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Advanced Design Skills No Tiff

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Advanced Design Skills No Tiff

  1. 1. Advanced Design Skills Liam James - 13122055
  2. 2. Mood Board More at https://uk.pinterest.com/james6705/rustic-reclaimed-industrial/
  3. 3. The Design • The design is heavily influenced by the upcycling movement. To upcycle something is simply to re-purpose something that would otherwise be considered waste & to 'up' its value and quality by doing so. This design is based upon upcycling old industrial parts such as a G-clamp and old pipes to create a new unique design that stands out. • This specific design is for use in industrial style bars/cafes to add to the feel and atmosphere of room. • Consisting mainly of metal features with a wooden seat to keep the old industrial style avoiding modern materials such as plastic which overall would ruin the rustic upcycled style of the stool. • The G-clamp is the mechanism that will be used to adjust the height of the chair. • This stool can be bolted or screwed into the floor if wanted by the bar to fix the stools in place without taking away from the overall design of the stool.
  4. 4. Renders
  5. 5. Renders
  6. 6. Manufacturing Part Material Manufacturing Ball Joint Carbon Steel Milled Base Centre Carbon Steel Cast, lathe screw thread Base Rod Carbon Steel Extrusion, lathe screw thread Corkscrew Carbon Steel Lathed Foot Rest Carbon Steel Cast Foot Carbon Steel Extrusion, lathe screw thread G Clamp Cast Iron Cast, lathe screw thread Seat Bars AISI 1020 Steel Extrusion, wielding Seat Plate Mahogany Pressing, drilling Support Strut 1060 Aluminium Alloy Stamp, press
  7. 7. • Conducting stress analysis in solid works on the centre of the base displays where the majority of the stress will be. • The weight of an average person is applied to the part and the simulation is run. • The results show the different areas of stress, the part displays little stress with the majority still being well within safety factors. • Analysing the factor of safety shows that 7x’s the amount of N’s can be applied before there is too much stress. • Applying material to each part will also give the overall weight of the stool, which is around 21KG. SolildWorks Weight and Stress Analysis
  8. 8. Animation