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Self esteem

  1. SELF- ESTEEM Prepared by: Leslie O. Perano Guidance Counselor
  2. LESSON ONE SELF- ESTEEMGoal:  Participants will create a web of interpersonal connection between individuals by having them share something about themselves that you would not know by looking at their exterior person.  Participants are encourage to share something intimate about themselves that has an impact on their self images and they would like to work on.
  3. I. The Web of Connection Exercise  The most important rules are non judgments, confidentiality and respect. Everyone in the circle is safe & no one will be judged negatively as a result of sharing. Everything that is shared in this exercise will not be discussed with anyone, the individual that shared & what is shared will not leave the circle. Everyone will be directed to be respectful of the individual sharing.
  4. II. WHAT IS SELF-ESTEEM GOAL: Define Self-Esteem and what Contributes to and/or impacts our Self-Esteem. To boost your self-esteem you must commit to consistent regular practice.  Self-esteem is based on what you think and how you feel about yourself.  It is formed early in life by the messages you internalize from the significant people in your life.  Because you believe these messages at a very young age you often are not aware that this programming can be changed. You think, ‘This is just the way I am.’
  5. To boost your self-esteem requires a commitment:  To wake up to the beliefs and thoughts that reinforce your experience of ‘I’m not enough’  To focus on thoughts that support vibrant healthy self-esteem (I’m worthy, I deserve to be happy, I am successful, I am a mighty expression of love in the world, I am supported, I am confident)
  7. HOW TO BUILD YOUR SELF- ESTEEM  In order to maintain good feeling about yourself you must commit to a regular practice of thinking the thoughts, saying the words, and taking the actions that support your “ I’m enough-ness”  When you commit to boosting your self-esteem, it is normal to continue to experience your I’m not enough thoughts & feelings.  As soon as you notice that you are being judgmental & critical about yourself – acknowledge yourself for noticing & focus on new thought that supports your personal empowerment.
  8. 7 TIPS TO INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM 1. EXPRESS YOUR GRATITUDE  You may think that you don’t have anything to be grateful for, & if this is the case, don’t despair. The more you focus your attention on what you are grateful for the easier it becomes to live life as a thank – you.
  9. 2. CREATE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT SYMBOL  People with vibrant self-esteem view themselves as people who accomplish things; just as people with low self-esteem fail to acknowledge their accomplishments. Choose you accomplishment symbol and whenever you do it, give yourself a pat on the back and declare, Good for me, I accomplish things! 7 TIPS TO INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM
  10. 3. USE A PLEASURE LIST  A pleasure list is a list of the people, places, things, and activities that generate an experience of pleasure and happiness when you focus your attention on them.  Once you have written the list, post it in strategic spots where you can see it.  When you are challenged by I’m not enough-ness focus your attention on the items on your list. Once you are connected with good feeling about yourself then you are ready to direct your attention to effectively moving through the challenge. 7 TIPS TO INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM
  11. 4. USE YOUR FEELINGS AS YOUR GUIDE  Since boosting your self-esteem requires an upgrade of the software of your mind, it is necessary to be aware of the thoughts you think.  Thoughts generate feelings, whether or not you are conscious of your thoughts.  Now ask yourself if your thoughts are supporting healthy self-esteem. If not, create a list of new thoughts that nourish good feelings about yourself. 7 TIPS TO INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM
  12. 5. TRANSFORM NEGATIVE THOUGHTS  Use the Oops Technique as soon as you notice that you are engaged in self sabotaging thoughts. As soon as you notice these I’m not enough thoughts or judgments, say with great authority, Oops, and then have a new thought. 7 TIPS TO INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM
  13. 6. START YOUR DAY WITH INSPIRING WORDS  Each day is a new beginning & waking up to words of inspiration is a powerful way to feed your heart and mind as you begin your day. “ THERE ARE NO FAILURES – JUST EXPERIENCES AND YOUR REACTIONS TO THEM.” - Tom Krause 7 TIPS TO INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM
  14. 7. HONOR YOUR BODY  With the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, the food you eat and the exercise you do. Taking care of your body is a powerful reflection of your commitment to healthy self-esteem. 7 TIPS TO INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM
  15. LESSON TWO SELF MOTIVATION Goal:  Client will except personal responsibility for the self image they create for themselves.  Clients will begin to evaluate what factors impact their self- esteem, defining relationships and tools to keep them motivated.
  16. SELF MOTIVATION  Self-motivation is a guiding force that is very important in your life.  All of us have certain goals and targets in life. You pursue these goals and work towards achieving the targets  If we do not have sufficient goals in life we may be living our life without any proper sense of direction or aim.  This will eventually lead us to nowhere and we may leave this world without achieving anything concrete in life.
  17. WHY DO WE NEED SELF- MOTIVATION? There are many things that self-motivation can do for you:  Self-motivation encourages you to plan goals and the strategies to achieve them.  Self-motivation adds excitement and enthusiasm into your life. You add zest to your life and your activities become much more interesting
  18. WHY DO WE NEED SELF- MOTIVATION?  Self-motivation increases and supports your willpower which cushions you when you face obstacles or setbacks. You move along boldly against the challenges and adversities in your life  Self-motivation prepares and encourages you to accept new opportunities, try new techniques and seek new adventures
  19. WHY DO WE NEED SELF- MOTIVATION?  In the process, you will come upon unexpected opportunities and rewards. The challenges and your improved ability to deal with them improves your quality of life.  This inner strength and willpower make you tough and build your personality  You need self-motivation to seek your goals but pace yourself and don’t overexert or punish yourself.
  20. WHAT IF YOU LACK SELF- MOTIVATION? Lacking self-motivation allows negativity to set in. Poor self-motivation can lead to:  Stress and depression, which makes you feel confused over unsuccessful efforts.  Trying to change your attitude but the effects are hard to sustain so your situation doesn’t change.  You blame others for your lack of success.  Your feeling of abundance can be replaced by feeling that there is a paucity of everything – funds, resources, energy, time, and effort.
  21. WHAT IF YOU LACK SELF- MOTIVATION? Self-motivation is a key ingredient to a healthy self image. Self-motivation is the inner desire that drives us when we decide we want to change something in our lives. Just like in the word “self-esteem” “self” is the root word; when we speak of self-motivation we can not depend on no other than ourselves to motivate us.