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Crash Course: Growth Hacking Your Customer Acquisition


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Crash Course: Growth Hacking Your Customer Acquisition

  1. 1. Crash Course on Customer Acquisition Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Hello! My name is Gregory Figuereo Email: Gregory@growthhackingasia.com @gregoryfiguergoGregory Figuereo
  3. 3. Bow Jitnaitham @b.jitnaithamBow Jitnaitahm
  4. 4. Our Goal: Flip the success rate of Asian startups from 1/10 to 9/10
  5. 5. Consultancy Academy Community What we do?
  6. 6. We work with you to... ○ roll out an experiment and data-driven growth strategy ○ execute growth tactics and achieve targeted results ○ teach you processes, tools and techniques to sustain your growth engine Consultancy
  7. 7. Countries 7 Events & Workshops Entrepreneurs Trained Academy Monthly workshops Our twice-monthly courses equip entrepreneurs with a broad understanding and skills needed to thrive in the startup industry Bootcamps After refining our curriculum through our combined knowledge and learning experiments, our bootcamps are designed to be hotbeds of growth for startups & SMEs 93 3,000+
  8. 8. Community Monthly events in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam & India
  9. 9. Gregory@growthhackingasia.com • Growth Hacking ConsultingBurning questions? Suggestions? Make website sound more interesting Tell them what they can find there www.growthhackingasia.com @gregoryfiguergo Gregory Figuereo
  10. 10. Growth Hacking Asia • Growth Hacking ConsultingFor regular tips, tricks and tools, follow us on: Instructions: 1. Share something you learned on Twitter & Facebook! 2. Tag us and use the hashtag #letshackasia! 20% discount Growth Hacking Asia @growthhackasia #letshackasia
  11. 11. Agenda • SEO • Conversion Rate Optimization • Facebook • Line Marketing • Referral Marketing • Workshops • Social Media
  12. 12. Workshops • Review your website for SEO and CRO improvements • Fill out Buyers Journey and Content Mapping Templates
  13. 13. SEO
  14. 14. Why Should You Invest in SEO?
  15. 15. Why Should You Invest in SEO? • SEO is Good for Business Visibility and Branding • SEO Brings Your Business Traffic • It is Cost-Effective • Your Competitors Are Doing It • It Still Works
  16. 16. A Simple Approach to Getting Started With SEO • Create a website • Install Google Analytics or MixPanel to track visitors • Conduct Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner • Add content containing targeted keywords to site and blog • Place links to website on your social media accounts • Share your blog posts on your social media accounts frequently
  17. 17. Question: Why Do I Need a Website? Answer #2: Once you optimize your website, it becomes a 24/7 virtual salespeople that never sleeps, never gets sick and never says no! They are always ready to do their job, convert and close! Answer #1: Without a website, you can’t fully take advantage of the benefits associated with SEO.
  18. 18. More Reasons Why You Need a Website • They Provide Your Business Credibility • They Allow You To Communicate In Almost Any Language • They Save You Money • A Website Makes It Possible To Target A Wider Market • They Enable You To Collect Data You Can Use To Better Target And Convert Prospects • You Can’t Afford Not To
  19. 19. What Content Should My Website Have? Your Website Should Have Content That: • Informs about your product or service • Converts visitors thru marketing messages and CTA’s
  20. 20. What Content Should My Website Have? Typical pages that informs about your product or service include: • About us • Contact us • Product/service descriptions • Pricing page • Clients and testimonials • Blog
  21. 21. Q: What Type of Content Should My Website Have? A: Content that caters to ever stage of your Buyer’s Journey:
  22. 22. What Type of Content Should My Website Have?
  23. 23. What Type of Content Should My Website Have? Your website content should fit in with your industry, culture and brand personality. More examples of content and keywords: • Video: Explainer videos, product demos, announcements, promos • Guides: How-to’s, step-by-step guides, “guide to” • Tips: Strategies, tactics • Content from a thought leader • Comparisons: Pro’s and cons, verses • Questions: How, what, where, when, why, FAQ’s • Lists: “Top Ten Best”, “5 ways to…”, “3 Reasons Why…”
  24. 24. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  25. 25. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage.
