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4Q13 Pencil Shavings, Buenos Aires

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A roundup of Leo Burnett's 4Q13 Global Product Committee (GPC) meeting in Buenos Aires, including links to 7+ work, creative profiles and more.

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4Q13 Pencil Shavings, Buenos Aires

  1. 1. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 A Letter from Mark Dear Friends, The great Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges once observed that “it seems to me a fiction that Buenos Aires was ever founded, as I judge it to be as eternal as the sea and wind.” Every time I visit this timeless and incredibly vibrant city, I feel like I get a little bit closer to understanding his sentiment. Buenos Aires is an easy place to love. Even though I’m still nursing some deep bruises from watching Diego Maradona and his “Hand of God” make short work of my English side during the 1986 World Cup, I can’t help but feel an affinity for the passionate people who make this place such a rich cultural hub. Argentina’s capital has always been a breeding ground for unique ideas, and it’s a place where creativity and fertile imaginations thrive. Maybe it’s the good wine everywhere, or the soft steaks, or the pulse of streets that only truly come alive after nightfall. In any case, it’s always a joy to visit one of South America’s greatest cities, and I’m delighted to share with you the results of a very productive work week. 1
  2. 2. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 At the beginning of November, I joined people from across the planet who descended on Buenos Aires to attend the 16th annual El Ojo de IberoAmerica Festival. El Ojo is a critically important show in Latin America that grows in scope and influence each year. This year, I had the honor of delivering a keynote address entitled ‘Creativity Without Borders’ alongside James Kirkham, founder of Holler / London and Leo Burnett’s new Global Head of Social & Mobile. Delegates from our 4Q13 Global Product Committee and members of LB/WW’s Executive Leadership Team were also at the festival, and our presence left an impression on the thousands of industry delegates from across the region who attended. It was a learning experience for everyone. As multiple GPC members observed as our week concluded, we would all leave Buenos Aires as better professionals, full of inspiration, with some fresh perspective and with our passion for good work rekindled. I think this push for self-improvement is one of the most important consequences of participating in a GPC. The opportunity to see a lot of work en masse, and to be surrounded by smart, talented people affords each of us an opportunity to take a hard look at both ourselves and at our industry. The challenge at hand is to get better. Not for the sake of winning awards, or to earn the praise of our peers, but simply to stay on top of the demands of our business. This is not a profession where anyone can afford to be complacent. Constant change compels us to sharpen our tools, and to consistently recalibrate how we think and work. We must move faster, hit harder, and aim higher. Our clients mandate it. We have to be Always On, living on our toes and pushing ourselves to be more reactive and responsive to moments as they pass. As brands look to engage with people in real-time conversations, the timing of every message becomes increasingly crucial. James Kirkham pointed this out in our keynote presentation, and also noted that since creativity has become democratized, people are essentially acting as media directors for brands. They are not passive recipients of communication: they now produce, share, and critique content, giving them more power and influence than ever before. People choose what they want to engage with. Our ideas and executions must earn the respect and interest of the public, who will ignore us if we assume that our brands have some sort of divine right to their attention. This new dynamic between brands and people requires us to develop new approaches, which we’ll only be able to identify and implement if remain true to one of our most important HumanKind mantras: we are eternal students of human behaviour. 2
  3. 3. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 We study people because their behaviour is at the heart of our business. We use the insights we gather to craft authentic human stories that resonate. Jorge Luis Borges, while not an adman, expressed this attitude perfectly: “A writer - and, I believe, generally all persons - must think that whatever happens to him or her is a resource. All things have been given to us for a purpose, and an artist must feel this more intensely. All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art.” The ability to learn from everything around us, and to find inspiration in the most mundane aspects of life is part of the DNA of everyone who has ever enjoyed any sustained success in our business. Leo Burnett himself stressed that curiosity was “an indispensable quality’ for anyone working in advertising, and he was an example of a man whose open and inquisitive nature led him down unique creative paths. His enduring challenge to us is to go out into the world every single day and learn something new, to act like sponges that soak up the world around us, and then to bring our experiences to bear on the task of producing fresh communication for our clients that people will engage with