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Yet another quiz III

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Yet another quiz III

  1. 1. Yet Another Quiz III @8eardcules & @G0dfatherGopal
  2. 2. Rules Slide • QM is God, Shesha is Godfather • All Dries, Bounce Pounce with infinite Bounce
  3. 3. Put Funda • Deepfakes are fake videos of celebrities created by deeplearning algorithms that are almost impossible to id as fake. • The algorithms analyse thousands of pictures of celebrities and use them to seamlessly produce motion in videos. • However, due to an inherent bias in the data they are fed, deepfakes have one flaw using which the common viewer can easily peg them as fakes • What is the flaw/ how to ID deepfakes?
  4. 4. People In deepfakes don’t blink • The algorithms are fed with celebrity photos, and even for those celebs who are hounded by paparazzi, there are very few pictures of them with their eyes closed.
  5. 5. Explain the reference • Studio 60 on the sunset strip is a little known TV show, a brainchild of Aaron Sorkin starring Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford • In the show, Matthew Perry enters a Bidding competition to go to an award show with his ex-girlfriend (Harriet Hayes), and competes in bidding with a person username LukeS5858 • Matthew Perry’s character thinks that this person is Luke Scott, the person who is currently going out with Harriet since “58” was the title of Luke Scott’s first movie • However, the username belonged to someone else, who chose it as a pop culture reference. It has two references to the same franchise • ID Both.
  6. 6. • Luke Skywalker • 5858 Lucas Valley Rd is Skywalker Ranch
  7. 7. What was being kept fresh? • A young journalist from Spain, Micheal Praterniti was hired to drive a 94 year old Pathologist Mr.Harvey across America • The journey inspired the critically acclaimed Travelogue “Driving Mr. Albert” • What were they carrying with them in a Tupperware Box?
  8. 8. • Einstein’s brain
  9. 9. ID Y • In 2005 a filming crew arrived in Glod (meaning dirt) a dirt poor village in Romania • The setting was supposed to be a stand in for another country Y • The filmers persuaded the locals of Glod to play small parts in the productions, and the locals agreed, thinking it would go a long way in drawing light to their poor living conditions • When they realized that the production depicted a fictional story in Y and drew no attention to their town , they were furious and initiated a legal battle . • Just ID Y
  10. 10. • Kazhakstan
  11. 11. Put Funda • It was noticed that a significant number of Bible Belt constituencies voted Democratic in the 2008 US elections. • This is surprising since these regions consist of mainly “Values Voters”, from a strong Christian background that normally vote Republican. • However it makes sense when you realize that these were all major cotton growing areas a century back • Why
  12. 12. • Higher Black Population who all voted for Obama
  13. 13. Put Funda • It was very Fashionable in the early 19th century for men and women to oil their hair with “Macassar Oil”, something of Indonesian origin. • This became so popular and widespread that something invented during that era was called an “antimacassar” • What is an antimacassar, which is something that is still in widespread use?
  14. 14. Seat head covers
  15. 15. FITB ID who wrote it ID Who it was written For ID who made it well known in Pop Culture _ ________, __ ________ our fearful trip is done, The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won, The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting, While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring; But O heart! heart! heart! O the bleeding drops of red, Where on the deck __ ________ lies, Fallen cold and dead.
  16. 16. • O captain My captain • Walt Whitman • Lincoln • Robin Williams
  17. 17. Put Funda
  18. 18. Humayun fell down the stairs
  19. 19. FITB • ____ was discovered in Africa in 1974 by paleoanthropologist Donald Johnson of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. • ____ was named so after a Beatles song that was played loudly and repeatedly in the excavation camp the night after the discovery • ____’s discovery upended our understanding of bipedalism and rewrote a major part of our understanding of human evolution
  20. 20. Lucy
  21. 21. ID • When Jerry Yang and David Filo started this company, they noted that the name they chose had already been trademarked by EBSCO industries for a line of Barbecue Products and by Old Town Canoe Co. for human propelled watercraft. • Therefore, they added a punctuator to the name and then trademarked it • ID the company
  22. 22. ID • X was portrayed by Friends star David Schwimmer in a critically acclaimed and multiple Emmy award winning series in 2016. He is best known around the world for his involvement in what was known as the “Trial of the Century”, and also for his famous albeit controversial surname, which is associated with the world of entertainment. • ID the person X.
