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Advanced Facebook: Facebook Live!

Presented at Delaware Technical Community College's 5th Annual Social Media Conference Feb 2017

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Advanced Facebook: Facebook Live!

  1. 1. Advanced Facebook: HOW TO BROADCAST & USE IT FOR GROWTH AND INFLUENCE #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  2. 2. @LisaLFlowers • Strategist | Instructor | Keynote Speaker • Marketing, business development and public speaking – 25+ years • Teaching, tutoring, and mentoring – 15+ years • Social media and business coaching – 8+ years • Global - It all started with a tweet! • Nigeria • Malaysia #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  3. 3. 1,860,000,000 4th Quarter 2016 #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  4. 4. What is Facebook Live? • A live video stream on Facebook • Gives you the ability to go live on your Facebook (personal or business) page and in Facebook groups – on the spot • Offers live content will draw people who might not otherwise spend time on your Facebook page or platform. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  5. 5. Why Facebook Live? • Live-streaming has an immediacy that recorded video can’t match. • People spend 3x longer watching Facebook Live videos compared to those that are no longer live. • Videos have a 135% greater organic reach compared to photo posts on average. • Gives everyone a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on in your office, FAQs, etc. • Doesn’t have to be a highly produced or scripted video. It’s better if it’s NOT. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  6. 6. Why Facebook Live? MORE Reasons! • Users can interact instantly with your content. • When they join your live stream, they can immediately participate in the running commentary – immediate interaction! • Users can communicate with other users • Talk about (your) products, services and other key content that you want them to engage with. • Your AUDIENCE is already there. • It’s FREE and EASY! #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  7. 7. Source: http://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/football/twitter-scores-live-stream-bills-jets-thursday-night-game Twitter - $10M = $50M • Spent $10 million to live-stream select NFL games • Generated nearly $50 million in ad sales. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  8. 8. 24,251,108 views 107,067 shares 410,000 reactions 378,000 comments CNN Projecting Election Results #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  9. 9. Source: https://www.facebook.com/VinDiesel/videos/10153697643728313/ 9,031,243 views 54,867 shares 807,000 reactions Vin Diesel and Son #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  10. 10. Source: https://www.facebook.com/candaceSpayne/videos/10209653193067040/ 165,870,091 views 3,381,051 shares 2,900,000 reactions 15,000 comments Candace Payne in Chewbacca Mask #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  11. 11. $500,000 and a Hasbro figure All from one Live video. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  12. 12. Let’s go LIVE! #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  13. 13. What Should I Broadcast? • Meat the team/fans/staff • Product launches • FAQs • Company tours • Live events • Host interviews • Daily updates • Behind the scenes – Here’s how we make it / build it #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  14. 14. Campaign Launch and Press Event – Delaware Office of Highway Safety #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  15. 15. Promoting Pedestrian Safety – Delaware Office of Highway Safety & University of Delaware Police Dept #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  16. 16. Safe Teen Driving event with Ford Driving Skills for Life, Governor’s Highway Safety Association, and Delaware Office of Highway Safety at Dover International Speedway #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  17. 17. Promoting Drive Sober 200 Race, NASCAR Citizen Soldier Movie Launch, partnership w/ NASCAR driver, Ross Chastain and discussion with Mark Rossi, VP of Sales & Mktng at Dover International Speedway #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  18. 18. Promote your broadcast – before, during, & after • On Facebook • As an event • In your Facebook groups • On your business and personal Facebook page • Via Facebook ads • In an email or in your email newsletter • On your website, blog, and social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) • Print ads • Flyers #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  19. 19. Brand yourself – use props! • Photo booth props • Pop-up banners • Signage #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  20. 20. Be HUMAN • Don’t be afraid to be yourself • It’s okay to stumble, mess up, etc. • Yes, you can have a plan, but NOT a script. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  21. 21. Write a great headline • Write it down or have it in your head in advance • Learn How to Use Facebook Live • Behind the Scenes at __________ • Tips & Tricks to __________ #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  22. 22. Do your best to make sure your connection is good • Wi-Fi is okay • 4G is best • Be patient • Keep talking #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  23. 23. Plan for the unexpected • Slow or no connection • Try again • You’re human! #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  24. 24. Say HELLO! • Recognize commenters by name • Respond to their comments • Ask them to LIKE/LOVE the feed #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  25. 25. Ask your viewers to follow you • Ask your viewers to follow you and receive notifications when you go live • Tell them (during the event) to tap on the Follow button on live videos and videos that were live • And then opt-in to get notifications the next time you go live. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  26. 26. How long should I broadcast? • At least 10 minutes and up to 90 minutes • People will invite their friends to join in • Promote • Before you’re doing it • While you’re doing it • After you’ve done it #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  27. 27. Once you’re finished • The video is automatically saved to your timeline. • Share it, tweet it, embed it in blog posts, or delete it #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  28. 28. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  29. 29. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  30. 30. #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  31. 31. Ways to Use Facebook Live for GROWTH • A peek behind-the-scenes • Humanizes your company • Gauge levels of interest • Get new ideas • FAQs • Promote an upcoming event • Engage with your Facebook group members • A new level of trust = Sales & Growth #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  32. 32. Ways to Use Facebook Live for INFLUENCE • Find brand ambassadors • Strengthen relationships with existing fans • Partnering with other organizations to reach NEW audiences and markets • It’s still relatively new – be seen as a leader #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  33. 33. QUESTIONS? #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers
  34. 34. Thank you! • @LisaLFlowers on all platforms • @LisaLFlowers1 on Instagram • LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com • (703) 862-8743 • Join my Facebook Group! • https://www.facebook.com/groups/MarketingStrategiesGroup/ #DTCCSMC2017 LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com @LisaLFlowers