and respond to. This was the purpose of the Leo Burnett Company in 1935, and it remains our purpose today and in the future, no matter how much the landscape before us changes. I found myself reflecting on these enduring aspects of our company in Argentina as the GPC celebrated its 20 year anniversary, a remarkable milestone considering how profoundly the world has changed in the years since Donald Gunn and Hank Feeley first gathered a group together to review TV spots and print ads. Back in 1993, the World Wide Web was still in its infancy, and mobile phones were awkward, clumsy devices that few people owned. Sweeping changes have since revolutionized our industry, yet the Global Product Committee has weathered the storms and grown to become one of the most iconic and enduring institutions within our agency. The GPC scale is ubiquitous in every Leo Burnett office across the planet, and our signature process of evaluating work has become a part of Leo Burnett’s unique company culture. The GPC serves as a quality control device, which painstakingly evaluates our agency’s creative product to ensure that everything made by Leo Burnett meets a high standard worthy of our name. Each quarter a different group of panelists discusses and debates a sizable cross section of our work, and then assigns each piece a score and offers constructive feedback on improving strategies and refining executions. The goal is to raise the creative bar, and the spirit of the GPC is one of collaboration, support, and shared learning. Each meeting feels like a family reunion, and each quarter, I’m delighted to share this vital process with a new group of Burnetters, because all of us have so much to learn, both from the process and from each other. The GPC helps set the Leo Burnett network apart. 3
  4. 4. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 Best In The World, Bar None Walking into Leo Burnett/Buenos Aires to begin the 4Q13 GPC, we were greeted with the installation below illuminating a corner of the meeting room. This lovely understated piece pays homage to the two decades in which the GPC has served as the Leo Burnett network’s connective tissue, bringing far flung people together to cultivate a shared global standard by putting a laser-sharp focus on our product. The GPC has changed how we see ourselves, and like all great ideas, it’s had a profound and far-reaching impact. This pair of jerseys also serves up a proud reminder of two legendary Argentine footballers who have also forever changed the world. 4
  5. 5. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 Be Audacious I left Argentina thinking about a comment that Brandon Rochon from LB/Chicago made while praising the 8-ball work we saw this quarter from Leo Burnett Tailor Made/São Paulo. “Audacious” is what Brandon called these campaigns from our Brasilian office, and I think his assessment is perfect. “Be Audacious” is one of Brandon’s mantras, and it’s a guiding principle we should all take to heart as we consider the quality of the thinking behind everything we do. Audacious ideas capture people’s attention and demand a response, because they simply can’t be ignored. They open up new possibilities, and force us to rethink tried and tested formulas. Audacious ideas are those gems that will take you from thankless late nights spent toiling over small details to basking in the biggest spotlight on stage at Cannes. Audacious ideas come from people with the courage of their own convictions. These ideas inherently involve some risk, but without risk, there’s no reward, and the rewards are infinitely greater for brave ideas that stand out. I urge all of you to remember this as you consider all the paths you could go down to handle a brief. Are you choosing the safe route? Or could you be a little more audacious? The 7+ work nestled on the following pages is audacious. This quarter’s collection comes from 14 different Leo Burnett offices, spread across the planet, and amongst these ideas are some brilliant and original executions. It’s an interesting cross-section of work, and in totality it reflects the power of a global agency pushing forwards into the future, with each piece representing a unique articulation of our shared HumanKind philosophy. The people and agencies featured in this edition of Pencil Shavings are also brave, iconoclastic, and quite unique, and I urge you to spend some time getting to know some of the brightest stars lighting up our global network. Also included in this edition of Pencil Shavings is a brief summary of the 2013 Agency of the Year. I want to congratulate the amazing team at Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo for the outstanding, unparalleled year they’ve had, which earned them the title of Leo Burnett’s 2013 Agency of the Year. I want to thank Fernando Bellotti, Rafaela Sucari, Lucho Sanchez Zinny, Carmelo Maselli, and everyone at Leo Burnett/Buenos Aires for being wonderful, gracious hosts during our time in their city. Our stay was lovely, and I think all the GPC delegates and the Executive Leadership Team left Buenos Aires quite inspired and refreshed. I’ll leave you for the year with a parting thought from Pope Francis, Time Magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year, who was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and had this to say about living a full life informed by real experience: “You cannot bring home the frontier, but you have to live on the border and be audacious.” Let’s take that to heart. I hope a desire for exploring new horizons carries us forward into 2014. Let’s ignite Creativity Without Borders. Thank you all for all your hard work this year. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. Kind regards, Mark Tutssel Chief Creative Officer Leo Burnett Worldwide 5