  26. 26. What is CRO? CRO is the process of increasing your percentage of visitors into buyers.
  27. 27. What is CRO?
  28. 28. Q: Why Should I Care About CRO? A: Increasing your conversion rate by just 10% can increase sales by 800%.
  29. 29. How to Get Started With CRO #1: Set up Goals in Google Analytics or MixPanel
  30. 30. How to Get Started With CRO #2: Direct Traffic to Landing Pages and/or Pages on Optimized Website ✓ Simple Design ✓ Appealing image ✓ Clear message ✓ Clear, contrasting CTA ✓ Only ask for email address ✓ Incentive for sign up
  31. 31. How to Get Started With CRO #3: Use Optimizely or Unbounce to Conduct A/B Tests
  32. 32. How Else Can I Implement CRO Strategies? Discussion Topics: • Live Chat • Pop-up boxes • Lead Magnets • Social Proof • Opt-in forms and CTA’s • Site speed (pingdom.com) • Analytics (review your top exit pages)
  33. 33. CRO: What is Social Proof? Definition #1: Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. Definition #2: Social proof is the art of creating positive influence around your brand using our natural reliance on peers, experts and third parties for cues that guide our own behavior. In other words: “Oh! That looks good! I’ll have what he’s having!”
  34. 34. CRO: Why Use Social Proof? Social proof helps convert visitors by building trust and authority. • Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. • Nearly 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.
  35. 35. CRO: Examples of Social Proof • Case studies • Testimonials • Reviews • Social media • Trust icons (3rd party endorsements, SSL certificate, client logos) • Data/numbers • User generated content (blog, social media, video reviews)
  36. 36. CRO: Social Proof Best Practices • Place social proof throughout website and landing page • Use pictures, names, titles and company in testimonials • Use industry experts and authorities for reviews/testimonials • Get people to place their reviews everywhere (Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Social Media) • Repurpose social proof in blog, PRs and marketing campaigns
  37. 37. CRO: Examples of Social Proof Testimonial
  38. 38. CRO: Examples of Social Proof Customers/trust icons
  39. 39. CRO: Examples of Social Proof Case Studies: Data-driven, in-depth analysis of the product or service you provided a current customer with.
  40. 40. CRO: Examples of Social Proof Data/numbers: Buffer and Hootsuite
  41. 41. Lead Magnet
  42. 42. Lead Magnet Lead magnet is a landing page or an offer dedicated to giving your website visitor some relevant values in exchange for their contact information. Digital Marketer used a Lead Magnet to generate 28,507 subscribers in 45 days
  43. 43. Lead Magnet Ideas Experts E-books and whitepapers Mini-courses Video Free course / webinar Software Free coupons Educational content Free online tools Software Free trial Freemium account Demo E-Commerce Free coupon Free shipping Free gift Membership Educational material
  44. 44. Free Online Course
  45. 45. Expert Advice
  46. 46. Mini Online Courses
  47. 47. Free Discount Coupon
  48. 48. Competition or Giveaway
  49. 49. Give a Free E-Book
  50. 50. Share Reports, Case Studies & Resources
  51. 51. Live Chat
  52. 52. Benefits of Live Chat • Customer Satisfaction: 77% of people who use live chat believe their questions have been answered quickly and efficiently • Higher Conversions: 61% of online shoppers and web visitors are more like to purchase based purely on Live Chat Communication • Strong Customer Relationships: Having a live chat option on your website increases Customer Trust and Loyalty • Higher ROI: Live Chat reduces overall call center costs by lowering average interaction costs • Customer Retention: 63% of web visitors are more likely to return to a website that offer live chat
  53. 53. So, What is Live Chat? A software that allows businesses to chat in real time with website visitors.
  54. 54. Benefits of Live Chat Convenient for Customers Competitive Advantage Cost Effective Increase Sales Engage with Customer “44% of online consumers say Live Chat is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.” “62 percent of Internet consumers said they would purchase more products online if live customer support were available.” Almost 2 in 10 live chat respondents did more than 75% of their holiday shopping online, compared with 14% of those who did not chat. “Many businesses see call deflection rates of 30-70%!” “77% of people shopping online would like to make contact with a real person before making a purchase.”
