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Typography Trends Designers Must Know in 2016

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To survive in the ever-changing design industry, you need to be updated with latest trends. But don't simply know about them, also use them in your work.

Typography trends for 2016 will surely illuminate your designs, making it captivating and memorable. Here you aren't simply introduced with a list of trend predictions, but are also given some tips and tricks to use the technique.

This year is all about customizing and personalizing. It's also about originality with blast from the past. It's no more about being "modern", its more about what fits the situation best. Its also about how well can you, as a designer, grab the attention of target market.

So let's get started!

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Typography Trends Designers Must Know in 2016

  1. 1. TYPOGHAPHY TRENDS Designers Must Know in 2016 Are you informed about what's in? Typography will only amplify this year. 5 ‘{ """ " : Designers will customize fonts, and use various creative techniques to 5 """ 5 enhance the overall beauty of their work. Many things of the past will 5 E return. such as retro, handwritten and serif fonts. Fonts will be modified 5 E and composed into anything. Possibilities are infinite and you must try : ,3 5 them. Here's a list of typography trends you should catch on, to triumph T ‘I 5 the graphic and web design industry this year! 5 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO * . FONTS I 0ra. ii}.9.£.1.122.Hm #1 ‘k t ‘K41 |2|I| Fl| 'IEH5T| ]|'| E by Zac Freeland | VlAN| |—_E§TO by Tomaz Leskovec by Mathieu Desjardins ‘kit ‘kit Ofizazufegonf VARYING gtyteg attract TYPEFACE SIZES Working with one torii fdmily CUSTOM]ZA]iON OVERLAPPING Occasion based Color transparency lindergrouml Suit the mood Mobile App Fit for device SKEKHER JL. Hand—drawn Image on type E1 RESPONSIVE TYPOGHAPHY Adjust text Proportionate X/ eb friendly at breakpoints headings typeface Desktop Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. consectetui adipiscing elit Aeiiean nisl dotor. porta posuere Proportionate headings U b U n tu Cras pellentesque ante id mi mole-stie, sit amet tincidunt nisl semper Class aptent taciti socio, ad litora torquent per A conubia nos ': . per inceptos himeriaeos r O Morbi ut Feugiat tetlus. quis corivallis tortor Sed a mi tiguta. Mauris mist diam. faucibus id tri ’ e in. rhorictis sit amet 0 eros Ftisce s ( fetis eros Maecenas conclimentum dictum maximus Cras pellentesque ante id mi mole-stie, sit amet tincidunt riisl sempei Ctass ap . eiit terit taciti sociosqu ad orqu. per coriubia nostra. .‘ ptos himenaeos Morbi Lit feugv ‘‘ quis convattis tortor Sed a mi liguta Mauris nist diam. faucibus id tristique in. rhoncus sit amet eros Fusce sed fetis eros Maecenas coridimentum dictum maximus Signika Oswald Cuprum Proportionate headings Open Sans Mobile Alegreya Raleway ‘Lobster Roboto FOCUS ON COMPOSITION Creating Visual Hierarchy Cus quis id dolor. Integer In sit amet quam eget diam Suspendisse massa ante, tincidunt eget Cus quis id dolor. Integer sodales tristique elit ac malesuada. Cras dolor nibh. sagittis Lit urna ac, cursus viverra augue. Proiri aliquet sodales mauris, vet maximus lacus corigue rion. Aliquam maximus digriissim riulla eu imperdiet. Praesentviverra taoreet eros, male— suada bibendum augue pulvinar a. Nam quis mauris luctus enim venenatis scelerisque. Suspendisse massa ante, tincidunt eget nisi sit amet, suscipit ultrices arcu. Donec fermeritum lig t scelerisque varius. Donec ultricies et libero id euismod. Doriec da ' nisi el ' :1 mi blaridit ultrices. / estibulum faucibu gna riec accumsari can e etur. Cras rriauris velit, sollicitudin at scelerisque ut, ‘citudin eget iigula. Vivamus sit amet susciplt iacus. Molding type Cus quis id dolor. Integer sodales tristique elit ac malesuada. I T“ > . sagittis ut urna ac, cursus viverra augue. Proin aliquet es rnauris, vel . . '. .‘. ‘ . ; maximus lacus congue nori. Aliquam maximus dignissim n la eu im iet. I n I 2 ‘- Praeseritviverra laoreeteros, malesuada bibendum augue pulvinar . g 7 qt, “ am quis mauris luctus eriim venenatis scelerisque. Suspendisse massa 2‘ ante, tincidunt eget nisi sit amet, suscipit uitrices arcu. Donec f ermentum tigula at scelerisque varius. Donec ultricies et libero id -. W euismod. Donec rlapibus nisi eleifend mi blandit uttrices. '12?-‘: Vestibuium faucibus magna nec accumsan corisectetur. ‘ ABC Stack it all B up vertically ABC Classic and traditional Swirly and curly sifs ABC Slab serif thick and bold TYPE PRESENTATION Using transitional effects 'I'Ell'I' TRANSITION K Enclosed T A . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. . . 3 Adding in a motif animation Converting into characters Sources: http: //speckyboy. com/ http: //www. creativebloqcom/ web—design/ web—trends—2015—2o16—dramatic—typog raphy—81516282 http: //www. howdesigncom/ web—design-resources—technology/ trendy—web—typography/ http: //graphicdesignjunction. com/ design SPINNING DESIGNIDEAS