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Encouraging leisure reading at Loughborough

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Encouraging leisure reading at Loughborough

  1. 1. Encouraging leisure reading at Loughborough: a three-pronged approach and why handing over the Student Book Club baton is a positive step SHARON REID
  2. 2. Book Doctoring Discuss in pairs and feedback to the rest of the group: “…………made me feel better because…………”
  3. 3. Why leisure reading at Loughborough? • Sound pedagogical reasons: “Frequency of reading for pleasure correlates strongly with academic achievement” (1) • Proven mental health benefits: “Research shows that reading improves mental wellbeing, and reduces stress levels by 67%” (2) (1). National Endowment for the Arts (2007) To read or not to read: a question of national consequence. Washington: National Endowment for the Arts (2). Galaxy Research, Mindlab International, 2009, cited by The Reading Agency Reading Well. [Online]. Available at: http://readingagency.org.uk/adults/quick- guides/reading-well/ (Accessed: 4 December 2013)
  4. 4. • Student Book Club • Leisure Reading Collection • BookCrossing • World Book Night • Radar (University book club) • Spread the word: Internal events; conferences; local radio; partnership with public library service Library-wide Reading Development Group All guns blazing!
  5. 5. Leisure Reading Collection
  6. 6. • Standalone Collection with bespoke shelving and comfortable seating area • Wide range of genres + Mood-boosting titles + self-help Books-on-Prescription titles • Annual budget of £300 plus £5000 from a bid for sustainable funding 972 leisure reading titles
  7. 7. • Wicker baskets across campus • 3019 books registered to date • Advertise for donations • Restocking rota replaced by ad hoc arrangement • “I’m free! Pick me up!” logo to raise visibility
  8. 8. The book is advertised as hilarious etc, but it made me cry. It could so easily have been about my family …Thank you, Natasha, for writing this book and thank you, Loughborough University, for enabling me to see it while I was waiting for coffee. I will pass it on to others in the family. Picked the book up in Hue [sic], read it through Vietnam and Indonesia. Left the book in Six Degrees Hostel, Jakarta. “ ” “ ”
  9. 9. Student Book Club
  10. 10. Themed official launch
  11. 11. Weighing it up Pros Cons Fluctuating attendance Staff time Financial constraints Engagement Positive feedback Fun to do!
  12. 12. “To join a club that doesn't have a drinking culture” “I prefer the library running the club, it involves the librarians and the students. The librarians act as a mediator for the club. And I love the team in the library.” “I'm on placement this year but am hoping it is still running when I get back! It was how I met my boyfriend :)” “To encourage me to read for pleasure more regularly” 100% of respondents
  13. 13. Offering the Student Book Club… to the Student Union
  14. 14. Mood-boosting tree for University Mental Health & Wellbeing Day Other stuff …
  15. 15. World Book Night
  16. 16. • Leisure reading collections • Student book clubs • Book-sharing • Encouraging reading Your top leisure reading tips!
  17. 17. Inspiring Winners Since 1909 Thank you! Sharon Reid s.d.reid@lboro.ac.uk
  18. 18. “A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold” Henry Miller The Books in my Life, 1969

Notas do Editor

  • Encouraging students to up their game with a good book
  • Partnership with Radar – University book club
    attend book club meetings
    advertise club via blog entries
    book supply: North Charnwood Reading Group Cluster
  • £1500 residual funding provided to kick-start the Collection
  • Hello!
    4 baskets -  Martin Hall, Business School, Bridgeman and S Building.
    3019 to date
    No rota.  Jen often takes books down to Martin Hall as she is down there a lot.  The others get done by members of the UST on Friday afternoons when I can spare them (after Matt leaves at 4pm hahaha).
    I do advertise on the ‘for sale and wanted’ and I’m going to get Steven to do it on the social media platforms as well. 
  • Facebook Group
  • An official launch each year
    Leisure Reading Champions (students)
    Adding variety into meetings – film tie-ins, book swaps, themed refreshments, games
    Promotion is key - introductory packs, roll-up banner, World Book Night, induction, etc.

    Also, outings – cinema (film tie-ins), meal, tenpin bowling

  • Why? Despite the positive feedback in support of a Library-run Club, the aim when first setting up the Club was for the Library to get it up and running with the students then taking over its management and facilitation. For this reason and also taking into consideration the financial and staffing implications for the Library of supporting the Club, the decision was made at the end of the academic year to ask the Student Union to recreate the Club as an official LSU Society. This is currently in discussion with Sam Hill, Societies Executive Officer.

    Although the book club has run successfully we do believe that students may feel more inclined to engage with the club in greater numbers and on a regular basis if an element of ‘ownership’ towards it can be encouraged.
  • We asked you to name the book or novel that has done the most to lift your spirits or boost your mood, and to write down why and then stick it on the tree.
  • World Book Night.
  • What do you do / have you tried / want to try…?

    Book Clubs: Film-tie ins
    Leisure reading collections: Graphic novels (resonate with boys)