’s and other services’ automatic backup options.
  19. For more mobile security tips, follow