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Digital Marketing and Film Festival Strategy Workshop Cannes Film Festival 2015

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During Cannes Film Festival 2015 - Cloud 21 and Film Festival Merveilleux came together and launched Lime Light Digital.

Limelight Digital held 6 workshops and a panel for the independent filmmakers and industry professionals attending the film festival. The events received much interest from the community and catered to the demographic seeking expertise in these fields during the festival.

Digital Strategist from Cloud 21 and Film Festival Expert from Film Festival Merveilleux explained the how, when, why, why not and various tricks to the digital and festival world.

An idea exchange on a worldwide level, Digital Cannes was a huge success for the attendees, organizers, and hosts.

The document provides a glimpse into our discussions. If you have any question regarding Digital Marketing of your Film or Film Festival Submission or Strategy, please feel free to contact us: info@limelightdigital.us

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Digital Marketing and Film Festival Strategy Workshop Cannes Film Festival 2015

  1. 1. Find Your Audience Finding your audience is where your work begins. To execute a successful campaign, you should know who are you targeting. The audience will need to be refined at several stages of the production process. Remember, you are aiming for quality and not quantity!
  2. 2. Find Your Audience Tools: • Facebook Insights • Demographics Pro • Social Bakers
  3. 3. Create Content Create content for the audience you have found. You must set a social media channel as your main point of sharing and then start generating content based on the audience for that channel. The demographics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest vary and the same content must not be used for all channels. Start during Pre-Production.
  4. 4. Content Creation Ideal Content that can be shared: Production stills Excerpts from the film Trailer, Poster, EPK Film Bloopers Director / Crew Pics, Bios
  5. 5. Sharing Content Sharing your content can be a tedious and time consuming task. Here are 2 most common Social Media Faux-Pas: • Re-posting Facebook Post on Twitter and vice-versa. 
 Syndication is ok if your audience is similar, not otherwise. • Fail to reciprocate, acknowledge or engage. 
 Follow the 5:3:2 rule. 50% should be content from others, relevant to your audience. 30% should be content from you, relevant to your audience and 20% should be personal, something non-work related to help humanize yourself and/or your brand
  6. 6. Sharing Content Focus on your audience more than yourself Humanize your voice, even if it’s your brand talking!
  7. 7. Sharing Content Tools to share social media content: • Hootsuite • Sprout Social • Twtrland • Tweetdeck
  8. 8. Film Festivals A film festival is one of the best launching pad for any film. A screening at film festivals will allow film to be exposed to film enthusiasts, industry professionals and organizers of other film festivals. It may be approached for screening at other film festivals or even distribution. Your campaign should be ready to be executed for this occasion. We work with filmmakers to help execute campaigns which drives traffic to their film, websites, trailers, and more.
  9. 9. Film Festival Strategy 3 types of Film Festival MAJOR FILM FESTIVAL ( Cannes Berlin ). It’s good to be listed in the Short Film Corner website or major film competition. It will get you a professional accreditation. MEDIUM (Gérardmer / Deauville / Champ Elysée film festival ). Same as the above, without market. SPECIFIC FILM FESTIVAL ( good to make connection and promotion ). the festivals are open to ideas from filmmakers and producers to try hybrid screening, be creative.
  10. 10. Film Festival Strategy How programers make their selection ? - Regular submission - Submission platform : use several if you want to get more entries ( film festival life, film freeway, WAB..etc ) - Placement agencies - Word of Mouth - Online search ( youtube / google / vimeo, films website, IMDB ). - Partnership with other Film Festival ( carte blanche..etc)
  11. 11. Film Festival Strategy Digital Mentoring / Promotion - Every Film Festival selection is a tool for the promotion of your next project and to start raising funds. Take every chance to network at events (even the smaller ones), add a crowdfunding section on your website. - Brand yourself and brand your movie. Use archetypes ( love, Heros, eternal life, wonder..etc ) for your online identities, and to create content for you social media website. Create your own characters for yourself.
  12. 12. Film Festival Strategy Digital Mentoring / Promotion - Network online! Join groups, create alliance with other similar filmmakers such as yourself in every film network ( stage 32, Film portal, cinando, Facebook, twitter..etc ) - Specific Film festivals provide debriefing session to help you take the next step in your career and provide online support.
  13. 13. Film Festival Strategy TOOLS & TIPS -Ready to submit your film to the top film festivals of the world? iFilmfest is the only tool designed to keep track of major film festival deadlines according to your film’s style and genre. -For video distribution use social crossposting Tools such as Tubemogul Oneupload vdownloader (One upload, one set of notes, one set of tags, and see your video launched on several sites sites)
  14. 14. Film Festival Strategy TOOLS & TIPS - Save money : Go on every national film website to get film festival listing (only major and medium Film festivals will be listed). Search online catalog and film festival agenda. - Your presence online must be on every film festival website in which you have been selected (movie’s title, synopsis, IMDB link, etc. )
  15. 15. Film Festival Strategy TOOLS & TIPS - Let the film festival add your trailer or movie on their own youtube / website account.They may have more visibility than you! - Social media can become a good marketing tool for indie filmmakers. Use you short movie to try hybrid distribution (propose to small events to host special screenings, get involved).
  16. 16. Growth Hacking How do you grow your social media presence? Here are some ways to increase followers, likes, retweets, comments and more: • Giveaways or Contests - Use Rafflecopter or woobox • Use social media links in email signatures, websites, business cards. • Use hashtag on every post! • Engage, Engage, Engage • DO NOT BUY FANS / FOLLOWERS
  17. 17. Social Media Influencers Influential personalities on Social media are easy to find. Use these tools to find someone in your niche and reach out to them directly on twitter. • Klout • Kred • Marketing Grader by Hubspot • Twitalyzer
  18. 18. Contact us: info@limelightdigital.us #DigitalCannes 2015