7. Evaluation FMP (Liberty Whitehorn)

26 de Jun de 2018

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7. Evaluation FMP (Liberty Whitehorn)

  1. EvaluationBy Liberty Whitehorn
  2. Research With in the research section of my final major project, I carried out research on different social media platforms and types of different advertisement so that I understood the lay out and different ways of constructing it so that it is effect for my target audience. I chose to research into different movies because I have a interest in this topic. This also helped hinder my final project due to having a passion for films. To begin with, I analysed the different features on a DVD cover, Poster and common traits in merchandise and social media posts. This was a strength with creating my final project because I began to understand why different features are used and what makes them effect towards the piece of advertisement its linked to. For example: the teaser photos are a common feature amongst all DVD covers. This Is effective because It allows the audience to have a sneak peak at what to expect in the movie. A weakness within this section would be to improve on my research by choosing more horror genres films to analyse so that I had a better idea of the different photos used and common colour schemes used with in this genre. This would of helped hinder my planning further and made it easier to plan the colour scheme and photography. However, overall I feel like the research I conducted about each DVD cover and Poster was useful and helped with creating lay out plans which have worked effectively with my final project. It has also given me a clear indication on key information that need to be included on different advertisement posts. For example: a DVD cover must legally contain a age restriction sign.
  3. Another aspect I conducted which was a strength was creating a survey and audience interviews. This proved effective as it helped me see what features would be good to include in my production, so that it appeals to my target audience and makes it effective. From this research I gathered that my target audiences favorite genre of film is horror and comedy. This inspired me to pursue creating a horror advertisement due to it being the most exciting. Plus from the information I gathered my target audience likes the thrill which is what would makes the overall appeal more interesting. The negative aspects of this section would be to conduct my survey and audience to a wider audience. This would mean I would have more accurate statistics which would allow my work to be more effective. Another aspect I felt I covered well in my research was the colours scheme and font selection. From researching into different types of advertisement there were common traits with the colour scheme and font linking to the genre of the film. For example: When the film is action the font tends to be bolder, tall and sharp. This is so it connotes power and power. With the colour scheme they tend to use bold colours like red to help display the danger which intrigues the audience. Research
  4. Planning Within the planning process of my final major project, I carried out creating lay outs, style sheets, mind maps, mod boards and many other planning aspects. To begin with I created a colourful mood board which consisted of different art styles and colours. This was so when it came to planning it became easier to chose a colour scheme and image style. I decided to look into different art styles because I thought about creating an old fashion styled film. This was so I could edit and play around with different effects and styles to create a modern but old look. However, I found it difficult to conduct a style sheet of the colour scheme I was going to use, as well as what type of photos I would be taking. This was because I was still torn whether to create a black and white piece of work with pops of colour or a fully coloured picture. I experimented with this in my production experiment which proved effective with developing my skills. However, I feel like I could of experimented more with colour which could of potentially made the overall effect of my poster and DVD cover different. Overall, I feel like the black and white effect on my final project worked most effective. However, I feel like I could of developed my skills further. I’ve also included social media and merchandise in my mood board. This is because these are two topics that I wanted to research further into whilst creating my DVD cover and Poster. This led to my research to be more effective due to trying to base the merchandise around the same target audience as my project is for.
  5. Planning Another aspect that I felt was my strength was my lay out plans and my minds maps. To stat with I did struggle to think of ideas to complete for my final major project. This was due to how much freedom we had with creating whatever we wanted to. However, once I had a basis on what I wanted to base my project around, I began to develop interesting ideas and concepts from there. The mood board help find inspiration for this, which has led me to complete a project based around a made up film. From this I knew exactly what aspects I wanted to research into and experiment with. This is why I decided to create a DVD cover and a poster. An aspect I felt I could improve on is my planning for merchandise and social media. This is because it’s a concept I could have developed further and put into practice. Even though I research into these products and knew what to include on them to make them effective, I didn’t plan how to put these into practice. This could of expanded my knowledge more on the movie, which would of shown I thought about different aspects. Overall, I believe my planning was a strength in terms of thinking everyting thing and researching in depth so that my planning was effective and thought through. However, I could of expanded my knowledge by pushing myself to complete more production for my product. Like the: merchandise and social media.
