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General Electric to slash $20B in costs, and more news

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News Editor Poppie Mphuthing brings you the top news that's trending on LinkedIn.

GE announced plans to shed more than $20 billion from its portfolio of businesses in the next one to two years, reports The Wall Street Journal. Under the leadership of new CEO John Flannery, GE is moving to slash costs and rethink its strategy.

The devastating wildfires in northern California will cost at least $1.05 billion, reports Reuters. That figure, estimated by the California Department of Insurance, is expected to rise as the damage is assessed. Residents and businesses have already filed thousands of claims.

Microsoft is teaming up with Samsung's Harman Kardon unit to give its voice assistant Cortana a body. Its Invoke home speaker is coming on Sunday, reports The Wall Street Journal. The new device is similar to others on the market, including Amazon's Echo.

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