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Study tips

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Check out these tips to help you study more effectively.

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Study tips

  1. 1. Study Tips Here are some tips to keep you on track for the exam preparation
  2. 2. Study Tip #1 Study Space Find a place that allows you to “zone out” or disconnect from everyone around you so that you can concentrate on your school work.
  3. 3. Study Tip #2 Set your intent Before you start your homework, pause, close your eyes and set your intention for what you hope to achieve in this study session. You could say something like… In this study session I will write, complete, revise, remember, create, test myself on…... Make sure you use a verb….and make its measurable so you know if you achieved it.
  4. 4. Study Tip #3 Get Equipped Make sure you have everything you need for your study session before you start. If you have to stop to go and get something or you don’t have a special piece of equipment it will stop the flow of your study.
  5. 5. Study Tip #4 Breathe…. Take deep breaths regularly throughout the day. It is important to get rid of the stale air in your lungs and to oxygenate your blood. Before you start to study (and especially before an exam) take a few deep breaths to ‘supercharge’ your brain.
  6. 6. Study Tip #5 Water, Water, Water Water is essential for life and because our bodies are made up of at least 60% water, it is essential we drink at least 8 glasses a day. Drinking water during study periods (and exams) is essential. Have a bottle with you all the time and sip it constantly. (Caution: carbonated and energy drinks DON’T COUNT).
  7. 7. Want to get some more tips? If you found these tips to be useful you can get more by checking out the Studyvibe website.