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Viveka von Rosen - International Keynote Speaker and LinkedIn Expert

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Keynote, Breakout and Session Speaker. Viveka makes LinkedIn and Social Selling exciting. Her humor and vitality will keep your audience engaged so that they walk away with real actionable strategies they can implement immediately

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Viveka von Rosen - International Keynote Speaker and LinkedIn Expert

  1. 1. LinkedIntoBusiness.com | 970.481.8916 Viveka von Rosen Internationally Renowned LinkedIn Expert in Personal Branding, Content Marketing and Lead Generation Vengreso.com | 970.481.8916
  2. 2. Keynote, Breakout and Session Speaker. Viveka makes a rather dull subject - exciting. Her humor and vitality will keep your audience engaged so that they walk away with real actionable strategies they can implement immediately. Vengreso.com | 970.481.8916
  3. 3. Mentions and Kudos. Viveka made the Forbes Social Media Influencers list 4 years in a row. She is regularly quoted in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Money and other top magazines and industry blogs. Vengreso.com | 970.481.8916
  4. 4. Testimonial: Dayna Steele - The Rock Business Host | Rock Talk Keynote Speaker | Success Author | Caring.com Spokesperson I had the opportunity to interview Viveka at a conference several years ago and then see one of her presentations. I was so impressed (and learned so much), I decided to keep her as a good friend as well as a business associate. I've taken Viveka’s suggestions and applied them to my LinkedIn account - improving the quality and quantity of traffic in only one week!
  5. 5. Books! Viveka is the author of: “Linked In Marketing: An Hour a Day” for John Wiley & Sons, Niche Publication "LinkedIn Security: Who's Watching You," and her most recent book with Daily Success, "LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand." She has also contributed to LinkedIn's "The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn" (and is listed by them as one of the top 25 social media experts).
  6. 6. From Alaska to Auckland & Solopreneur to Fortune 500 Viveka has presented all over the world. Her knowledge of - and sensitivity to - different people, cultures, and industries means your audience is catered to in a way that is appropriate to them. Vengreso.com | 970.481.8916
  7. 7. Testimonial: Denise Wakeman - Online Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing | Audience Building for Authors and Entrepreneurs When it comes to using LinkedIn, there are only a handful of people who are truly experts and Viveka von Rosen is a the top of the list. Not only is Viveka extremely smart, she knows how to teach and write about using LinkedIn so it's easy to understand and more importantly, easy to implement her tips and tactics so you get the results you want. Viveka is my go- to gal when I need to learn the latest about how to use LinkedIn to boost my visibilty and my business.
  8. 8. Types of Presentations: Keynotes Breakout Sessions 1/2 Day Training Full-Day Training Multi-Day Training International Sessions Book Signings Follow Up Webinars
  9. 9. Click to Watch Sizzle Reel
  10. 10. Testimonial: Chris M. Harris - Serial Entrepreneur | Host of Entrepreneur Hour Podcast | Motivational Speaker and Aspiring Author Viveka is quite possible my favorite guest of everyone that has joined me on Entrepreneur Hour podcast. Her personality literally shines through the microphone and her knowledge of LinkedIn is second to none. Truly blessed to have made her acquaintance!
  11. 11. • 7 Steps to LinkedIn Success • 6 Advanced LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies • How to Use LinkedIn Company Pages to Drive Traffic to Your Website • Accessing Big Companies with LinkedIn • Five B2B Personal Branding LinkedIn Strategies • Business Ethics in Social Media for the BBB • Mastering LinkedIn in The Real World • 8 Steps to Creating the Best LinkedIn Company Page for your Tourism Company • How LinkedIn Can Catapult Your Business Into Greatness • Engaging Your Dream Clients • Mind the Gap: Personal Branding and Paid • Ethical Practices: Earning Trust from Your Followers While Protecting Your Brand • LinkedIn Groups to Grow a Loyal Community • Get Mobile: Building Relationships with LinkedIn While on the • 4 Ways to Ignite Your LinkedIn Content Marketing Social Selling with LinkedIn • How to Build your Personal Brand and REAL Dream Clients • 3 LinkedIn Myths that are Killing Your Marketing Efforts • 5 LinkedIn Myths and Why They Are Killing Your Lead Generation Popular Programs:
  12. 12. Click to See Why the Topic of LinkedIn is So Important!
  13. 13. Testimonial David Bishop – Former President Sony Pictures Viveka made an in depth and intricate process fun and enjoyable. She is clearly a cutting edge expert in an increasingly valuable marketing tool. Her abilities are beyond just the tactical aspects, however. She has a keen eye for helping you build a brand strategy that will make a lasting impact on your business.
  14. 14. Some Things You Might Not Know about Viveka: ① She was on the Women’s American Hang Gliding Team (and still flies!) ② She is an avid scuba diver – and likes to pet sharks ③ Her dog is named Calloway, even though she doesn’t play golf ④ She won her first speaking contest at age 7 (that was her first TV appearance too!) ⑤ Her first speaking gig was to a room full of millionaires at the Waldorf- Astoria ⑥ Her great great aunt was Karen Blixen (Isak Dineson - Out of Africa) ⑦ Her great great uncle, Carl von Rosen, is called one of the 10 craziest pilots of all time.
  15. 15. Testimonial: Neesha Mirchandani - CEO at Impact Stars | Author | Business Model Designer & Accountability Coach | Founder, #hotskillspaybills I heard Viveka speak at the Internet Summit 2016 #ISUM16. Wow! She was incredible. Viveka is the most authentic, down-to- earth speaker and workshop leader, she's someone who cares deeply about her audience. A real professional -- she let us take a break but she stayed on stage answering questions. #pro
  16. 16. A Few Conferences and Clients You Might Recognize
  17. 17. To Find Out More About Viveka Watch Speaker Reel Connect on LinkedIn Check Availability Email Us Vengreso.com | 970.481.8916