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Pdf file-pdf-creator-how-to-create-pdf-files

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Pdf file-pdf-creator-how-to-create-pdf-files

  1. 1. How to create PDF files? PDF Creator is a software application that converts you files and documents into PDF (Portable Document Format). It creates a virtual printer which prints the files to PDF and permits almost any program to create PDF by choosing ‘create PDF’ option from within the program. Two different types of PDF creator products namely - Word to PDF Converter and All to PDF These have been listed and discussed in the following slides.
  2. 2. I - Word to PDF Converter Word to PDF Converter creates PDFs from Word files only. It has an easy-to-use interface would help in completion of the task within a few seconds. Its features are as follows-  Easy conversion – Click on ‘Create PDF’ option which appears automatically in MS Word toolbar after downloading the software. Select the destination folder for saving the converted file from the pop-up window. Click on ‘save’.  Fast – The software gives fast yet accurate outcome every time.  Precise – Word to PDF Converter retains original detail and style of the document even after conversion. Complete formatting, fonts, graphics and layout are absolutely similar to the original.  Price – It is available at a very nominal price of $19.95 only.
  3. 3. II - All to PDF Converter It is another type of PDF creation software which can create PDF files from any printable files such as Photoshop, CAD, Excel, Word, HTML, PowerPoint, Illustrator and Corel Draw. Its features are as follows-  Free from complications – The software is free from any complication and its functions are simple and straightforward.  Batch conversion – Multiple Excel, Image, PowerPoint and Word documents can be converted into PDF simultaneously.  Document settings – One can change the document properties such as Title, Author, Key words and Subject.
  4. 4. II - All to PDF Converter  Merge – Multiple PDF documents can be converted to one PDF.  Security – The PDFs can be protected with 40 / 128 bit encryption schemes or with password.  Acrobat Reader friendly – The converted files can be used easily in Acrobat Reader.  Price – All to PDF Converter is available at discounted price of just $29.95 only.
  5. 5. Benefits of the PDF files created via PDF Creator It creates PDF files in a way that those files have all the benefits of PDF. These benefits are-  Easy sharing- After conversion of files to PDF, they get little lighter and compact. Thus, it becomes easy to share those files.  Easy to send via E-mail – The PDF files one get are easy to be sent via emails. Since they become lighter and compact, they get attached to the mail easily in no time.  Compatible with all PDF readers – The converted PDF can be opened in any PDF reader, including Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat Reader.  Security – One of the main reasons to create PDF is to make documents more secure and impervious to manipulation and misuse by unauthorized users.