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Screenshots of my A+ Education Search. All images by author.

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A+ Education Search

  1. 1. A+ EDUCATION SEARCHES An Inquisition into Inquiry
  2. 2. SEARCH STRING SUBJECT: “Inquiry learning” The “Advanced Search” option suggests search operations Drop down menus enable different options Not many results!
  3. 3. SEARCH STRING SUA=“Inquiry” Searching only the subject field refines the search a lot
  4. 4. SEARCH STRING (SUA="Inquiry") AND (Student-centred OR "student directed" OR "Student focused") Abstract view allows me to check if articles are relevant on the results page Results can be selected and then saved, emailed or printed
  5. 5. SEARCH STRING (SUA="Inquiry") AND (Student-centred OR "student directed" OR "Student focused") AND Primary NOT "higher-education" The addition of just a few operators refines the search to only 14 results!
  6. 6. SEARCH STRING (SUA="Inquiry") AND (student-centred OR "student directed" OR “student focused") %10 program* NOT "higher education" The addition of a proximity operator refined my results.
  7. 7. SEARCH STRING (SUA="Inquiry") AND curriculum NOT "higher education" Even with a exclusion operator this search returned a lot of results Search terms are highlighted in results
  8. 8. SEARCH STRING (SUA="Inquiry") AND curriculum %10 outcom* NOT "higher education" Listing the previous search enabled me to review my searches while creating my next one.