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Master Health Psychology

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Master Health Psychology

  1. 1. Welcome to theMaster in PsychologySpecialization Health Psychology Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  2. 2. What can you do with an MSc health psychology?Health promotion Psychological care in chronic disease Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  3. 3. Professional perspectives• Community health centers (GG & GD)• National health funds• Government• Rehabilitation centers Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  4. 4. Professional perspectives• General hospital• Medical psychology settings• Companies• Primary health care settings• Research institutes (e.g. RIVM, NIVEL, TNO) & universities Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  5. 5. What do you need to do afterwards…..• You CAN proceed with the Post Master training• This is the case for all students who do Clinical, C&A or Clin.Neuro Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  6. 6. Postmaster BIG programmes GZ-psychologist Child/adults Clinical 2 yr psychologist Master 4 yr 1 yrBachelor CP 3 yr HP Psychotherapist CNP Clinical neuro- Child/Adults CAP psychologist 4 yr 4 yr (3 yr for GZ) Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  7. 7. Post-master training programs at the moment• Health care psychologist PDO ‘GZ-psycholoog’ (adult) (many applicants, few places)• PDO ‘Psychotherapeut’ (Adults)• PhD-study• Specific therapy-training programs (e.g. Cognitive-behavior therapy, client-centred therapy)• Please note that additional requirements have to be met Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  8. 8. Additional requirements postmaster programmesObligatory for postmaster GZ-psycholoog:• Organisation and legal and ethical aspects of the health care system (is part of your internship)• Internship of at least 520 hours (20 ECTS) with supervised assessment and treatment• Three diagnostic cases with diverse assessment questions and diagnostic instruments and supervised by a licensed supervisor (BAPD) Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  9. 9. Additional requirements postmaster programmesObligatory* for postmaster Psychotherapeut:• Cultural aspects of health and health care given in sem 2 period 2• Seksuologie given sem 2 period 1• Biopsychopathology and psychopharmacology given in Sem 1, period 1• Internship of at least 240 hours (10 ECTS) with supervised assessment and treatment* No strict requirement Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  10. 10. What does the health psychology program look like? Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  11. 11. MSc Program Health Psychology Standard Alternative• Mandatory courses 20 ec 20 ec• Electives 0 ec 10 ec• Internship 20* ec 10 ec• Thesis 20 ec 20 ec* incl. Organisational, ethical & legal aspects of health care (+ BAPD) Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  12. 12. Health psychology programma (start Sept 2012)September October November December January February March April May June36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27BTS (5) CBI (5)HPDP (5) PAICD (5) Thesis (20) Internship (20)BTS (5) CBI (5) Elective HPiP (5) Possible elective (5)HPDP (5) PAICD (5) Internship (10) Thesis (20) TCCS (10) IBV internship (10) Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  13. 13. Basic therapeutic skills• 2x yearly• 1 two-hour lecture on what patients need from a therapeutic relationship in order to benefit from treatment.• 14 three-hour workgroups on training in basic therapeutic skills, such as handling a psychotherapeutic relationship, formulating a treatment plan, monitoring and evaluating the process of treatment, treatment termination• Workgroups will be in English and Dutch (Tue-Thu)• Separate lecture and workgroups for health psychology and clinical psychology• Coordinator: Veronica JanssenAct.code: Lect 4781, Int: 6855, Dutch: 9435 Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  14. 14. Cognitive-behavioral interventions• 2x yearly• 7 two-hour lectures on general aspects of cognitive-behavior therapy and specific interventions for different psychopathologies• 14 four-hour workgroups on training in basic cognitive-behavioral interventions, such as, case formulation, exposure, response prevention, and changing negative thoughts• Applying these interventions as an apprentice therapist with one of the fellow students• Workgroups will be in English and Dutch (Tue-Thu)• Separate workgroups for health psychology and clinical psychology• Coordinator: Véronique de GuchtAct.code: Lect: 1964, Int: 2627, Dutch: 2636 Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  15. 15. Health promotion & disease prevention • 1x yearly • 4 two-hour lectures on recent insights into theory- and evidence- based health promotion and a systematic approach to design and implement effective interventions. • 7 three-hour workgroups, where students will work in groups to design an intervention aimed at improving health. In a final step, they will implement and evaluate part of the intervention in a real- life situation. • English and Dutch spoken workgroups will be given on Thursdays or Fridays, the groups will be made in the first lecture. • Coordinator: Winnie Gebhardt Act.code: lect 4837, workgroups all: 5808 Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  16. 16. Psychological assessment and interventions in chronic disease• 1x yearly• 7 two-hour lectures on the epidemiology of, and specific psychosocial problems associated with a variety of chronic diseases. Disease- specific psychosocial intervention strategies for the enhancement of quality of life and/or self-management are addressed.