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ElemMates PPT Pres 11-22-16

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ElemMates PPT Pres 11-22-16

  1. 1. ElemMates™ are characters based on personified chemical elements. They live in their thriving metropolis, Atom City, whose urban plan replicates the Periodic Table. Their personalities reflect the properties of one of the 118 real elements. ElemMates character traits express different Moods, Interests, Careers, Personality, Social Interactions and Actions. ElemMates bond together to make things and solve problems through friendship, cooperation and team building as well as exploring STEM concepts.
  2. 2. Au 79 O 8 C 6 Meet the
  3. 3. Here’s some more members of the 118 ElemMates families… H 1Pu 94 N 7
  4. 4. …and more members of the 118 ElemMate families… Accountant for his aluminum company, Al is stable, flexible, i n c o r r u p t i b l e , F r i e n d l y w i t h others, bonds e a s i l y. D o e s metal sculpture. Claude cleans swimming pools For his cleaning c o m p a n y. I s nasty on his own, but dependable with friends. With Sonia he comes to life. Silvia, a live wire, lets vibes flow through her. Into e l e c t r o n i c s . Happiest with her Oxygen friends when she shows true grit. Loves the beach and art. Into jewelry, e s p e c i a l l y e m e r a l d s . Elegant with s h i m m e r i n g silvery hair, she can be toxic and vain. A passionate scientist who m a k e s f i n e tools. Helen is a small fireball of energy. Popular, yet with a combustible t e m p e r . S h e loves car racing with the Oxygens and Carbons. Cal has a strong b a c k b o n e , integrity. Never gives up. Works himself to the bone, but stays h e a l t h y w i t h m i l k . L o v e s coral reefs.
  5. 5. …and still more members of the 118 ElemMate families… B u b b l y a n d nurturing, she m a k e s everyone feel good. Loves w h i p p e d cream, soda and floating in air or water. Popular, Ori fires everyone up to get things done and help everyone breathe easy. A mover and shaker. Light on his feet, he runs like the wind. Happy, big grinned guy. Pitches in to clean up dirty jobs. Likes an orderly living in a group. On his o w n h e i s dangerous and hostile. Practical, solid, simple guy. A bit stingy, he tries for the best deal and may nickel and dime you. B u t w h e n h e polishes himself up, he shines like a million bucks. D e p e n d a b l e , p o p u l a r a n d strong, makes metal things like t o o l s , p o t s , sculpture and sskyscrapers. He bonds to friends forever. Diamond tough, she stands up f o r f r i e n d s against enemies without getting a scratch. Cassie, a romantic, runs her diamond tool factories.
  6. 6. …and even more members of the 118 ElemMate families… Calm, serene with a sunny personality. S t a b l e , h e ’ s dependable, but he stays aloof from e v e r y o n e a n d bonds with no one. Likes yoga and floating in balloons. Salt of the earth. Everything shakes her up. Emotional and sensitive she often dissolves into tears. As long as she’s with her friend Claude, she’s happy. Tries to keep himself and his radioactive rays under control. Directs his energy into clean energy. But w h e n h i s s p l i t personality comes out, there’s explosive destruction. Moves gracefully and fast like quick- silver. A bit vain, always looking in the mirror. He is a photographer and a h u m a n i t a r i a n supplying antibiotics and coins to those in need. Wiry, pretty as a penny, Coppella is a softy, willing to reshape herself to the occasion. An electrician. Into c o o k i n g , s h e forges her own cooking tools.
  7. 7. The streets of Atom City are based on the grid lines of the Periodic Table. City blocks are homes to ElemMates families. Octavia, Ori and Olivia live together with their large family at 8 Oxygen Street in Atom City. Every family uses their element to make Atom City a thriving, fun, modern metropolis. Empty spaces on the Periodic Table are filled with beautiful crystal-flowered parks and the Primordial River.
  8. 8. Adventures include: •Shielding the City from Outer Space Rays •Closing the Ozone Hole •Bringing Water to the Desert •Cleaning the Environment •Healing friends from a Poison Garden Other stories: When CLAUDE CHLORINE, a wild, clean freak and SONIA SODIUM, a teary crier, bond together they create stable life sustaining salt (NaCl). Newest Book: Octavia takes center stage. Alone Heidi and Helen Hydrogen are temperamental and explosive, but when they bond with Octavia Oxygen, they become as calm and refreshing as water (H2O).
  9. 9. Story Screen Adventures      Multi-platform Media Reach Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Hulu, Cartoon Network, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Webisodes, Apps, TV, Movie. Clubs, Events and Social Causes and Kits are also a fit. www.ElemMates.com         Toxic Crisis
  10. 10. Merchandise: Collectible, Connectible Characters                                                                   Books: Evie & the ElemMates First of 5 book Series: •Closing the Ozone Hole •Toxic Wars •Oasis •Poison Gardens print, ebook. Price: $16.50, $10.95 Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Good Reads.com, International Distributors. Retail, ElemMates.com Trading Cards: play card games & collect characters, places, moods, science. Price: sets: $5.00 deck: $20.00 Retail stores, events, ElemMates.com Bonders Action Game: Magnetic “boci” game. Toss, roll character filled balls to pop, click, connect them. Map-Poster: Atom City Periodic Table Price: Lg: 36”x24”~ $25, Sm: $24x18 ~$16.50 Art Moose.com, ElemMates.com. Jewelry: charms, beads, magnetic, electronic, kits. stand alone, sets. Board Game: Cooperative, open- ended with buildable aspect and expansion card packs and links options.
  11. 11. Collectible Figures Stand alone, linkable, role play, accessories, games, product promo, STEM