  6. 6. GPC 4Q 13 Passion . reativity Fuels C 6
  7. 7. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q Contents 13 The 4Q13 Global Product Committee 8 Leo Burnett Worldwide’s 2013 Agency of the Year 9 The Black Couch Series: FC Vitoria + Hemoba’s “My Blood Is Red & Black” 10 Chocolate & Cream: Brandon Rochon & Adam Kennedy Tackle Samsung 11 LB/Oslo: Come On Into My Kitchen 12 The 4Q13 8-Balls 14 The 4Q13 7+ Gallery 20 Appendix: Cultural Fuel: 4Q13 Argentina 41 “The word “idea” is loosely used in our business to cover anything from a headline or a TV technique to a campaign theme. I have always looked on ideas, however, in a broader way. I feel that a real Idea has a power of its own and a life of its own. It goes beyond ads and campaigns. Properly employed it is often the secret of capturing the imagination of great masses of people and winning “the battle for the uncommitted mind” which is what our business really is all about. When a new idea appears, either as an illuminating flash from one of our people out of the Creative Unknown, or is born after agonizing birth pains, it has always been impossible for me to go to bed and put out the light, so to speak. I have always been driven by a consuming urge to find an expression for it.” 7
  8. 8. GPC 4Q a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e 13 The 4Q13 Global Product Committee Mark Tutssel Worldwide Guilherme Jahara São Paulo Mauricio Sarmiento Bogota Carmelo Maselli Buenos Aires Virgilio Flores Caracas Aviu Polanco Guatemala City Rosalie Geier Chicago Lance Crozier London Bendik Romstad Oslo Alexis Ospina San Jose Luis ‘Lucho’ Sanchez Zinny Buenos Aires German Espitia Bogota Sebastian Garin Mexico City Fernando Hernandez Bogota Adam Kennedy Chicago Tim Green Singapore James Kirkham London / Holler Fuad Ahmad Bangkok Will Pyne London / Holler Brandon Rochon Chicago Juan Franco Bogota Jennifer Skidgel Chicago Laurence Klinger Chicago / Lapiz Marcello Magalhaes São Paulo Fernando Bellotti Latin America Bechara Mouzannar Middle East / North Africa Martin Spillmann Western Europe Steve Chavez Detroit Rodrigo Jatene São Paulo Luis Miguel Prieto Buenos Aires 8
  9. 9. GPC 4Q 13 Leo Burnett Worldwide’s 2013 Agency of the Year: Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo On a cold December night in Chicago, Leo Burnett Worldwide hosted its annual Agency of the Year celebration, to honor and recognize the best performing agencies working in the Leo Burnett global network. The ceremony pays tribute to agencies that are functioning at an extraordinarily high capacity, who are winning new business pitches, increasing their revenue streams, recruiting outstanding people, and bolstering Leo Burnett’s creative reputation by winning awards and recognition at international festivals. In 2013, the following Leo Burnett offices were honored as the network’s contenders for Agency of the Year: Beirut, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Frankfurt & Berlin, Sydney, & São Paulo. All of these offices had outstanding years, but one agency stood above the rest. Congratulations to Leo Burnett Worldwide’s 2013 Agency of the Year: Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo! In 2013, Leo Burnett Tailor Made won nine new accounts, and was the third most awarded Brazilian agency at Cannes. The agency won a total of 110 awards, both national and international, over 12 months, including awards at D&AD, the Clio Awards, the New York Festival, the One Show, El Ojo, El Sol and Fiap. The brilliant Vitória/Hemoba case “My Blood Is Red and Black” was Brazil’s most lauded and award-winning work in 2013. Winning Leo Burnett’s Agency of the Year is a testament to strong leadership and brilliant creative thinking. Leo Burnett Worldwide congratulates all the contending agencies for pushing to be the best in the world, bar none. 9
  10. 10. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 Vitoria FC + Hemoba’s “My Blood Is Red & Black” The Black Couch Series is a quarterly master class discussion hosted during the GPC, where Mark Tutssel and an award-winning creative team delve into the backstory behind notable work. In Buenos Aires, Mark sat down with Rodrigo Jatene, Guilherme Jahara, & Marcello Magalhaes to discuss how Leo Burnett Tailor Made/São Paulo developed one of 2013’s most awarded campaigns, the “My Blood Is Red & Black” initiative for Hemoba + Vitoria FC. In this entertaining dialogue, the team reviewed the challenges they faced in convincing clients to embrace the alteration of an iconic jersey, and also discussed how this act immediately captivated the public’s imagination upon its launch. This fascinating exchange offers a unique window into the highly competitive world of Brasilian advertising, and documents the inspiring journey a great idea takes from start to finish. To view the 4Q13 Black Couch interview on Vimeo, click on this page, and if prompted, enter the password leo. 10
  11. 11. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 Chocolate & Cream: Brandon Rochon & Adam Kennedy Tackle Samsung If you don’t know the creative team that goes by the name Chocolate & Cream, it’s about time to familiarize yourself with Leo Burnett’s Global Creative Directors on the Samsung business. This prolific duo is pushing Samsung to new heights, with a style and humor that’s all their own. Get on board or get out of the way! 11