  23. 23. Bob Kardashian
  24. 24. Which Product? • The picture shown in the next slide is a machine used to manufacture what can be best described as a flat bottomed tear-drop. • It is common knowledge that the product that it manufactures got its name from the machine itself. Just give me the name of the product.
  25. 25. Kisses
  26. 26. • Charles X was a Virginia planter, politician and American revolutionary who headed an irregular court in Virginia to punish Loyalist supporters of the British without a fair trial during the American Revolutionary War. “X's Law", referring to organized but unauthorized punishment of criminals became a common phrase as it was used by Charles to describe his actions. Hence the term is believed to have originated from this. Identify the common English verb X.
  27. 27. Lynch
  28. 28. ID • This is a strip from the comic "Harley Quinn and Power Girl". • Who is the "spirit animal" being referred to?
  29. 29. Srk
  30. 30. ID • X is a traditional Spanish tune that was composed as the intro to a song called “Pepe El Trompeta”. Traditionally played on a wind instrument like a saxophone or a trumpet, it is called a “paso-double” or double-pass in Spain. • It is most commonly used in Spanish bullfighting and is used to signify movement or drama. • However, in India, this tune is known for a different reason with regards to a different sport. • ID the tune.
  31. 31. IPL trumpet
  32. 32. Funda. • “It was top of recall. There was nothing jingoistic about it. You've got this huge coastline, the lovely blue ocean on three sides. Then there are the dry plateaus, forests, river plains, golden sands of the desert. The majestic Himalayas looked purple because sunlight cannot get into the valleys. Then there were snow capped mountains. We've got everything.” • When X was asked the reason for his choice of words on this occasion, witnessed by an entire nation as a hazy live feed, that is now etched into the annals of Indian history, this is what he said. • Just tell me what this event was.
  33. 33. Spaceflight • Rakesh Sharma, when asked by Indira Gandhi how india looks from space, replied “Saare Jahaan se achcha”
  34. 34. η • The chemistry is very simple, Sulfur acts as the accelerant and anthracene, which is rich in carbon and hydrogen but poor in oxygen, acts as the fuel. When set ablaze, the abundance of carbon atoms come in contact with oxygen forming soot giving the characteristic dark black smoke. • Quite on the contrary, lactose is used a fuel in another case with potassium perchlorate as an oxidant. Pine tree resins are added possibly to impart a denser color. Lactose being richer in oxygen gives a much clearer and cleaner smoke. • Just tell me what in the world of religion do these science facts explain.
  35. 35. White smoke = Pope Black smoke = Nope
  36. 36. ID • Shown in the next slide is the origins of Bane in the DC Universe. This scene is strikingly similar to the opening sequence of a popular comedy from our childhood. • ID the show.
  37. 37. fitb. • The author of the book X originally titled it “_______ Dozen: The Autobiography of Y”, Y being the name of the titular character. • X became an immensely popular albeit controversial phenomenon all over the world in 2017 and enjoys a high level of hype even today due to its raw portrayal of serious issues. • ID X and Y.
  38. 38. Baker’s Dozen , Hannah Baker
  39. 39. ID X • Renkō-ji (蓮光寺 Renkōji) is a Buddhist temple in Tokyo, Japan. The small, well-preserved temple was established in 1594 inspired by the God of Wealth and Happiness. • However, it is more famous for being the purported location of the ashes of X • X died in Taihoku Army Camp on August 18th, 1945 and his remains post cremation were sent to this temple where they have since been preserved.
  40. 40. NSCB
  41. 41. What is LD50 • In toxicology, every substance has an LD5- value, some examples are • Cocaine = 95.1 mg/kg • Vitamin A = 2570 mg/kg • Nerve Gas = 0.0154 mg/kg
  42. 42. Doze required to kill 50% of the test population • The median Lethal Doze
  43. 43. Funda? • In the 1600s, every imperial power was in a race to obtain spices. For this,everybody wanted to go to the spice islands. The dutch had control over the bandanese islands near indonesia which were famous for nutmeg. However, the british mananged to capture another small bandanese island(the island of run). After unsuccessfully trying to capture it for a long time, finally, the dutch traded the island of run for another island X.
  44. 44. • Manhattan
  45. 45. What’s the “good” word? • The name itself, comes from Greek where it means burnt offering. The Century Dictionary defined it in 1904 as "a sacrifice or offering entirely consumed by fire, in use among the Y and some pagan nations". What historical incident am I talking about?
