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New User Interface and Search Changes on LinkedIn



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Here are a few of the new changes to LinkedIn

New User Interface and Search Changes on LinkedIn

  1. 1. LinkedIn’s Latest User Interface LinkedIn’s Newest Changes and What They Mean to You Viveka von Rosen
  2. 2. Viveka von Rosen @LinkedInExpert • Author of “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” (J. Wiley & Sons, Sept 2012) • Forbes Top Ten Most Influential Women in Social Media • Forbes Top Fifty Most Influential People in Social Media • Contributor to numerous social media books including, “Small Business Marketing Kit for Dummies, PRNews’ “PR Measurement” and “Solving the Social Media Puzzle” • Co-Moderator of LinkedStrategies, the largest LinkedIn Strategies group on LinkedIn • Moderator of the #LinkedInChat on Twitter (listed #2 of best chats for business professionals) • Certified in LinkedIn for over 6 years with 10K+ clients7direct connections, 25 million in network • #44 in the “200 Most Fearless Women Online and in Social Media” list • One of TopRank’s top 25 women on Social Media (c) LinkedIntoBusiness 2012
  3. 3. LinkedIn’s Big Changes  New Menu Bar  Combined Tabs  Profile Page Editing Simplified (or More Confusing?)  Fewer Dropdowns  Image Centric “People You May Know”  Loss of News and More Tabs  New Accounts and Settings Button  New “Smart” Search
  4. 4. New Menu Bar  Change in LinkedIn Home Page Logo (still the same page)  Cleaner Lines  Highlighted Search Bar  New “Accounts and Settings” Tab
  5. 5. Combined Tabs  Contacts + Groups = Network  Jobs + Companies = Careers  Add Connections = Confusing Logo
  6. 6. Profile Page  Loss of View/Edit/Recommendations/Profile Organizer  Must Be IN your Profile to Edit It
  7. 7. Fewer Dropdowns  Can no longer easily navigate to People, Companies or Groups you are Following
  8. 8. People You May Know  The People You may Know, and Who’s Viewed Your Profile are very image-centric on your Profile Page
  9. 9. Loss of News and More  LinkedIn Today Now On Your Home Page  LinkedIn Signal Findable in Updates Search or By Going To www.LinkedIn.com/Signal  Help Has Moved to Accounts and Settings  No More Skills and Expertise Page (Skills Still On Your Profile)
  10. 10. New Accounts and Settings  Sign Out  Upgrade  Language  Privacy & Settings  Help Center  Job Postings
  11. 11. New Smart Search  Auto-Complete  Suggested Searches  Smarter Query Intent Algorithm  Enhanced Advanced Search  Automated Alerts
  12. 12. Auto-Complete  As you type your search term you’ll be prompted with options for what you may be looking for, and the more you search, the better it will get at predicting what you want.
  13. 13. Suggested Searches  Now when you type in a search term such as “product manager” you’ll see example search queries for people or jobs related to product manager as well as a preview of top results to help you find what you’re looking for in one click.
  14. 14. Smarter Query Intent Algorithm  The more you search for content on LinkedIn, the more it learns and understands your intent over time to provide the most relevant results.
  15. 15. Enhanced Advanced Search  Not only has advanced search gotten a new look, it’s also easier to deepen your search with filters like location, company, school and more.
  16. 16. Automated Alerts  Save time by saving your searches and LinkedIn will alert you when the results change.
  17. 17. Read More Here  http://www.slideshare.net/fullscreen/linkedin/smarter-linked-in- search/1  http://linkedintobusiness.com/linkedin-has-done-it-again-another- new-interface/
  18. 18. What Does This Mean to You  Cleaner Look  More Difficult Editing  Less Navigable  More Diligent in Following Companies, Groups and People  Looks Like The Search Is Better For Job Seekers
  19. 19. LinkedViv.com Greig Has Something To Share
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