  12. 12. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 LB/Oslo: Come On Into My Kitchen Rooted in one of the world’s northernmost countries is a small agency that punches way above its weight class. Kitchen / Leo Burnett Oslo is the boutiquesized, but harbors an appetite for big ideas, and its proven track record of success that has made it the partner of some of Norway’s biggest national brands. Over the years, Kitchen’s work has consistently won admirers across the planet, winning top tier awards, and bolstering Leo Burnett’s creative reputation. Perhaps their ongoing success stems from the way the agency hashes out great work around the Kitchen table in between sharing meals together. Or maybe it’s their brilliant and unique leadership team. In a revealing moment of candor during the 4Q13 GPC, Kitchen’s ECD Bendik Romstad informed us that many years ago, before he became an ECD, he was briefly employed as a gogo dancer, clad in short shorts, keeping parties lively well into the wee hours. Perhaps every LB office should take a page from LB/Oslo’s playbook and find a fun-loving gogo dancer destined for greatness. Have a look at some of Kitchen’s 4Q13 7+ work. This office is having fun. 12
  13. 13. GPC 4Q 13 13
  14. 14. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 ball gallery ABTO Bentley Burial Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo Category: Integrated Count Chiquinho Scarpa is an eccentric Brazilian billionaire with a habit of courting controversy through unpredictable acts. He captivated all of Brasil through a single Facebook post announcing that in homage to the Egyptian pharaohs, he had decided to bury his beloved $500,000 Bentley luxury car in his garden. This planned burial instantaneously became fodder for tabloids and talk shows, and the Brasilian public was outraged over the absurdity of such a seemingly wasteful and narcissistic act. Over the course of a week, the Count’s Facebook page documented the burial plans in progress, as the Count dug a large hole in his garden and discussed the details of his Bentley’s Friday morning burial. When the day arrived, the press descended on his home in droves, and the event was televised live to all of Brasil. As the first shovel full of dirt was about to fall, the Count stopped the burial and then made a startling statement before the eyes of the world: “Many people thought this story of burying my Bentley was absurd. The vast majority of people bury things much more valuable than my car. The vast majority of people bury their organs.” This dramatic reveal served as the perfect publicity launch for Organ Donation Week in Brazil, and led directly to a 31.5% increase in organ donors in a single month. 14
  15. 15. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 ball gallery Livraria Da Vila Reading Feeds Project Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo Category: Integrated In a nation where 75% of the population has never been to a library, how do you encourage people to read? Livraria Da Vila, one of Brasil’s largest bookstore chains, created an initiative to encourage literacy by putting books in the hands of a wide swath of people outside the business’s primary demographic. In Brasil, monthly boxes of food are delivered to underprivileged families as a stipend sponsored by both private corporations and the national government. Working in conjunction with this Cesta Nobre program, Livraria Da Vila added one small component to every box full of food staples delivered to families. In addition to beans, rice, sugar, and coffee, the chain put a book in every box, and encouraged its customers to participate in this book drive by donating their used books to the program. The immediate success of the “Reading Feeds Project” led the campaign to expand beyond its initial goals, and a petition is underway to encourage the government to make this new literacy program into law. By distributing literature every month to underserved communities, Livraria Da Vila has changed the literary landscape of Brasil, and encouraged a whole new audience to start reading for pleasure. 15
  16. 16. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 ball gallery Sparebank 1 The Rockapella Band Kitchen / Leo Burnett Oslo Category: Film / Cinema in this hilarious and quirky cinema piece for Sparebank 1, Kitchen / Leo Burnett Oslo tells the true story of Haugums Reviderte, a promising Norwegian rock band from the 1980s whose career was derailed after a ill-timed encounter with a thieving Swede left them without instruments to play and perform with. Booked for gigs but missing the tools to rock out, the group resorted to becoming a “rockapella band”, offering 4-part all-vocal versions of their hard rock tunes. Sadly, their new musical direction wasn’t received well by the general public, and that was the end of the band’s brief foray into rock stardom. This lovingly told story concludes with a tasteful reminder to young audiences to buy insurance from Sparebank 1, to keep your own life from taking a random turn towards absurdity. 16
