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Selling in a Social World - TECHconnect Bangalore 2015

Selling in a Social World

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Selling in a Social World - TECHconnect Bangalore 2015

  1. 1. Buyers who influence or make the final decision company wide are 128% more likely to use Social Media for Purchasing The Link between Social and Selling Source: IDC Report: Social Buying- 2014, LinkedIn Internal Data A brand’s presence on social media is it’s introduction to 81% of potential clients Sales professionals who use Social Media for selling are: • 51% more likely to exceed their sales quota • 3Xmore likely to crush their yearly sales quota
  2. 2. Enterprise Social Selling Framework • Define KPIs, Social Media Policy • Align Brand Guidelines • Audience Analysis, Content Readiness • Pre-launch buzz • Identification of Change champions • Aligning leadership to the program • Benchmarking KPIs • Training • Evangelizing benefits of program • Adoption reporting • Support • Query Resolution • Content dissemination • Adherence to proprietary AUSIC framework Pre-Launch Phase Execution Phase Post-Launch Phase
  3. 3. Ongoing Sales Navigator based Communication Marketing Led Change Management to embrace social selling Rewards and Recognition Programs Marketing Led Inter- Functional Team
  4. 4. Sales Navigator Implementation Outcomes Business Impact • 500mn+ USD deals were influenced or supported by LinkedIn Sales Navigator • 350mn+ USD won deals HCL Sales Internal Survey • 90%+ users agreed that LinkedIn Sales Navigator helped them discovering insights on decision makers • 19% increase in all-new deals, 51% increase in key multi-service deals • 17% increase in the number of CRM contacts LinkedIn Sales Navigator User Behavior • 18% increase in Social Selling Index • 200% increase in the number of InMails sent • Users had 17 times more connections than the non-users
  5. 5. Advice for Marketers Define KPIs before initiating the program Follow through with Change management programs Maintain tight Governance parameters Enable sales team with latest technology Follow structured approach for Implementation