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MCU -Letter of Recommendation

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MCU -Letter of Recommendation

  1. 1. July 25, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: Leah and I have worked with each other since03/10/2014 atMarineCredit Union located downtown Eau Claire, WI. I have had the pleasureof being Leah’s directsupervisor sinceher hiredate and I could not be happier with her performance and commitment to providingexcellentresults in everything she does. MarineCredit Union has 5 Core Values which are not only encouraged but expected from each and every employee. These Core Values are the following:Accountable,Candid,Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork. I am proud to say that Leah Ripp excels in each and every one of these categories daily. She always does what she says she will do,she is honest and does not back down from difficultconversations,she has attention to detail and works well with all of her peers. Leah’s role of the Member Service Representative includes butnot limited to helpingwalk-in members with transactions,answeringphonecalls,monthly sales goalsand commitments. She has recently taken on a leadership roleas quarterly Cross Sales Captain,leader with our E-Statement initiative,beinga rolemodel of how to be successful within her MSR role for other branches,which are all of above her regular duties. Every day she arrives early prepared to startthe day, willingto stay latewhen and if needed after closinghours,and askingfor more responsibilitiesduringdowntime. Furthermore, Leah takes pride in her work, she is diligentand self-motivated, a leader amongst her peers, great team player,and successful with her solicitresults. I ammore than confident that Leah will succeed with any career path sheseeks because she is notone to quitor lacks motivation. Leah is a hardworking,top-performing customer serviceprofessional. Shehas my recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would likeadditional information. Sincerely, Dan Culligan Member Service Supervisor MarineCredit Union (715) 834-3275 dan.culligan@marinecu.com