  46. 46. Holocaust
  47. 47. Ki Korben? • Sven Sachsalber is an Italian artist who recently performed "Art" at the Paris Gallery. According to the artist, this is an exercise in literalism , i.e, turning an everyday expression for tedium or frustration into art. He spent over 24 hours in 2 days performing this. What?
  48. 48. He searched for a needle in a haystack
  49. 49. Funda • Enoteca Maria is an Italian restaurant in New York. Some of it's menu is fixed : Italian. The other part is a rotating menu. There is a rather special thing they do in this rotation. I'm sure everybody here would agree that the standard of the thing they do would be the best but that feeling might be from nostalgia too.
  50. 50. They employ grandmothers as chefs
  51. 51. Funda • There is a statue of George Washington in Trafalgar square. He had once sworn that he would never stand on land owned by the British again. The story goes that the makers did something here. What?
  52. 52. There is American soil under the statue
  53. 53. ID • Allen Ginsberg, Annie Lennox, George Harrison and Boy George have all been associated with which movement that started in New York City in 1966 and has more than 500 branches worldwide?( We too have a branch nearby)
  54. 54. ISKCON
  55. 55. ID • In April this year, Miguel Díaz-Canel became the first person sans a certain surname, since 1959, to be chosen to lead a particular country. Name the country he is President of.
  56. 56. Cuba • The last name being Castro
  57. 57. Funda • Sweden has recently started a very innovative way of publicizing road safety. Of course, they do penalize speed limit breakers. What else have they done to incentivize driving below the speed limit?
  58. 58. • They have a lottery for people who drive below the speed limit. Lottery money comes overspeeding fines
  59. 59. Bob the sponge • Inspired Spongebob
  60. 60. Explain • Elaine Herzberg had finished shopping. She loaded her shopping into a bicycle and was crossing a 4 lane highway on March 18, 2018. What happens next?
  61. 61. She was hit by an Uber self driving car
  62. 62. • Princess Diana, with the above simple picture of shaking hands helped a huge fight of misinformation. What myth did she put to rest with just this picture?
  63. 63. Killed the myth that AIDS spreads by touch
  64. 64. Funda • Even if you are not interested in population growth studies, why would you have probably seen a map depicting the increase in urban habitation in India from 1992 to 2003?
  65. 65. This image was circulated on social media as “India on Diwali Night”
  66. 66. Funda • From the 1920s to 1947 it was the Shaftesbury Children’s home. From 1947 to 1969 it was Goldings School. Since then there have been a variety of schools from the London boroughs of Merton, Sutton and Kingston. What service do the students of these schools provide in England and the world of sports in the summer?
  67. 67. The students are ball boys and girls at Wimbledon
  68. 68. ID X and explain • Employees come in 2 kinds X and non X. The first kind keep taking breaks at regular intervals. So, with this in mind, what did the Japanese company Piala inc.,do?
  69. 69. Smokers and non smokers. • After calculations, non smokers get an extra of 6 days off in a year.
  70. 70. ID • The first store was opened in San Francisco in October of 1969. The first products that they sold were records and jeans. The name came from a two-word term explaining the gulf between the parents and children of the 60’s. Which popular brand am I talking about?
  71. 71. GAP
  72. 72. ID • What did a British newspaper commission its employee artist Victor Lardent and typographer Stanley Morison to develop in the early 1930s after Morison criticised the printing quality of the newspaper? note, it's name comes from the name of the newspaper.
  73. 73. Times New Roman
  74. 74. Give the Name Funda • Which famous band in 1994 released the album "when hell freezes over" and why was that it's name?
  75. 75. The Eagles • When asked when they would rejoin for an album, one of the band members said "when hell freezes over". They rejoined and made an album.
  76. 76. Which Company? • This company was founded in 1923 under the name “Ideal”. Its core business was the manufacturing of a specific type of audio equipment. If the products came through their rigorous quality tests, the company would mark them with a dot. In 1938, the quality symbol became a trademark and the company name. Which company is this?
  77. 77. Blue Dot
  78. 78. ID • A series of concerts lectures and recitals was started in 1914 in a small British town by composer Rutland Boughton. While these festivities stopped in 1926, another festival was born in the same location in 1970, and is one of the biggest in the world. Name the town.
  79. 79. Glastonbury
  80. 80. ID • On which specific occasion in 2013 did Unilever run an iconic campaign where a message to wash hands afterwards was stamped in the rotis produced by hundreds of hotels and dhabas?
  81. 81. Kumbh mela