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The Revenge of Subcultures: the real value of Social Media for brands

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This deck aims to demonstrate that marketers shape a wrong targeting for the social brands, focusing only on demographics and "average" consumers. But analysing average behaviors can only drive to weak and non relevant communication pillars, then a strong dismissal of consumers against brand digital properties.
This demonstration has been presented during Digital Shoreditch 2013, Future Brands day, by Laurent Francois

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The Revenge of Subcultures: the real value of Social Media for brands

  1. 1. @lilzeonThe revenge of subculturesthe real value of an idea in social media@lilzeon
  2. 2. @lilzeonLaurent FrancoisSocial media anddigital strategistMD of French Ideas & Digitaldirector of Re-UpFashion bloggerCo-creator ofHit-Bag.com@lilzeonLaurentFrancoislaurent@french-ideas.comthisisReUp.com
  3. 3. @lilzeonOK, we’re supposed to beso much more engagedthanks to Social Media
  4. 4. @lilzeonBut we’re not.
  5. 5. @lilzeon
  6. 6. @lilzeonA lot of brands actually don’tdeserve our engagement
  7. 7. @lilzeonBrands sufferfrom a lack ofcultural relevancyat the very earlystage of theirmarketing process
  8. 8. @lilzeonThe madhouse:the targeting…Research•Market insights•Surveys•Benchmarks•…Definition of anaverageconsumer•Customers’ journey•Moodboards•…StrategicdevelopmentCampaignsAveragerelevanceFrustration Unbelievability DismissalAverage Comms
  9. 9. @lilzeon…while the big mission of brandsnowadays is to provide anintangible thing: happiness
  10. 10. @lilzeon“If you want to live in a world in thefuture where there are fewermaterial goods, you basically havetwo choices. You can either live in aworld which is poorer which ingeneral people don’t like, or you canlive in a world where actuallyintangible value constitute a greaterpart of overall value”Rory Sutherland, TED, Life lessons from an ad man
  11. 11. @lilzeonTheintangiblevalue lies insubcultures
  12. 12. @lilzeon[Subculture] © Merriam Webster1a : a culture (as of bacteria) derived from another cultureb : an act or instance of producing a subculture2an ethnic, regional, economic, or social group exhibitingcharacteristic patterns of behavior sufficient todistinguish it from others within an embracing culture orsociety <a criminal subculture>
  13. 13. @lilzeonSubculturesused to have abad reputationChicago school: subculture is related todeviance, mental disorders and “inadequatesocialization” Burt (1925) & Bowlby (1946)
  14. 14. @lilzeonAnd this fear isstill presentwithin brandsorganizations…
  15. 15. @lilzeonConsumption: less & less related to explicitsocial status, economic or political trend,except in the margins. It’s more about makingchoices that create a meaningful self-identityAnthony Giddens, 1991…whereas therole of brands isto drive newbehaviors (and tochange currenttrends)
  16. 16. @lilzeon
  17. 17. @lilzeon“subculture as a compromise solutionbetween two contradictory needs: theneed to create and express autonomy &difference from parents and the need tomaintain the parental identification”Phil Cohen, 1972Subculture is a hugevector for brand, anin & out journeybetween thecurrent and nextnorms
  18. 18. @lilzeon“Subculture is a system of values, attitudes,modes of behavior, and life-styles of a socialgroup that is distinct from but related to thedominant culture of a society”Yuniya KawamuraSubculture is a wayto analyzeconsumers as awhole throughtangible andmanageable prisms
  19. 19. @lilzeonNew technologiesare made for and bysubcultures anyway“New technologies are subcultures media, anoptimization of users engagement. Twin role:online, to gather people, « real world », totestify the milestones of the community”Hodkinson (2002)“Memes can transfer information horizontallyand across large distance via carriers such asthe internet. Unlike genes, memes aretransmittable via any medium capable ofrecording & relaying symbolic information:language, gesture, art, the written word, film,music, fashion”Rian Hughes
  20. 20. @lilzeonSubculturesapplied tobrands
  21. 21. @lilzeon“There is no mainstream.There are many streams”Bennet, Kahn Harris, 2004
  22. 22. @lilzeonSubcultureXAttitudesBeliefsExpectationsSociallydesignedbrandinterfacesSocial CRM#Cultures1- Set Up a dynamic strategy
  23. 23. @lilzeon2- Get ready for the recorded history: create hyphenated-identities with customers
  24. 24. @lilzeon3- Subcultures happen in real life; social brands will soon co-earn real spacesSubcultures are now concerned with “surface”and self-authentication: status & and spatialityshould provide individuals with more freedomin consumerism and fluid identitiesDavid Muggleton
  25. 25. @lilzeonAs a conclusion: play Assasin’s CreedVideo games: a mix ofstory + narrativesSuccess of a video gamesdepends on UX andcapabilitiesImmersive design isgoing to be the newsocial design
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  27. 27. @lilzeon• Thien Nguyen for her daily revenge of subcultures• Vu Quan Nguyen for his pervasive insights• Tristan Nicolas to remind me that value should be tangible for our clients• Stéphane Moïssakis for his time sharing his passion for good writing andgaming industry• Chris Aldhous, Pierre Humeau, Goodpilot(s)• Our readers on our fashion blogs• Sputniko! who opened my eyes• The so many people I talked to on Gtalk, Twitter, Facebook (…)• Regina Atienza, cover-girl on this deck, explicit slasher, on-going muse• The guys who keep on writing books, not only blog posts• My cat, because he’s a participant observer of this strange GIF culture• The new shareholders: you, me, usAcknoledgements
  28. 28. @lilzeonTHANK YOU!laurent@french-ideas.comthisisReUp.com