  17. 17. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 ball gallery Arcor - Bon O Bon Juanjo’s Story Leo Burnett / Buenos Aires Category: Film In this beautifully executed campaign for Mother’s Day, Bon O Bon uses real families and their archival footage and old pictures to explore what maternity looks like in the absence of mothers. In Juanjo’s story, a man notes that his wife’s early death left him to raise their daughter Flor alone, a responsibility he wasn’t initially equipped to handle. But the two of them pulled through, and over the course of this film, the father and daughter talk about their unique relationship and their shared memories, and showcase how love and devotion have helped them to face down every challenge together. The direction and masterful editing of this film leaves you feeling emotional as the brand brings the poignant story to a succinct end with a powerful claim: ‘Sweetness does what biology can’t. Bon O Bon. Sweetness makes you a mom.’ 17
  18. 18. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 ball gallery Arcor - Bon O Bon Mariana’s Story Leo Burnett / Buenos Aires Category: Film In the second spot from this campaign for Bon O Bon, Mariana tells the story of how she become the caretaker of her two younger sisters while still a teenager herself. The sisters remember a few revealing vignettes from their shared past, as Mariana talks about how she regards her own role as a mother to her own siblings: “I always said, when she turns 21, this is done, I’m finished, but then you never really finish. Because it’s not about what you have to do, it’s about what the heart dictates.” This beautifully paced piece is built around authentic dialogue that captures a few potent insights, and the film as a whole perfectly encapsulates the central campaign idea. As one GPC panelist noted, to market chocolates for Mother’s Day by telling the stories of fathers and sisters instead of mothers may initially seem a bit counterintuitive, but each of these executions is flawless and the campaign as a whole is brilliant and beautifully crafted. “Bon O Bon. Sweetness makes you a Mom.” 18
  19. 19. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 ball gallery Arcor - Bon O Bon Lila’s Story Leo Burnett / Buenos Aires Category: Film Lila has cared for and nurtured Jasmine from the moment she was born, becoming the young girl’s most beloved and protective strong maternal role model. This third beautiful film for Bon O Bon showcases how love can transform and connect people, if only we’re open to its sweetness. “Maternity isn’t always born in the delivery room.” “Bon O Bon. Sweetness Makes you a Mom.: 19
  20. 20. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e 7 gallery GPC 4Q 13 + Walmart - Father’s Day Mine Leo Burnett / Buenos Aires Category: Film A new father discovers that his young son has quickly laid claim to everything that he once called his own. In this beautifully written spot, Walmart observes a universal truth: children are possessive creatures. But luckily for parents, Walmart offers great prices for Father’s Day gifts, so that even the most sticky-fingered child can give dad something a father can call “mine.” At least for a while. 20
  21. 21. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + McDonald’s The Precious Minute Leo Burnett / Dubai Category: Film As part of McDonald’s ongoing “Family Time Forever” campaign, this elegant TV spot shows kids sharing special moments with their parents as they practice counting from 1 to 60 in a variety of games and activities. Beautifully shot and crisply edited, with an eye to capturing authentic emotions and interactions, the film concludes when a young child asks his father, “have you got a minute?” ‘Every minute with family is precious. I’m lovin’ it. McDonald’s.’ 21
  22. 22. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + McDonald’s - Ice Cream Pocket Leo Burnett / Istanbul Category: Print A young boy mischievously plots ways to find 1 Turkish Lira to buy a McDonald’s ice cream cone. This print ad earned LB/Istanbul the print Grand Prix at the 2013 Golden Drum Festival. 22
  23. 23. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e 7 gallery GPC 4Q 13 + Fererro - Kinder Joy Mobile Goodness Leo Burnett China / Hong Kong Category: Ambient Kinder Joy is about more than just chocolate; it’s always been a brand that delights children by providing them with unique toys. Building on this brand purpose, Leo Burnett China / Hong Kong designed a mobile toy truck specifically to bring joy to underserved communities in Hong Kong. The truck was fitted with shelves to look like a toy store, and then the vehicle traveled to affluent neighborhoods in Hong Kong for a toy drive, where wealthy families donated their children’s toys to serve as gifts for the less fortunate. Wrapped in special packaging and placed on the shelves, these toys transformed the empty truck into a mobile toy store, which then journeyed to neighborhoods where underprivileged children could walk into the Kinder Mobile Goodness truck and collect a new toy for free. This brilliant act earned the brand fantastic exposure in Hong Kong and helped deliver toys to kids who rarely have the opportunity to purchase them for themselves. This campaign earned LB/Hong Kong the Grand Prize at Hong Kong’s annual Kam Fan awards. 23
  24. 24. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Freeview Tadpoles Leo Burnett / London Category: Film Gorgeous CGI animation drives this TV spot for Freeview, a UK digital television service provider. The film opens with tadpoles dancing onscreen, flitting back and forth in random and sometimes beautifully choreographed motion. A boy with snorkeling gear is staring rapt at the amazing show unfolding before his eyes, as he stands knee deep in a marsh and with his face plunged into the murky water. This beloved spot by Leo Burnett / London has become hugely popular in the UK. ‘Entertainment. It’s even better when it’s free. Freeview.’ 24