  6. Time Management Within the final major project I would say time management was one of my strengths but could do with improving. This is because I have tried to stay organised with all my deadlines which has allowed me to plan my time effectively but sometimes I didn’t stick to these deadlines with a few pieces of work. This is because we begin new pieces every so many days, and once you're behind on one piece it begins to become a cycle. However, with the production for my final major project I planned my time effectively. The majority of my work I have completed have been to a high standard but I did have to make a few improvements. The work for planning and research I had to improve was my research about my audience and adding more to my pre production plans. For researching the audience, my research was to a high standard but I had to make it clear with my screenshots on what I was explaining and presenting. This means I had to create additional slides which made my presentation clearer and my research more in depth which allows my work to be more effective. For my pre production I need to improve on analysing my plan lay outs and explaining why I have gone with that design lay put. This means I should analyse more and think about my lay out more. This would lead to more effective work which will lead for my production to appeal to my target audience more. I have improved my time management over the year, especially through out all my rotations. This has lead for me to plan my time more effectively and efficiently which has increased the quality of my work. Overall, for this project I feel like my time management has been effective which has lead for my work to be of high standard. This is because I've had extra time to spend on aspects that have needed improving. If I had more time to complete my project I feel like I would include different production pieces. This is because I research into merchandising and social media which are two interesting aspects. However, I didn’t pursue these aspects when It came to production because I wanted to make sure the two pieces of work I produced were at top quality. Also, I didn’t plan merchandising and social media effectively which would of postponed time.
  7. Technical Qualities Whilst editing i overcame many hurdles but i also found a lot of strengths with in the editing skills i have developed over the year. To begin with i struggled to see what i could edit from my photography so i began by editing the image to make it look erie and terrifying. I did this by beginning with adding cracks with on the model. I did this by finding photos online of cracks and masques these onto the model. I then erased some sections of the cracks where it overlapped the models necklace or clothing. This is because i wanted my work to be accurate. I felt like this work helped add texture into the photo which gave the overall effect to seem sinister and horror based. I them copied the layer and changed the opacity which led to a ghost like effect. As you can see from the photo, i placed this on either side of the model. This created a erie effect, which slowly catches the audiences eye the longer you look at it for. This was easy and simple to do after i created my main model. After this i began to lighten the models eyes. I came across a few issues with this, due to when i used the dodge tool to lighten the eyes, the whites of the eyes became rainbow coloured. From this i masqued the layer and edited the colours so that it was mainly black and white. This proved to work effectively, and now the eyes seem to be the centre of attraction. I then began to edit the logos for the DVD cover. This was the age restriction aspects. For the age restriction, i drew two circles and colour matched the red so that it flowed with a consistent theme to the colours used through out my production work. I found this difficult to begin with due to how much detail needed to be included into a small format. I did have a few issues with the sizing. This is because i created the logo on a different page and when i shrunk it, the whole symbol became distorted and unclear. This meant i had to go back and edit it on the DVD cover so that it became suitable and clear. After i sorted out the sizing of the symbol, it worked well with my colour scheme and didn't over power the rest of the dvd cover. Overall, i feel like i over came many hurdles with in the technical process which did lead to me using more time due to not thinking of little things that could impact, but i overcame them and have come out with the best results i had hoped for.
  8. Technical Qualities Whilst editing my Poster i overcame many complications with using the software and not fully thinking every aspect through. Even though the final project was strong, i did encounter a few hurdles. To begin with i had to select a image for my poster out of the photographs i had taken. I chose this shot because its a middle shot which helps add distance between the audience and the character. This helps hinder the erie effects. However, from choosing this effect i had to build smoke up around the character so that her body could be positioned more central. This helps add to the distance effect. With doing this i had to gather photos of smoke and masque it over my model. This proved difficult because the images were distorted. In the future, i should create the smoke photos myself so that it looks more effective. This would also help prevent the photos to be more effective and would of helped develop my skills further. Overall, by using this effect it has created even more mystery to poster which displays the genre clear. Another aspect that i felt was my strength was the typography. This is because it was hard to create the right texture of the title by using the texture and stroke tool in photoshop. I wanted to create a wax looking font because i feel like it helps portray an old fashion look to it. This is the art style i was wanted to create due to trying to modernise it to my target audience and this generation. The use of red for the font has created the sense of danger which i want my audience to concentrate on. This is because it will intrigue the audience and clearly shows the audience that blood and gruesome scenes will be included within this movie. Ive also included filming information and edits and the bottom of the screen. This is vital for a poster because it informs the audience on what production company the film was produced by and when the release date is. This additional information would link the audience to different social media platforms. The lay out of this poster is very similar to the products i researched into. This is because i feel like this approach is easy to identify where the different information is.
