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Amazon Airs its First Live TV Show and Burberry has a Mistery Investor. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines

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Launched its first-ever live TV show last night. Style Code Live, like QVC for a new generation, will air five nights a week.

AlphaGo, an AI product developed by Google's DeepMind department, defeated legendary Go player Lee Se-dol. It's the first of five matches between Se-dol and the computer.

Has a mystery investor. This person briefly had more than 5% stake in the company, which could signal a takeover attempt. Burberry is asking HSBC to disclose the investor.

Says the world increasingly faces "risk of economic derailment." It will likely lower its growth forecast for the year next month.

Quote of the Day
"Inequality goes from being an incentive for hard work — that's what a bit of inequality does — to being something that undermines the economy as a whole. That's what too much inequality does." - Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor at Allianz and former Pimco CEO

Daily Top Headlines:
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