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Top Ten Ideas: How to Run a Social Media Training Program

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Top ten ideas around launching a social media training program. Majority of these ideas were generated from launching and managing Dell's Social Media and Community University (SMaC U). Presentation on Tuesday, December 10th at SocialMedia.org #BrandOnly Summit in Disney, Florida. (Yes, the weather is awesome...)

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Top Ten Ideas: How to Run a Social Media Training Program

  1. 1. Top Ten Ideas: How to run a social media training program Liz Brown Bullock, CEO Social Arts & Science Institute (SASI) @lizbbullock Liz Brown Bullock (LinkedIn) #BrandsOnly December 10th , 2013
  2. 2. #1 Build a business case and sell it in… Executives are critical to the success of your social training program • Dell customers were out there: 10K+ conversations a day • Dell employees were out there: 400+ mix active employees Image source: http://irsmartt.com/2012/07/fortune-500-ceossocial-media/
  3. 3. Tools to help identify active employees www.socialook.com • Most influential employees • Department • Latest activity • #hashtags • content www.followerwonk.com
  4. 4. #2 Identify business objectives • What business objectives are you trying to solve? • Social media training objectives should ladder to company business objectives. (sample) Customer Service All employees Sales Marketing Protect the brand online Increase sales Cost Savings Customer Insights Deepen customer relationships Lead Generation Decrease online customer complaints Increase traffic to website Amplify our brand story Thought Leadership Insights to improve products and services Cost efficient marcom vehicle
  5. 5. #3 Build training content tied to objectives Risk Mitigation Activate employees to be a better business • • • • • • Policy (Dell Principles) FTC training Examples of how to disclose Risk Mitigation #iwork4Dell Employee roles Resources, best practices • • • • • Actionable content Scenario training (driver’s seat) Activation to be a more Provide “to do” list Certification program effective business Survey: “Is content actionable?”
  6. 6. #4 Balance between the “what” and “how” What • Relevant strategies and framework to stand the “test of time” • Company’s POV on best practices • Determine “must know” content • Tips on personal brand • Actionable training content How • In-person, online, mobile, etc. • Determine tone • Scenarios to teach judgment • Writing exercises • Create excitement and dialogues 6
  7. 7. #5 Package your program • McDonald’s Training Center of Excellence: Hamburger University • Sprint Ninja Program with top ambassadors being “black belts” • Dell’s Social Media and Community University: SMaC U Ex: Dell SMaC U Certification Program • • • You don’t know SMaC. Until you have been Trained by SMaC U Electronic and printable certificates sent to employees Certified employees received e-signatures to tout certification Employees avatars and Twitter backgrounds 7
  8. 8. EMPLOYEE BEHAVIOR CHANGE #6 Tie the right metrics to the journey Participation Results: • Total Registered • Total Attended • Class Fill Rate • Unique Attendees • Average Classes Attended • Professional Certification • Spokesperson Certification • % by team/org Performance Results: • Survey data • Anecdotal feedback • Comparison of attendance per course • % of participation hours vs. other training courses Adoption Results: • Total Brand Ambassadors • Total Employees Representing Online • Total Social Handle Requests (Governance) • Increase % of amplified content about brand • Decrease in rogue social accounts • Decrease in employee social booboo’s (adopting best practices) • Increase in blogs Business Results: • Increase in traffic to website • Increase in earned media value • Increased reach • Improved SOV • Effective Acquisition play • Revenue impact • SEO Results Adoption Awareness TIME 8
  9. 9. #7 Use executives to drive program awareness • Launched Unconference with Dell’s top 200+ social media employees to announce SMaC U • Michael Dell participated • CMO provided intro video • VP shared on internal Dell blog launch of SMaC University 9
  10. 10. #8 Continue the conversation & ride the bike • Learning continues after employees leave the classroom…
  11. 11. #9 Co-create with your best employees • Ask employees where they have questions and gaps • Use rock star employees as examples in training content • Pilot training classes with employees Why not crowd source? Use the wisdom of your employees…
  12. 12. #10 Identify & reward small courageous steps • • • • • • • Product samples Networking events Inside out Speakers Awards – you tube socks Certificates Emails from VPs Blog post
  13. 13. Top Ten Ideas: #1: Build a business case and sell it in… #2: Identify business objectives #3: Build training content tied to objectives #4: Balance between the “what” and “how” #5: Package your program #6: Tie the right metrics to the journey #7: Use executives to drive program awareness #8: Continue the conversation & ride the bike #9: Co-create with your best employees #10: Identify & reward small courageous steps
  14. 14. Employee Manifesto: Gautam Ghosh http://www.gautamblogs.com/2010/05/social-businessemployee-manifesto.html?m=1 14
  15. 15. • Thank You