  25. 25. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e 7 gallery GPC 4Q 13 + Samsung - Galaxy Note 3 The Developer Leo Burnett / Los Angeles Category: Film This hauntingly beautiful spot for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 went viral immediately upon its release, a testament to the gorgeous filmmaking and lush sound design propelling this story forward. At the heart of this piece is a striking rendition of Lorde’s global #1 hit song “Royals,” performed here by a diverse cast of Dickensian children warily eying the arrival of a mysterious man who intends to transform their neighborhood. As the developer strolls through this dilapidated section of Barcelona, making calls and using his Galaxy Note 3 to plot out a large scale building project, the kids sing poignant lyrics as construction cranes rip down the buildings around them. “And we’ll never be royals; it don’t run in our blood, That kind of luxe just ain’t for us; we crave a different kind of buzz.. Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen Bee; And baby I’ll rule...Let me live that fantasy.” When the dust settles from the construction and the kids emerge to behold the new landscape, they find themselves eye to eye with football legend Lionel Messi on a brand new pitch built for them by the Messi Foundation. Using Samsung devices, Messi has reshaped their world, and shown them that with the right tools, anything is possible. ‘Samsung. Galaxy Note 3 + Gear. Design Your Life.’ 25
  26. 26. GPC 4Q a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e 7 gallery 13 + Falabella Save Your Sole Leo Burnett / Bogota Category: Design (Poster) To launch the new 2013 sneaker collection at Falabella, one of Latin America’s largest department stores, Leo Burnett Bogota launched a campaign targeting young people, employing the tag line “only for believers” to reach kids fanatically devoted to their footwear. At the heart of the campaign was an impeccably designed shoe deity, whose form was constructed entirely out of iconic sneaker elements, and who appeared in store posters. This beautifully crafted design work led to strong sales. ‘New Sneakers Collection 2013. Save Your Sole. Only for Believers. Only at Falabella.’ 26
  27. 27. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e 7 gallery GPC 4Q 13 + Puma Japan Run Navi Beacon / Leo Burnett Tokyo Category: Interactive (Cell Phone App) How does an athletic wear brand launch a running app that can compete with the ground-breaking success of Nike Plus? Nike’s innovations have defined the category for years, and the task of carving out a unique space for competing brands is a tough brief. Beacon / Leo Burnett Tokyo took this challenge head on and created Run Navi, an app for Puma designed to help people “run with curiosity.” Run Navi does more than measure the distance, pace, and impact of a run; it creates customized routes for runners depending on their daily moods and what they want to see along the way. It enables people to help populate the app with course information, and encourages users to break out of their routines and diversify their routes. Puma believes each run should be a joy and an exploration. This popular app was downloaded 100,000 times in three weeks, and has made “run with curiosity” a strong Puma counterpoint to Nike. 27
  28. 28. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Statens Vegvesen Fast and Safe Kitchen / Leo Burnett Oslo Category: Promo & Activation In an effort to convince young, rebellious drivers to wear seatbelts in Norway, Kitchen / Leo Burnett Oslo worked with a movie theater on an attention-getting PR stunt that leveraged the global popularity of the Fast & the Furious movie franchise. When Fast & Furious 6 launched in Norway, the agency placed seatbelts on every single seat in a movie theater that was screening the film, and when the opening previews ran, a message appeared saying that the movie would not begin until everyone in the theater buckled up. Once everyone had complied, a cheer broke out and the movie began. This brilliant publicity stunt reached young people at an opportune moment and conveyed a potent and timely message about personal responsibility and safety on the road. 28
  29. 29. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e 7 gallery GPC 4Q 13 + Diageo - Bulleit Bourbon Anti-Established Leo Burnett / Sydney Category: Film / Cinema This stunning film for Bulleit Bourbon is a triumph of meticulous copywriting and fine craftsmanship. Every shot has been parsed and pored over, the soundtrack perfectly layered, and each word picked to shape an evocative story about the values of a brand steeped in history and tradition. Few brands lay claim to such a distinct ethos: “No one ever marked it down, but that doesn’t stop a few of us from mourning it; the day when all the shiny things began to blind us; when identical became ideal, disposable somehow desirable; iron and oak brought to their knees by a plastic army. A sad day indeed for the finer things, for theirs is a voice that refuses to scream, an urgent whisper lost on many, but not on us. We still feel the earth beneath our feet, we fight for the flawed, and don’t forget the forgotten. We are not many, but we will forge progress from the past. We may never know how the most efficent way became the right way, but if it is, we’ll stick to doing things the wrong way.” Bulleit Bourbon. Anti-established. 29
