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25 by 50 house plan | duplex house design plan | 1250 sqft

25 X 50 Feet Best House Plan for 1250 Square Feet as per Vastu

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25 by 50 house plan | duplex house design plan | 1250 sqft

  1. 1. BestHouse Plan for 1250 Square Feet as per Vastu  An eye-getting Mansion An appealing arrangement of 1250 square feet that representation a dubious spot for a major family with great ventilation this remarkable plant can oblige inside plans to every one of the rooms with wonderful embellishments and Masterpiece furnishings. (Also,Read VastuShastra – Is Vastu defect even in your houseक्या आपक े घर में भी वास्तु दोष है?) (AlsoRead – East FacingHouse Plan-2021-Hindi) GeneralDetails Total plot area:- 1250 square feet Type:- East Facing Ground floor:- 1 Bedroom:- 1 Living room:- 1 Kitchen room:- 1 Hall:- Nil Work area:- Nil  Sit out Only inverse to the yard is a bunch of flight of stairs that drives you to a set-out, Dhadkan needs to unique pressure with excellent pots are the sides. Kitchen The dining territory towards its privilege associate with the kitchen of 9'*10'.The kitchen is so extensive with wonderful cupboards in it making it less upsetting for individuals utilizing it.
  2. 2. Visit This Website  Bedrooms The entry between the dining and the kitchen has room of 15'*11'. The rooms are given windows at the bedside that keep them very much ventilated extra large bed alongside the dresser and to bed lights can make it more adequate to live in. Living room The sit-out has a passageway to the parlor of 9'9"*11'7". Such a lounge can oblige a 4+1+1 seater couch set with Center table alluring lightings with connected TV bureau can improve the excellence of your front room.  Dining room Parlor is associated with the dining room of 10'4"*16'0" further, this room can have more than 6 individuals. Your antique eating piece can be set in the middle that can have alluring lights at the top to make dinner time more fun with your friends and family. This sort of room is roomy to such an extent that the youngsters can move about effectively.  Follow Me To Pinterest Follow Me on my YouTube channel Follow Me on my page Facebook Follow me on my Instagram Visit This Website