  9. Cast: The cast names have been included at the top of the DVD cover. This is because it is a common place to have the actors names there. This is because the audience tends to scan the DVD cover bottom to top due to the title being commonly placed at the bottom. The font used for the Actors names has a glitch in. This clearly links to the title of the film and shows a sense of thrill and isolation. This connotation makes the audience react in a interested but scared way. The font is also displayed in a grey/white colour which helps display dullness and a sense of draining. This helps connote that the film is soulless. Image: The image used has been edited to creates a spooky effect. The image has clearly high lighted the whites of the models eye which gives of a spooky and soulless effect. This creates the sense that the model is directly looking at the audience which adds a ere effect. The image also includes different levels of spookiness by including barely visible shadows in the background. This slowly appears to the audience which scares them before even watching the movie. Title: The title ‘the disconnected’ has been created to look waxy and texturized. I have used the red to connote danger, plus due to it being a dominant colour the audience immediately looks at this section of the DVD cover. There is also a drop shadow included in the title which adds a depth to the title. This also helps makes it stand out amongst the rest of the background. Production Company/Important information: The production company has been included due to it being a necessity feature to a DVD cover. This is because it is vital information that the audience has to be informed on. For example: The age restriction. I have also created the ’15’ Logo myself so that it blended into the DVD cover better. This has allowed all the colours to mix perfectly. Ive also included a bar code which is essential for selling the product. It has been placed so that it isn't obvious but so its hidden but clear. This is so it doesn't take the attention away from the rest of the DVD cover. Teaser Images/Synopsis: The tease photos have been placed just above the important information so that the audience looks towards the age restriction. The synopsis has been coloured grey so that it stands out and creates a haunted effect.
  10. Slogan/Cast: The cast has been placed at the top of the poster because this was a common place it was seen whilst researching into posters. For the cast i have used greys to make it stand out against the black background. The grey also connotes lifeless and dull aspects which i was trying to present in the movie/poster. The slogan has been created in a red which reflects danger and alerts the audience to look at that aspect of the poster. It has also been placed just above the poster which frightens the audience due to how the image slowly appears the more you look at it. Image: The image i have used is a medium shot at a neutral angle. However, the photo looks distant due to the background. This creates a mysterious affect which is what the audience gets intrigued by. The greys and black create a erie effect which helps make the overall image intense. I have also whitened the eyes of the model which has created a scary and piercing effect towards the audience. Title: The title of the film ‘The Disconnected’ adds a sense of isolation towards what the film is about. The title has been coloured in a red so that it stands out from the back ground. It also connotes the danger the film will contain, which again makes the audience curious to pursue this film further. The waxy like effect helps display the film isn't set within in this era which i feel like is different to most horror films.
  11. Aesthetic Qualities I feel like my aesthetic qualities were a great aspect and a strength of my production work. This is because the colour scheme, image selection and lay out were all well planned. This has helped me with time management and other aspects which has hindered my performance to create a strong DVD Cover. The colour scheme i approached with this project was a black and white theme with hints of colours. I felt like this contrast would display the old fashion style i was approaching but included a modern twist. It also lets the pop of colours stand out more which instantly draws the audience eye to this section. The mix of the plain background and the dominant colour really adds a intense atmosphere to the movie. The image used hinders this by including different depths of shadows surrounding the main model. The shadows slowly appear to the audience the longer you look at it. This effect will install a sense of fright into the audience which leads them to think the film will be scary. The lay out of the DVD cover has made it clear where to find the information you want to. This makes it effective because the audience can easily identify where to look for information instead of trying to search everywhere for the information. As you can see from the image above, this is a horror genre DVD cover. This is to compare against my own and to see if i have included all the conventions a DVD cover includes. As you can see, a common trend amongst Horror DVD covers is the colour scheme. As you can see, this DVD cover has used blues,blacks and whites. The black helps install horror whilst the red inplyso danger and blood. The blue aspects of this DVD cover, is there to show that the film is set in night vision which shows the films documentary styled. All these colours contrast, which adds a intense atmosphere. This is the approach i have taken with my DVD cover because it works effectively and appeals my target audience in more. They have also included the conventions that i have. This consists of: the age restriction logo, a description on what to expect in the film and production information. These are vital parts to include in a DVD cover, this is why i have presented mine in a subtle way. The use of the images add a lot of suspense in this film. This is because they have focused the imagery around a childs room and a child itself. This is because the audience will have a more emotional impact with it being a young, vulnerable, child.