  55. 55. Pop-Up Boxes
  56. 56. What does Pop-Up Box do? • Great way to keep your visitors focus on action and minimizes distraction • Effective way to increase Conversion Rate • Easy way to conduct A/B tests • They work on autopilot, it's a set and forget process
  57. 57. Types of Pop-Up Boxes
  58. 58. Lightbox Pop Up
  59. 59. Floating bar
  60. 60. Side Bar Opt-in Form
  61. 61. Slide-In Pop-Up Slides in As You Scroll Down
  62. 62. Mobile Pop Up
  63. 63. Full Page Pop-Up
  64. 64. Exit Intent Pop Up
  65. 65. Click-Thru Pop-up
  66. 66. Free Demo
  67. 67. Free Demo
  68. 68. Referral Marketing “By implementing referral mechanisms within your marketing campaign you can double or even triple ROI by encouraging viral behaviour thru incentives or the promise of possible rewards.” -Gregory Figuereo
  69. 69. Why Referral Marketing? • 65% of new business comes from referrals • People are 4x more likely to buy after being referred • 83% of customers are willing to refer • 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations • The average value of a referred customer is at least 16% higher than that of a non-referred customer
  70. 70. Referral Marketing Benefits • Enables you to keep the conversation going • You add value and retention to customers • Increases retention rate of customers who refer
  71. 71. Referral Marketing Campaign Types Instant Reward Reward your customers immediately as they share your link via their social channels. Works best if you can offer valuable perks to the users at a low cost to yourself. E.g.: digital content (music, e-book downloads), access to extra features or increased usage limits, and small discounts.
  72. 72. Referral Marketing Campaign Types Instant Reward Example
  73. 73. Referral Marketing Campaign Types Goal-based Rewards Reward the customer for bringing in a set number of referrals. Gives you more control over ROI at the expense of putting a higher strain on participating customers. Suitable for referral programs with high-value bonuses.
  74. 74. Referral Marketing Campaign Types Referral Contest Reward the customer (or several customers) who brings the most referrals over a certain time period. Suitable for both large one-time promo actions with expensive prizes and smaller recurring sweepstakes.
  75. 75. Contests – Case Study
  76. 76. Contests – Case Study Duration: 30 Days Contest Distribution: Twitter, Blogs, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Friends RESULTS
  77. 77. Contests – Takeaways ✓ Have a compelling and product related prize ✓ Integrate viral referral mechanics ✓ Post contest engagement drives sales
  78. 78. Referral Marketing Campaign Types Sweepstakes and Giveaways Reward the customer (or customers) randomly over a certain time period. Their chances of winning are proportional to the number of entries they earn (for social posts, conversions, etc.). Suitable for both large one-time promo actions with expensive prizes and smaller recurring sweepstakes.