• 7 three-hour workgroups where the use of different assessment instruments are trained and the practical use of specific intervention strategies in patients with chronic disease are addressed.• English(Wed) and Dutch-spoken (Thu) workgroups are given• Coordinator: Véronique de Gucht Act.code: Lect: 4838, All 6007-6008 Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  17. 17. Master thesis• A thesis-information-meeting will be held in October, you will get a personal invitation by Umail• Topics will be presented and you can indicate your topics of interest• You will be allocated and than you talk to the corresponding staff member in order to choose a specific topic together• There are 2 presentations – Oral presentation of research proposal (2nd week of Feb 2013) – Poster presentation of results (2nd week of June 2013)• There are 2 deadlines scheduled: – handing in the research proposal (before March 1, 2013) – Handing in final thesis (end of June 2013)• Thesis coordinator: Margot van der Doef Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  18. 18. Internship• An internship-info-meeting will be held in October• Preferably you start an internship after you finished most your courses and most of your thesis• The timing (nr. of days a week) of the internship is flexible, and depends on the wishes of you and the organization.• Finding a place: finding one yourself or apply to listed organisations. Criteria in internship manual (BB  MSc Health psychology general internship).• International students can do a practical internship (10 or 20 ec) or a research internship (10 ec) or combine their thesis with an internship. In case of a 10 ec internship 5 ec electives and Health Psychology in Practice (5 ec) are required.• Internship coordinator: Chris Verhoeven Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  19. 19. What courses can you take besides the ‘mandatory’ program? Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  20. 20. ElectivesThere is not much time to do extra coursesBUT• List of electives in e-guide (from own & other specialisations)• Electives from specialisations within psychology• Health psychology in Practice is recommended if you decide to choose electives Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  21. 21. Preparatory course inMethodology and Statistics• International students and external students who would like to update their knowledge and/or skills in statistics can do a course in the first semester, to be prepared for the thesis process.• Leiden BA students can do the course if the think they need it.• If it was a requirement in your admission, you need to pass the course (≥ 5,5)• Course runs from Sept to Dec. Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  22. 22. Master committee (MOC)There is a Master Comittee responsible for all kinds of issues thatare important for the master programs (p.e. evaluation of thecourses, standardization of regulations between specializations,information stream bottom-up, etc)Each specialisation is represented by 1 Dutch-speaking student, 1lecturer and an international representative. Who would like to join the MOC? Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  23. 23. Mentor-system• Students will get a personal mentor• Mentorship is obligatory (no ec’s)• Three meetings a year• You get an invitation for your first meeting soonAim:• To discuss choices within the master program (e.g. electives)• To discuss problems with the study (e.g. progress or organisational problems)• To discuss future perspectives (e.g. internship, postmaster courses)• To get referred to the right persons Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  24. 24. Procedure to subscribeSubscribing with Usis for 1st semester courses of 2012-2013 will be possible this afternoon between 12.00-15.00 hours• In January 2013 you subscribe for the courses of the 2nd semester• Read carefully in Usis the remarks (e.g. “Students Health Psychology”, “international students”, “English”), so you subscribe to the right coursegroup (remember the act.codes of the courses)• If Usis reports for a chosen elective: “Full” or “waiting list” there is a realistic possibility that you can not follow the course. However if it is a mandatory course you will always be placed. Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  25. 25. Basics• Secretariate Clinical and Health psychology (2B57): You can address them with questions regarding your workgroups, results of exams, etc.• Usis: You need that function to subscribe for courses, check your grades, subscribe for exams (10 calendar days in advance of the exam!)• Studentnumber: if you have not received that yet, contact the onderwijsdienst or the International Office immediately. For subscription: Mrs. De Groot 2A55• Blackboard: there you find the latest info on courses, results from exams, assignments for workgroups…. You enrol yourself Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  26. 26. Basics• Umail: use your umail address for all correspondence with the university (forward it to your personal mail if you don’t check it regularly)… the university will use umail for important messages• Apply for graduation at the onderwijsdienst: There are 5 moments a year to graduate (last Wednesday in: Sept, Nov, Feb, April, June). Two month before graduation all grades need to be handed in. Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  27. 27. Welcome drinkBeginning of next week you will getan invitation for a drink Perfect opportunity to meet fellow students (also Feb group) & staff!! Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology
  28. 28. Questions?? Leiden/ August 30, 2012 /Health Psychology