  12. Aesthetic Qualities I feel like my aesthetic qualities was a strength for my poster, but i still feel like a few improvements could be made. To start with, i feel like the colour scheme i have followed clearly shows a old but modern twist on this horror genre film. The red contrasting with the black and white background has made the red pop more. This means this dominant colour has intensified which is the effect i am wanting to portray to my audience. This is because it makes the film look scary. The font i have used is sharp but blood looking. This shows that the film will contain gore and violence. It can also suggest different themes that might be included, like cult rituals. The font hinders the old fashion effect i was going for with the wax like typography. This is a old way of communication with putting a wax seal on the back of a letter which contrasts with the title ‘the disconnected’. The lay out of the poster is similar to other styled posters that i conducted in my research. I have used a different font style for my actors names. This font has a glitch like effect in it. This is so that it links into the title name and creates a more connected feel rather then the contrast effect i have carried through out. I have used the colour grey to present this because it shows lifelessness and dullness. The aspects i would improv eon would be the information at the bottom. iI feel like the font could be clearer for the ‘coming to your cinema’. I feel like i should of picked a bolder font, but i do like the spacious aspects to it. This is because it connects with my movie title. Overall, i feel like this poster is effective. As you can see from the image to the left, this is a horror genre film poster. This poster has a similar lay out to my poster, except this one has been portrayed in a landscape form. The information and title are in the same place which shows they both include the vital information needed for the poster. The colour scheme used has been dark aspects but mainly white and red. This is because red over white connotes a destruction of purity and innocence. The image hinders this by including two children. This again gives the audience an emotional connection towards the film. This is because they are classed as vulnerable and innocent.
  13. Audience Appeal Whilst planning and researching, i concluded that my target audience is males ages between 18-24 years. My secondary target audience was males 24-44 years. From conducting a survey i had many responses from males aged between 18-24 years. The conventions they were mainly looking for was good imagery used, the title name and the font on both the DVD cover and Poster. These are three aspects i concentrated on with producing due to the high demand of appeal from my target audience. I have chosen the age restriction of my film to be ’15’ because it contains a level of gore and violent scene, but not enough to overstep the 18 mark. The images i have contained are twisted, sinister and dark which appeals to my audience due to them being thrill seekers. My audience are also middle class, which means they are more consumable to the idea of bringing in a higher appeal and more audience to the overall film. Also, they are more open about the idea of purchasing merchandise and DVD’s. This means from a industry perspective, it will bring more money into the company which can lead to more investment into more films being developed. The font i have used is effective due to how gory and violent it comes across. This appeals to males more, especially due to it expressing an intense atmosphere. Ive names the title ‘ the disconnected’ because it expresses a sense of isolation which males and females both found scary. This is because it suggests silence and lack of communications. These two factors help hinder the overall effect to be intense and sinister.
  14. Peer Feedback
  15. Feedback 1 • What did you like about the product? • I really thought that the poster you have made is great. The entire aspect of it gives off a great vibe and you can rally see the genre been portrayed across spectacular. At first it is a little hard to see but once your eyes adjust this really catches your eye and draws your attention. The photograph is taken really well and the font then backs this up with looking like blood, relating to the genre. The Dvd case is also good as it includes all the necessary details that they cover and it advertises the movie well. Nice Work Lipperpy. • What improvements could have been made to the product? • With the two products their could have been different pictures used to further the knowledge of the movie or to get a different feel for it.