  79. 79. Referral Campaign Examples
  80. 80. Referral Campaign Examples
  81. 81. Referral Campaign Examples
  82. 82. Referral Software Example
  83. 83. Referral Software Prices and Features Price = $25-$99/month or CPA based Free Trial: 14-30 days Features: • Integrates with webstores • Social Media Integration • Send coupons or cash rewards • Tracks/measures campaigns • Fraud protection • Mobile friendly • Triggered-emails • Quick and easy set-up • 2-way incentive features • Customer retention features
  84. 84. Recommended Tools • Gleam.io • Paywithatweet.com • Forewardsapp.com • Campaignedapp.com • InviteBox.com • ReferralCandy.com
  85. 85. Tips on Increasing Referrals
  86. 86. Give Big Rewards for Small Actions
  87. 87. Make It Easy to Share on Social Media
  88. 88. Let Them Write Their Own Invitation Message
  89. 89. Reward Both Ways
  90. 90. Facebook: How to optimize your page and acquire customers
  91. 91. WORKSHOP #1 EXERCISES : • Review Facebook Pages • Create a Facebook Event
  92. 92. Thailand Facebook #1/ Line #2
  93. 93. Thailand currently has 26 Million Facebook Users Updated April 2016
  94. 94. Most of Facebook Users are living in Bangkok Update April 2016
  95. 95. Best time to Post on Facebook is 2 PM Update April 2016
  96. 96. How to Optimize Your Facebook Page • Create a short, memorable username • Fill out your “About” section (location, contact info, etc) • Fill out your Facebook Page with searchable information • Add posts, photos and videos • Create a Call-to-Action button on your Facebook Page • Include a Call-to-Action in your Facebook Page Banner • Add a Shop, landing page and/or opt-in forms
  97. 97. Create Call to Action in your banner (Page Cover)
  98. 98. Edit Your Call to Action
  99. 99. Edit Call-To-Action Button
  100. 100. Facebook Customer Acquisition Strategies • Invite your Friends to like your page • Invite your Friends to Events on a regular basis • Include Facebook Like Boxes on your website and blog • Respond to messages quickly • Encourage people to post reviews • Create a Facebook Group related to your industry • Post on Facebook Groups
  101. 101. Facebook: Invite your friends to like your page
  102. 102. Post on Facebook Groups to Increase Reach Post on 1 Group = 42,500 Reach 4 Groups = 60,000 Reach
  103. 103. Respond Quickly to Messages
  104. 104. Send Event Invitations When your friend invite you to the event Forward Event Invitation to your friends
  105. 105. Types of Events You Can Invite Friends To • Virtual Launch Party • Sales and Promos • In-person events • Webinars • Contests and Giveaways
  106. 106. Why Facebook Pay Per Click? •More targeting options, including, towns, regions, age, likes/interests, income bracket, and other demographics •Easier to set up than Google AdWords •CPC is normally cheaper than AdWords •Facebook has more viral elements (like, share, comment, tag, etc) •Some ad options are harder to ignore compared to a Google Ad
  107. 107. Facebook PPC Best Practice
  108. 108. Facebook PPC Best Practice
  109. 109. Facebook PPC Best Practice
  110. 110. Facebook PPC Best Practice
  111. 111. Facebook PPC Best Practice
  112. 112. Ad Units and Creative Best Practices Happy People, Pets and Children Best performing images include images of happy women, pets and children.
  113. 113. Clear and solid value proposition & Call to action • Clear Call-to-Action • Currency amounts • The word ‘Free’ • Your brand name (if it’s recognizable to your audience) • A Value Proposition like ‘Win a Free Getaway!’ or ‘Learn A/B Test Secrets’ • Include an action word (‘Rank Higher on Google’) • Ask a question (‘Want to get more leads?’) • Use negative words (‘Stop selling crappy SEO’) Ad Units and Creative Best Practices
  114. 114. LINE
  115. 115. Why LINE? LINE is the 2nd largest social media network in Thailand with 33 million active users, the app enables you to: • Sell products with LINE Pay (customers use CC/debit cards) • Group message all your followers • Launch marketing campaigns on Line such as contests, promos and sales. • Receive calls and messages from leads and costumers • Link to landing pages and utilize CTA buttons
  116. 116. LINE Strategies • Create an Official Partner Account • Display LINE username and/or QR code on website, social media accounts and business cards • Promote exclusive promos, contests and content on LINE • Post on Timelines often • Group message your followers often but not too often • Request that people share, comment on and like your posts • Vary your posts to keep it fresh and test out what content works the best
  117. 117. LINE Official Account
  118. 118. Message Function • Send a message to all the users at once • Users are notified when the message arrives, so the open rate is usually high
  119. 119. Timeline Function • Post information on users Timelines • Users can "like" and add comments to your post
  120. 120. Rich Message Function The Rich Message function allows you to bring photos and text together in one image to appeal to users in a way that is concise and easy-to-understand.