  30. 30. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Diageo - Smirnoff Vodka Comets Leo Burnett / Sydney Category: Film / Cinema In this beautifully shot cinema piece for Diageo, four skydivers framed in flames descend from the heavens as witnesses below watch them fall to the earth. They land in an open field, then strip off their parachutes and gear and walk to an epic party where they are welcomed as beloved long lost friends. As they arrive the beat drops on a stark remix of Lana Del Rey’s hit song “Videogame”. From streaking across the sky like comments to soaking up the sounds on a bumping party dancefloor, these four women make their presence felt the minute they walk in the door. ‘Smirnoff Double Black. Arrive Boldly.’ 30
  31. 31. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Diageo - Bundaberg 125 Bundy 125 Leo Burnett / Sydney Category: Poster This lovely poster commemorates Bundaberg Rum’s rich, 125 year old history in Australia. Look closely and you’ll see icons from Bundy’s past campaigns interwoven into the tableau, dramatizing the brand’s rich heritage and legacy and showcasing how the brand has captivated the imagination of Australians for over a century. 31
  32. 32. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Whyte & Mackay - Jura Whiskey The Lost Island Holler / Leo Burnett London Category: Interactive (Twitter) When Google Maps inexplicably ‘lost’ the tiny island of Jura, Holler / Leo Burnett London seized the opportunity to launch a campaign on Twitter on behalf of Jura Whiskey. Given that Jura Whiskey is famous the world over, even if the island is notoriously hard to find, Holler asked the Twitter community to send in the coordinates of the lost island for a chance to win a 16-year old bottle of Jura’s most famous export. The response from the internet helped generate a wave of publicity for the brand, and Holler / Leo Burnett London holds up the campaign as an example of ‘marketing the moment,’ or taking advantage of a singular opportunity that could only be utilized at a particular moment in time. 32
  33. 33. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + EDP Foundation A Brochure Made Entirely Without Energy Leo Burnett / Lisbon Category: Design The EDP Foundation is a Portuguese organization that strives to educate people and raise awareness about sustainable practices. The group teaches and shares information and also advocates for responsible consumption. Tasked with producing a brochure for this environmentally-conscious client, Leo Burnett / Lisbon crafted a brochure without using any electricity in the process. Harkening back to an earlier era, the agency employed a variety of techniques to design and print a truly unique brochure, while asking people to consider how they use energy and whether they could be more efficient. Everything from the paper this brochure was printed on, to the ink on the page, to laying out the type and duplicating the document was done without electricity. The GPC praised the agency’s strong commitment to this idea, and the panel loved the actual document. 33
  34. 34. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + 7-Eleven Napkin Leo Burnett China / Hong Kong Category: Design / POS 7-Eleven is mostly known as a convenience shop, but the chain also sells a variety of hot foods alongside the everyday items sold in stores. To promote 7-Eleven’s food culture, Leo Burnett China / Hong Kong designed a unique ‘magazine’ discussing local news and culture, and printed it on napkin paper, so that the publication could also serve as a usable napkin for people eating at 7-Eleven. The 4Q13 GPC admired the impeccable design of these napkins, and also appreciated their dual functionality. 34
  35. 35. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Kellogg’s - Special K More Than A Number Leo Burnett / Chicago Category: Integrated Kellogg’s Special K has always been an ally for women who want to feel good about their bodies. To drive this point home, Leo Burnett/Chicago planned an integrated campaign around a novel idea. For one day in July, Special K staged a “unique denim experience” at a fashionable Chicago jeans boutique. As shoppers browsed the merchandise during this event, they noticed that all the size numbers on the jeans had been removed, and were replaced with complimentary characteristics instead of digits. Special measuring tapes were used to determine if a woman was a size “stunning” or a size “vivacious.” The event was filmed and the footage was used in a lovely TV spot for Special K. This unique initiative also generated great PR, and exemplified what the brand means when it asks women “what will you gain when you lose.” No one can be reduced down to a size or number. 35
  36. 36. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Samsung - Galaxy S4 Wind Chimes In A Bakery Leo Burnett / Kuala Lumpur Category: Integrated Korean soap operas are hugely popular in Malaysia, with a wide-ranging appeal across multiple demographics. LB/Kuala Lumpur used this fact to develop a popular original drama series called “Wind Chimes In A Bakery”, which tells the story of a couple whose relationship was tragically cut short by the sudden unexpected death of Sue, the female lead. Adam, Sue’s lover, is devastated, and the only thing he has to remember her by is her Samsung Galaxy S4, which happens to be packed with haunting videos and images of their lives together. Over the course of multiple episodes on YouTube, Adam delves into Sue’s phone, and the story of their love affair unfolds into a narrative ripe with melodrama that deftly follows all the well-loved conventions of Korean soap operas. This campaign was hugely popular and enormously successful, and the panel loved how the phone itself serves a central role in the plot. Fantastic writing and filmmaking made this campaign stand out. 36
