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Road rage power point

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Road rage power point

  1. 1. Road Rage Created by Zarek L.
  2. 2. DefinitionRoad rage is when youbecome angry because youare stressed orfrustrated when drivinga motor vehicle.
  3. 3. Road Rage• Studies have shown that in our country, people who get road rage are becoming more common, more threatening, and have similar personalities.
  4. 4. Growing LargerSince 1990, studies haveshown that road rage isbecoming more and morecommon among our societyas years go by.
  5. 5. Studies by AAA has shown that since 1990road rage has increased by over 50%. Whilethe road capacity for cars has increasedby 1%.
  6. 6. Graph How many times a day do you get angry while drivingThis graph shows that 1515 out of 38 people 10get road rage 3-1 days 5in a week. 0
  7. 7. More Threatening Not only has Road Rage become more common. It is becoming more threatening as well.
  8. 8. A representative from Oregonstated, “Aggressive driving is one moremanifestation of how cars have ceased to be ourservants in society and have become ourmasters.”A poll from Utah shows that people are becomingmore afraid of road violence and less afraid ofgang violence.
  9. 9. GraphIs road rage aproblem in our country This graph shows that over half of the yes no IDK people who took my survey think road rage 30.56 is already a problem % 55.56 in our country.13.89 % %
  10. 10. ConclusionIf things keep going the way theyare going, road rage is going tobecome more common and moredangerous. In the end it is goingto backfire against us.
  11. 11. Brought to you by… Zarek L.