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Congress avoids a shutdown, leaders agree on Brexit divorce bill, and more news

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The Senate and House of Representatives passed a stopgap spending bill, narrowly avoiding a government shutdown set to begin Saturday. The measure extends federal funding through Dec 22, giving more time to come up with a two-year plan.
The UK and EU have reached a deal on Brexit divorce terms after months of tense negotiations. European Union leaders still need to officially approve the agreement. The next phase of talks — negotiating trade and post-Brexit transition deals — could begin within weeks.
Representative Trent Franks delivered the third resignation announcement this week from members of Congress, all over sexual harassment allegations. Franks follows Senator Al Franken, who announced earlier Thursday, and Rep. John Conyers.
“We’re not done. We’re in the middle of this event.”
Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazas, on the Southern California fires
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