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Build Your Business Faster and Smarter with the Help of Your Mentors

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Sarah Kauss, Founder & CEO of S'well Bottle weighs in on the value of mentorship at LinkedIn Studios in NYC. Click to read the full post: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/finding-support-build-your-business-faster-smarter-sarah-kauss

In 2010 when I started S’well, my focus was on bringing to market water bottles that had both flair and utility and that would help rid the world of plastic bottles.

My family, friends and mentors provided a certain level of guidance but I didn’t have the professional network I needed for bouncing around ideas and asking pointed, difficult business questions. At the time, my support system wasn’t in the startup trenches and they didn’t understand the path of a founder. I needed a different level of support to grow as an entrepreneur and build a better business.

While many hear of the challenges faced by women in their struggle to find the capital needed to grow their businesses, there’s no denying that we often overlook something equally as important (if not more) – recruiting great mentors. In a study by Endeavor, a nonprofit that supports high-impact entrepreneurs, research showed that although startup founders spend hundreds of hours on fundraising, they often overlook something just as vital to their success – finding and establishing relationships with mentors.

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