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Common Thread: How Retailers Use Content to Tie Online and Offline Experiences

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E-commerce and mobile shopping are growing faster than ever. Those experiences, however, are inherently limited as people still want in-store store benefits of seeing, touching and feeling products in person. To get ahead, retailers need to sync these two experiences seamlessly. We're diving into the strategies of three top retailers who have mastered creating seamless online/offline experiences for their customers. View this SlideShare to learn their tactics and how you can improve your online/offline marketing.

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Common Thread: How Retailers Use Content to Tie Online and Offline Experiences

  1. 1. Common Thread How retailers use content to tie online and offline experiences
  2. 2. People don’t shop the way they used to.
  3. 3. Retail consumers today live in both online and offline environments.
  4. 4. $264.30 $305.70 $349.10 $394.40 $442.60 $493.90 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 5.8 % 6.5 % 7.1 % 7.7 % 8.3 % 8.9 % 16.5 % 15.7 % 14.2 % 13 % 12.2 % 11.6 % E-commerce is more popular than ever before. *Source: eMarketer, Sept 2014 Retail ecommerce sales % change % of total retail sales
  5. 5. And mobile is on the rise. *Source: CMO.com Mobile ecommerce will account for 30% of global retail e-commerce spending by 2018, up from 15% in 2013 40% of 2014’s Black Friday online shopping was done on mobile 84% of of US smartphone shoppers use their phones to assist them in their shopping while in physical stores
  6. 6. But the in-store experience is still important.
  7. 7. Because the e-commerce experience is inherently limited.
  8. 8. People still want to see, touch and feel products.
  9. 9. And do so with others–amongst the brand loyal.
  10. 10. To get ahead, retailers need to make online and offline experiences interconnected and seamless.
  11. 11. How?
  12. 12. Deliver tailored, relevant content.
  13. 13. Sync online and offline communities.
  14. 14. Bridge e-commerce and in-store experiences with mobile.
  15. 15. Let’s see some brands doing it right.
  16. 16. Deliver tailored, relevant content.
  17. 17. Warby Parker Blog Warby Parker
  18. 18. “The public and your customers are participating more and near dictating what your brand is. You need to give people the tools to have it they way you want them to have it. Neil Blumenthal Co-Founder and Co-CEO Warby Parker ”
  19. 19. Interactive annual reports and surveys give a quick, fun, customized and highly-shareable tool of engagement for the brand.
  20. 20. Downloadable games allow people to experience the brand with their friends. Fold-it-yourself fortune teller (maybe you know it as a cootie catcher). Download your own, print it, and start playing. “ ”
  21. 21. Themed guides provide personalized and useful book suggestions for readers.
  22. 22. Traveling campaigns allow the New York City-based company engage with customers throughout the country, letting them know when the brand will be in their local areas. Warby Parker also makes an effort to further engage the community by incorporating local businesses and nonprofits. Just outside the bus, we have lending libraries featuring books specifically chosen by Austin Bat Cave, an Austin-based nonprofit. “ ”
  23. 23. The #warbyparkerhometryon social campaign pulls in user-generated content from customers sharing their eyewear options. The community, as well as Warby Parker’s social team, provides personalized feedback for every participant, helping them choose the right glasses for them.
  24. 24. Sync online and offline communities.
  25. 25. #JCrewStyleSessions J. Crew
  26. 26. There are over 30 user-generated J. Crew hashtags on Instagram, tagging customers sharing their looks and style. #jcrew #jcrewaddict #jcrewstyle #jcrewfactory #jcrewinspired #jcrewjewelry#jcreweverything #jcrewobsessed #jcrewlove #jcrewdenim #jcrewjewels #jcrewlover #jcrewbaby#jcrewwedding #jcrewlife #jcrewprep #jcrewaholic #jcrewmens #jcrewshoes #jcrewmodel#jcrewgirl #jcrewing #jcrewtruths #jcrewtop #jcrewcollection #jcrewvest #jcrewnyfw #jcrewjunkie
  27. 27. Wanting to capitalize on this trend, J. Crew launched in-store style sessions, offering local sneak peeks at new collections and styling tips from J. Crew’s very own stylists.
  28. 28. Customers were encouraged to snap selfies for Twitter and Instagram with #JCrewStyleSessions for a chance to be featured in upcoming style guides, bringing the in-store experience full circle back to the online community.
  29. 29. The sessions were picked up by bloggers and influencers throughout the US, spreading the word to their followers and fans. New York, New York Chicago, IllinoisDallas, Texas
  30. 30. Style Sessions resulted in a positive brand experience for customers at an arm’s reach of the racks and an online reach to fans through social networks. Source: www.sparksheet.com , “How Offline Content Can Save Brick-and-Mortar Retail”
  31. 31. Bridge e-commerce and in-store experiences with mobile.
  32. 32. NM Mobile App Neiman Marcus
  33. 33. In 2014, Neiman Marcus launched its mobile app.
  34. 34. Our goal is to increase our interaction with our customers. Our customers are always interested in learning more about product as well as shopping. “ Wanda Geirhart Chief Marketing Officer Neiman Marcus Group ”
  35. 35. Shoppers can set their app’s customer service preferences, either automatically alerting sales associates when they walk into the store or checking-in whenever they are ready for assistance.
  36. 36. The app also strengthens customer relationships with sales associates outside of the store. Customers can see which sales associates are currently in-store, message them and make appointments.
  37. 37. According to Jim Gold, President of Neiman Marcus, a sales associate sold $250,000 of dinnerware by texting images to a woman on her yacht. *Source: Fierce Retail
  38. 38. Shoppers also can mark their favorite products and scan QR codes for product information and exclusive content. This information is made available to associates, helping them make smarter recommendations for their customers.
  39. 39. Finally, Neiman Marcus’digital content, including its blog, Instagram and monthly catalog, is fully accessible from the app. This closes the gap between digital and in-store, giving the customer a fully end-to-end brand experience.
  40. 40. The Neiman Marcus blog taps into the lifestyle the brand portrays, including launch events, fashion, beauty, art and culture, video and editors’picks.
  41. 41. The Book reads as a part editorial magazine, part catalog. Products are incorporated throughout articles and high-fashion spreads.
  42. 42. Want to learn more? Our team of strategists can help your brand build a marketing growth engine. From ongoing support and program management, to customized strategy sessions and workshops, we’ll set your brand up for success.
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