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Stress Help

  1. T HE S ATORI W EST L IFE C LUB From “Crunch” to “Ahh” How to Manage Stress and Find Utter Fulfillment.
  2. Is this you? Struggling to get ahead in life. Working to please your boss or customers? Trying to do what is right for your family. Need to take better care of yourself. Know that life outside of work is a full-time job. Feel time flying by too fast…
  3. Facts You Could Have Guessed Stress can… Damage your health Lower your immunity Shrivel your brain Estimates are 80% of visits to primary care doctors are for issues related to stress and the lifestyle choices it causes people to make.
  4. Facts You Could Have Guessed Stress can ruin your quality of life.
  5. Facts You Could Have Guessed 40% of workers report their job is "very or extremely" stressful. According to the American Psychological Association >50% of Americans are concerned about the level of stress in their everyday lives.
  6. Managing life, transforming lives. The right plan for the right time. Now.
  7. Managing life, transforming lives. Stress Management: The pressure of “crunch” becomes the “aaahhhh” of relief. Fulfillment: The journey to your highest self. Wellness: Manage complex lives while finding extraordinary wellbeing.
  8. The Plan = Brain skills + Wellness + Membership Physical Inshifting Spiritual Mental Inshifting Inshifting Moral Social Inshifting Inshifting Cultural (modern life) Inshifting
  9. . Strong Evidence for Mindfulness or “Inshifting” Brain Training Reduces Rumination- meaning it helps you stop chewing over your problems and making yourself sick. Lifts Mood: Reduces stress, depression, anxiety and physical distress. Lifts your mood and gives you more stable moods. Improves Focus and Information processing: In military recruits, improved their memory and focus and information processing speed. Improves Flexibility: Think more creatively and get unstuck from habits of thinking and behavior. Improves Relationships: It improves your ability to deal with relationship stress, helps you communicate better, protects the brain against relationship stress, helps you be better at expressing yourself in different social situations. The better you are at being aware, the more predictive it is of relationship satisfaction. Raises Physical Wellness. improve your health, raise your immunity and give you a greater sense of physical wellbeing. Changes Personality: Many studies show that mindfulness can improve self-insight, morality and intuition.
  10. Membership . Wholistic and integrated approach. A path to inner peace and joy. Brings together all the areas of your life and wellness. Evidence and scientifically-based. Trains your brain.
  11. Membership . Professional life and wellness guidance. Share your life’s journey with a small group. Personal LifeCoach attention.
  12. Professionally designed JEFF SKOLNICK, MD, PHD Experienced Zen Meditator Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Doctorate in Natural Health Science Brain Researcher Author Founder Copyright SatoriWest 11/21/2013