  16. Feedback 2 • What did you like about the product? • I liked how realistic and professional your work looks. It looks like it could be for a real film, because you included the age certificates and all the other information on the DVD cover. The poster looks very realistic and appropriate for the horror genre, because of the smoke and the cracks that you have added to Maya. • What improvements could have been made to the product? • I think that you could have included a different image for the DVD cover than the one that you used on the poster, just to add some more variety into the work, and it would tell us more about the film. Apart from that, I think your work is good.
  17. Feedback 3 • What did you like about the product? • The photos are really professional and the way they are used to create a psycho Maya is very good. The crack in her face is very realistic and the eyes are too. I like the fonts which are on the DVD cover and the Poster as well. Well thought out layout on the DVD cover. Nice use of your Photoshop skills to have her fade into the background as well! • What improvements could have been made to the product? • Maybe add another product. If you had time you could have created a trailer or even another poster with a different image on. The three images on the back of the DVD could stand out a bit more- Maybe add a white Stroke to define them more.
  18. Peer Feedback Summary • What do you agree with from your peer feedback? I agree with what my peers has said about the lay out of my DVD cover and Poster. This is because i planned my lay outs, effectively. This helped me with production due to having a basis use of guidelines to follow. This proved effective by my research which looked at these details in depth. I also agree with how the font has turned out. This is because i spent a lot of time trying to add texture to the font so that it worked with my poster/DVD Cover. I also had to think about the colour scheme which seemed to work effectively. Another aspect i agree on, is how clear the genre is of the film by just looking at the products made. I also feel like the three images on my DVD cover could stand out more and potentially be clearer. This will make the film look more intense. Another statement i agree with, which occurred through out all my peer feedback, was that i should use different images through out. I did use two different images for this my production, but i could of explored and used a variety of different images to create different horror styled poster and DVDs. • What do you disagree with from your peer feedback? What i disagree about my feed back is being suggested to include white strokes in my back images. I attempted this whilst producing my DVD cover and it didn't work well with the colour scheme. This is because they didn't blend and looked out of place. This is why i added a boarder so that the red around the images helped the product stand out.
  19. Peer Feedback Summary From looking through my peer feedback, i have found it both informative and constructive. From the positive aspects of my work, my peers all said that the work is to a professional standard. This is the effect i was wanting to achieve, so by doing so i am happy with the production work. My peers also seemed really pleased by how obvious the genre was to identify. This was due to the colour scheme, the photos used and the effects i used to edit onto my model. They really like the eye effect i included on my model. This is because they're piercing and immediately the audience sees this aspect. This gives off a creepy effect. They also enjoyed the cracked effect i added on the model. They said it gave off a realistic effect which adds to the intense atmosphere i am wanting to create for my audience. My peers also suggested to improve my work is by including different photographs. This is so it adds more variety to my film. However, i approached the overall project in a similar manor because i wanted the film to be easily recognised by the symbolic cracks, shadows and eye intensity. From this, i know to vary my photography so that it includes a more though out process. This is so that the audience will see more teaser photos for the film and it will persuade them to pursue the movie further. Overall, i am pleased by my peer feedback. It has shown me what i should do for future projects and it has proved to me how much my skills have developed on photoshop through out the year.

Notas do Editor

  1. What were the strengths of your research? How did your research help your product? What were the weaknesses of your research? What could you have done better/improve? What effect would this have had on your product?
  2. What were the strengths of your planning? How did your planning help your product? What were the weaknesses of your planning? What could you have done better/improve? What effect would this have had on your product?
  3. Did you manage your time well? Did you complete your project on time or would your products have improved with additional time? What would you have done if you had more time to produce your work?
  4. Compare your work to similar existing products and discuss the similarities and differences Put your final piece(s) in the centre of a page alongside an existing product Use text boxes and arrows
  5. Does your work look good? Was it creative? What aspects of your game’s visuals do you like? What would you improve? How would you improve it? Discuss the strengths and weaknesses Put your final piece(s) in the centre of a page and analyse them Use text boxes and arrows
  6. How have you appealed to your target audience? What specific bits of content would appeal to your target audience. Refer to your findings from your questionnaire. Put your final piece(s) in the centre of a page and analyse them Use text boxes and arrows
  7. What changes would you make to your product based upon your peer feedback and why?