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Successful Happy Lawyering

Increase Your Bottom Line and Well-Being.
Bringing years of experience with prominent law firms around the US.
Actionable Insights...
On Making Conscious Choices.
On Being Open-Minded.
On Being Proactive.
On Being Innovative.

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Successful Happy Lawyering

  1. 1. Successful {Happy} Lawyering: Increase Your Bottom Line and Well-Being Presented to: OC Specialty Lawyers Guild Presented by: by Lee Broekman and Judith Gordon Organic Communication Wednesday, November 11, 2015
  2. 2. Start with the Stats  In a study of more than 100 occupations, lawyers had the highest rate of depression.  Lawyers are almost four times more likely to experience depression than the general population. Average Depression Rates: 6.5% of US Adults, 20% of lawyers, 40% of law students.  One in four lawyers experience anxiety or social alienation at much higher rates than the population at large.  Surveys of lawyers in Washington and Arizona reveal that most lawyers suffering from depression also experience suicidal ideation.
  3. 3. Start with the Stats  A disproportionate number of lawyers commit suicide. Suicide ranks among the leading causes of premature death among lawyers.  18-20% of lawyers abuse drugs (as compared to 8-10% of the general population).  25% of lawyers facing disciplinary actions are found to be abusing drugs or alcohol and suffering from some form of psychopathology.
  4. 4. Start with the Stats  Of cases that involve alcohol and drug abuse, approximately  50% are associated with depression  33% involve illegal drugs, prescriptions, sex, and gambling  15% are associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder  People who work more than 50 hours per week are 3x more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol than people who work less. Competitive pressure exacerbates drug/alcohol abuse and rates of psychopathology.
  5. 5. Start with the Stats  70% of lawyers who are dependent on drugs and alcohol strongly believe that they can actually handle this problem on their own.  40% of lawyers fear that getting treatment will have a negative impact on their career and reputation among peers, judges and clients.
  6. 6. Wheel Of Life CTI Coaches Training Institute
  7. 7. Professional Wheel Of Life CTI Coaches Training Institute
  8. 8. Daily Habits
  9. 9. “Without ________ life would suck.” value Values Clarification Accomplishment Achievement/Advancement Adventure Ambition Artistic Autonomy Balance Belonging Broad or Open-mindedness Caring Cleanliness Comfortable Life Contribution Conformity Control Courage Courteousness Creativity Dependability Economic security Education Equality Fame Family Freedom Fun Generosity Genuineness Harmony Honesty Independence Influence Improving society Integrity Intellect Imagination Joy Learning Leisure Love Loyalty Nature Peace Personal development Pleasure Power/Prestige Quality Recognition Reliable Respect Security Stability Status Success Teamwork
  10. 10. Actionable Insights On Being Authentic #4 - When you are authentic in your interactions, you build trust, likeability, and turn contacts into meaningful business relationships. #5 - Authentic business relationships underpin, sustain, and grow an attorney’s book of business. #10 - Legal work is most meaningful when it is connected with your values. #16 - Identify what matters to you most, then craft a practice and a life that align with your priorities. #19 - Check-in: What is your definition of success? What does it include beyond your professional life?
  11. 11. Actionable Insights On Making Conscious Choices #29 - You create the world in which you live and work with each choice you make. Your choices precede, then lead you, wherever you go. #31 - The moment you recognize that your choices create your circumstances, you are free to make choices that serve you. #33 - Do you catch yourself saying, “But I have no choice?” #34 - It's never too late to make new choices. It is your responsibility to make choices that improve your life. #36 - Own your choices; this puts you in charge of your life. #38 - Know that you can change anything that concerns your thoughts and actions. #47 - Only you can take care of yourself. Any choice that reflects self-care is one that serves you, your firm, your clients, and your family. #51 - Law firms are high-stress environments. To be calm amidst the chaos, before reacting, ask: “What is the result I want?”
  12. 12. Actionable Insights On Being Open-Minded #62 - Being open-minded means suspending judgment in your daily practice and replacing it with curiosity. #69 - When we make judgments based on either/ or and this-or-that, we limit our thinking as attorneys to come up with outstanding outcomes. #71 - To open your mind to new solutions, imagine at least four different perspectives to the situation facing you (instead of just two). #84 - An open mind allows us to address clients’ unmet needs.
  13. 13. Actionable Insights On Being Proactive #86 - Proactive lawyers respond to change and challenges with new strategies and innovative approaches. #87 - Lawyer A: “How’s it going?” Lawyer B: “It’s going.” Lawyer A: “Is it going in the direction you want?” Lawyer B: “Huh?” What’s your answer? #100 - Practice detached involvement. This means that we keep our emotional distance while staying intellectually engaged. #111 - Challenging people and situations show up in our lives to provide us with opportunities to practice being proactive. #112 - We’re not challenged by people and situations. We’re challenged by our (in)ability to listen attentively and communicate proactively.
  14. 14. Actionable Insights On Being Innovative #115 - Being innovative means applying curiosity to your legal analysis. #116 - New clients, new cases, and new deals all require new thinking. #119 - Originality is the foundation of innovative legal thinking. #123 - Successful attorneys develop innovative partnerships and collaborative efforts. #138 - Lawyers are taught to be analytical. Analytical thinking does not preclude creative problem-solving.
  15. 15. In Summary “The intersection of satisfaction and success is the ‘sweet spot’ of life.” --Dean Gilbert A. Holmes Is there a secret to being a happy, successful lawyer? If there is, it is this: • Be who you are and align your values with your practice, • Make all of your relationships—with in-house counsel, outside counsel, opposing counsel, colleagues, peers, management, and subordinates— authentic. To “have it all"—a profitable career and a great life—we need practices that support both.
  16. 16. THANK YOU Lee Broekman  818-212-9196 Lee@OrganicComm.com Judith Gordon  310-968-7270 Judith@OrganicComm.com