  121. 121. Research Page Function • Send any content that generates interactions (questionnaires, polls) • Get tally up demographic information of the respondents
  122. 122. PR Page Function • A mini page that users can view on the LINE application • Send coupons or messages with higher text volume compared to what is allowed with a normal LINE message
  123. 123. Keyword Answer Message This function replies to messages from users with a preset message as a perfect match. Set the keywords in advance, and responses are sent automatically based on those keywords. This can be used in various tasks including matching interests, responding to user questions, searching store information, and planning quizzes
  124. 124. LINE Sticker What is Sponsored Sticker? • Turn your company's character into a sticker • Distribute it to users for free Benefits: • Increase your character recognition • improve your company's branding
  125. 125. LINE Free Coins • rewards users with Coins for downloading apps or watching videos • Coins can be used to purchase stickers and themes sold in the LINE app • Attract customers and promote videos to the world's largest smartphone user base
  126. 126. Free Coin: Video Promotion (CPV Ads) • Build brand awareness or link to - TV ads - Event promotions - App download pages using videos • Attract quality users using only a small amount of incentive.
  127. 127. LINE On Air Live Activities with Line Brand Official Account - Contest - Sweepstake
  128. 128. LINE Event Page • Text and Photos • Calls- to-Action - Link to your Landing Page - Call the company directly from Phone
  129. 129. Social Media
  130. 130. Social Media Creates Huge Impact
  131. 131. Consumer Behaviour Is Changing 77%of Customers seek Advice, Information and Help On Social
  132. 132. Share Opinion about Brands on Social Media Gives Reviews/ Recommendations via Social Media Are Loyal To The Brand They Follow On Social Media Consumer Behaviour Is Changing
  133. 133. • 38 Million Social Media Users • Internet > 10hr/ Day • Facebook #1/ Line #2 Thailand Social Media Statistics
  134. 134. Social Media Best Practices
  135. 135. By just including “because” in your sentence, it can increase conversions by 34% Use Powerful Words in Your Messages
  136. 136. Sharable Lack of Risk Scarcity Exclusivity Power Secret Best-Selling Limited Offer Members Only Premiere Tell Us Cancel anytime Supplies running out Class full Save Inspires Certified Sales ends soon Login requested Complete Take Guaranteed Today only Exclusive Offer Improver Increase Lifetime Only 10 Left Be one of the few Immediately Find out Money back Only available here Get it before everybody else Discover Check out Tested Best Share Unconditional Win Example of Powerful Words “Tested Techniques That Will Improve Your Sales Numbers In Just 3 Weeks! Reserve Your Ticket Now! Only 10 Seats Available.”
  137. 137. Create Shorter Length Headline •Before: Think Social Media Is Just for Kids? Here Are 10 Statistics Guaranteed to Prove You Wrong •After: 10 Stats That Prove Social Media Isn't Just for Kids Facebook Most Liked: 8–12 words Most Twitter Liked:12 or 14 words
  138. 138. Engage with Audience
  139. 139. Best Practices in Responding to Messages • Read their message carefully • Reply using their name • Reply in a timely fashion
  140. 140. Respond in a Timely Fashion Twitter’s Study
  141. 141. 72% Expect Brands To Respond To Complaints Within 1 Hour
  142. 142. When is your Audience Online?
  143. 143. What time do they live online? Facebook Insights
  144. 144. Klout Helps Predict Posting Time
  145. 145. Klout
  146. 146. Klout Score
  147. 147. Post on 14 Social Media Networks
  148. 148. Find the best content related to your interests and industry
  149. 149. Find and Follow experts in your field
  150. 150. Klout Curate Related Contents
  151. 151. Schedule posts
  152. 152. Klout to Schedule Content
  153. 153. Measure and track your impact
  154. 154. Snip.ly
  155. 155. Use Snip.ly To Drive Traffic From Social Media Posts
  156. 156. Use Snip.ly To Drive Traffic From Social Media Posts Step 1
  157. 157. Step 2 Use Snip.ly To Drive Traffic From Social Media Posts
  158. 158. Step 3 Use Snip.ly To Drive Traffic From Social Media Posts
  159. 159. Step 4 Use Snip.ly To Drive Traffic From Social Media Posts
  160. 160. Hootsuite
  161. 161. Hootsuite helps you manage Social Accounts in 1 window
  162. 162. Add More than One Admin