  37. 37. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Posten Giving Is The Gift Kitchen / Leo Burnett Oslo Category: Integrated The beautiful integrated campaign for Posten, the Norwegian postal service, is a fantastic example of HumanKind thinking. Rather than concentrating on what the postal service does (it delivers mail and packages), Kitchen / Leo Burnett Oslo created a campaign centered on what Posten’s services mean to people. Posten gives Norwegians the opportunity to express themselves by giving gifts to each other. The campaign launched with a touching film perfectly expressing this idea. The activation component then provided people with the opportunity to nominate someone who they wanted to give a gift to. Posten then delivered the gift, and filmed how recipients greeted the arrival of these packages. The footage was uploaded to a central web hub, showcasing all the ways people chose to interact with this campaign idea. This work was hugely popular throughout Norway. 37
  38. 38. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Leo Burnett Colombiana Pencil Leo Burnett / Bogotá Category: Design (Direct Mail) This beautifully designed direct mail piece, crafted by LB/Bogotá, celebrates Leo Burnett’s iconic big black pencils. Clients could open the package, then roll up the message, sharpen it in a pencil sharpener, and then write with this makeshift pencil. Bravo! 38
  39. 39. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + Procter & Gamble - Tide Plus Tide Plus Bottles Arc / Chicago Category: Design (Packaging) The 4Q13 GPC praised these Tide Plus bottle prototypes, and multiple panelists asserted that these bottles will likely fly off the shelves the moment they’re sold in stores. Congratulations to the design team who labored long and hard to get this approved. The level of detailing is impressive. 39
  40. 40. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 7 gallery + CCSP – CLUBE DE CRIACAO DE SÃO PAULO 37th Brazilian Creative Annual Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo Category: Design Every year for the last 37 years, the Creative Club of São Paulo enlists a talented team to design and compile a creative annual for industry professionals. The task of desiging this book is a prestigious honor, and this year, Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo was chosen to create the CCSP annual. The idea behind the unique aesthetic of this publication is simple: great creative people see the world through the eyes of a child, full of wonder, and with a youthful mentality that colors how they perceive the world and their work. This idea was succinctly expressed through art direction style and a visual tonality that the 4Q13 GPC loved. 40
  41. 41. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 4Q 13 Appendix: Cultural Fuel - 4Q13 Argentina We are eternal students of human behaviour. Every quarter the GPC finds inspiration in the art, people, and traditions that make up the cultural landscape of the meeting’s host country. There is profound beauty and provocative insights available to anyone who digs into the work produced by a nation’s artisans and icons. While the verve of Buenos Aires is impossible to capture in a small cross section of music and literature, you might still get a sense of the place by sampling the lush sounds produced by the Bajofondo Tango Club and poring over the writings of Jorge Luis Borges. Bajofondo Tango Club From Blogcritics.org by Jack Goodstein “It is easy to understand [Bajofondo] co-founder Gustavo Santaolalla’s refusal to be pigeonholed [as electrotango]: “Bajofondo makes Bajofondo music,” he says. “What we do is neither tango nor electronica. We believe we do music of the Río de la Plata, and if you want to create a music that represents what places like Buenos Aires and Montevideo sound like, obviously genres such as tango, murga, milonga, and candombe are going to be present… But the 40-year history of Argentine and Uruguayan rock, and the 30-year plus history of hip hop and electronica in those places are also part of the map.” Add elements of jazz and some modern classical influences to the dynamic mix and you’ve got a more accurate idea of what Bajofondo music is all about.” Click on an album cover to listen to Bajofondo on YouTube. The Collected Writings of Jorge Luis Borges Click on the image of Jorge Luis Borges to the left to be taken to a PDF containing the collected fiction of Argentina’s most celebrated writer, translated into English by Andrew Hurley. Borges famous and influential short stories can be read here online, such as The Garden of Forking Paths, The Circular Ruins, The Aleph, The Library of Babel, The Immortal, etc. Renowned and revered around the world, Borges had an immeasurable impact on the literature of the 20th century. The 1935 publication of his work A Universal History of Infamy helped give birth to the literary genre of magical realism. This masterful storyteller was one of Argentina’s leading lights throughout his life, and even after his death in 1986, his work and reputation continue to grow in stature. 41