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'30 Seconds On’ Numerical vs Emotional Engagement

Meabh Quoirin, Managing Director, Future Foundation and LinkedIn Influencer, weighs in on the business trends for 2015 and what brands like Snapchat are doing right.

Click here to read her post on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/very-clever-strategy-thats-making-snapchat-meabh-quoirin

Opposites attract

One of the most dominant trends we see today is Cruise control. Not only have we become utterly professionalised through the apps that govern our lives but our aspirations lie firmly in projecting constant control. Not just a little from time to time. This is always on, for all to see (stat). Control has become chic, no longer is it freak. No longer is it acceptable to adopt a casual attitude.

This is pressure we welcome and of course we want advice on how to bring it to bear. Cue a friendly brand. But clever brands also know that there is always room for indulgence, no matter how planned the moment of pleasure has now become (just remember you never go to a restaurant without a review check these days). It is just so hard to cut through the noise, so tough to persuade a customer to spend over the odds recommended by their budgeting app.

Brief encounters brings, amongst other things, permission to amplify an experience and justifies a little luxury along the way. Temporal experience allows the customer to take just enough of a break to repurpose and recharge their ambitions. Take, for instance, ephemeral messenging. A moment with snapchat can set you free, with sufficient discretion, to share your untamed side, whatever that may be. It delivers permission to engage with a brand, all fear of commercial ties set aside since the association is but brief.

Perhaps most importantly for brands brief brings higher spend too. Good news for any business alert to where a premium, but temporary injection of indulgence to their, usually otherwise, value led brand. I’m personally intrigued by beer boxed in skittles (from Ford Jekson). In our current climate, it is astonishing that such unwarranted spend, such product waste, be feted en masse.

But it seems that everything is ok - just for a day - these days.