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What's not on the LinkedIn Profiles of the Next Wave?

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The Next Wave share some inspiring and sometimes surprising tidbits that did not make it to their LinkedIn Profiles.


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What's not on the LinkedIn Profiles of the Next Wave?

  1. After spending 30 days driving around the country during college, I decided to work in Yellowstone National Park for the season. I worked as a host/server and spent three days a week backpacking through the park. One of the best jobs I ever had. Chris Donato ”“ Operations Director, Pizzeria Locale
  2. Jerome Jarre “Social Media Celebrity ” I receive 6000 emails per week and open every single one of them.  
  3. Caleb Harper ”“ I had to petition to graduate high school :) Principle research scientist, director of open source food initiative MIT CityFarm
  4. Meredith Perry “CEO & founder, Ubeam ” I have a 150 lb pet pig named Albert. We’re best friends.
  5. Amanda Carroll ” “ Since moving to New York I’ve been carried out of a burning building by a firefighter, survived displacement from two hurricanes, endured six moves to seven different apartments over 10 years in Manhattan, before recently moving to Brooklyn. Come hell or high water this is my town. Senior associate & Technology practice area leader, Gensier
  6. Shafqat Islam ” CEO & co-founder, NewsCred “ I used to be a DJ and I once operated the world’s largest Hootie and the Blowfish website. I love music and I’m now obsessed with Sonos. Having music playing in all rooms at work and home has made me a happier person.
  7. Maura McCarthy “ ” I like to rebuild old cars with my 93-year-old engineer grandfather. Co-founder and VP of development, Blu Homes
  8. Tristan Walker ” CEO & founder, Walker & Company Brands “ I once made 137 free throws in a row!
  9. Mike Bailen “director of recruiting, EventBrite ” I love to play poker and spent a summer playing online poker instead of finding an internship in college.
  10. Vivek Ravisankar ” CEO & co-founder, HackerRank “ I have directed 3 short films.
  11. Sandeep Acharya “VP of strategy & new business, One Medical Group ” I was signed to a small label in my 20s,and produced an R&B album.
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