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Lead Generation Best Practices: Outsourcing Inbound & Outbound

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Your outsourcing recipe for success.
Common misconceptions & setting realistic expectations.
When outsourcing is an appropriate resource and when it isn't.
How to effectively scale an outsourced strategy during critical growth stages.

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Lead Generation Best Practices: Outsourcing Inbound & Outbound

  1. 1. Outsourcing LeadGeneration Best Practices #salesIQ
  2. 2. YOUR HOST Aaron “air” Ross / @motoceo #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Strategist Aaron continues to reshape outbound sales teams with his approach outlined in Predictable Revenue, which Inc Magazine calls “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley." Aaron built outbound sales at salesforce.com resulting in an added $1 billion in revenue.
  3. 3. PREDICTABLE REVENUE Award-Winning #1 Bestseller ! ! Called “The Sales Bible Of Silicon Valley”
  4. 4. YOUR PRESENTERS Eric MacColl! Director of Marketing, Scripted Scripted's mission is to better the quality of written content on the Internet by helping businesses create it at scale. While Eric enjoys all aspects of marketing and business development, he comes from a digital marketing background from his time at iProspect. Anand Kulkarni! Founder and CEO, LeadGenius By combining the power of people, technology, and data, LeadGenius enables growing companies to quickly and easily scale their outbound prospecting campaigns. ! As a former mathematician and National Science Foundation fellow at UC Berkeley, Anand developed new techniques to outsource and crowdsource work reliably and at scale.
  5. 5. JOIN THE CONVERSATION @LeadGenius #salesIQ
  6. 6. TODAY YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO 1 2 3 Triple your sales with predictable lead ! generation. Produce compelling content that drives! engaged traffic with outsourced inbound ! marketing. Repeatedly generate consistent sales ! through virtual outbound prospecting.
  7. 7. Aaron Ross TRIPLE YOUR SALES Create predictable, scalable revenue.
  8. 8. Aaron Ross FATAL MISTAKE fatal mistake: growing revenue by hiring salespeople
  9. 9. Aaron Ross 3 TYPES OF LEAD GEN Even with a perfect sales process or big sales team, if your lead gen is crummy, you’ll struggle With great leads, you can get everything else wrong and still do well There are 3 types of leads
  10. 10. Aaron Ross LEAD GEN Seeds, Nets & Spears
  11. 11. Aaron Ross SEEDS Seeds: Turn Your Funnel into an Hourglass
  12. 12. Aaron Ross NETS Nets: Example Marketing Funnel
  13. 13. Aaron Ross Spears Spears: Example Outbound Funnel
  14. 14. Aaron Ross SALES SHOULDN’T PROSPECT Why? They aren’t any good at it They don’t like it It’s not repeatable
  15. 15. Aaron Ross SPECIALIZED SALES ROLES Specialize your four core sales roles.
  17. 17. Seeds Nets Spears SCRIPTED.COM NETS Spears, Seeds, and NETS Inbound leads from Marketing
  18. 18. SCRIPTED.COM CONTENT FORMATS Inbound Marketing
  19. 19. Don’t Create Content Just To Create Content SCRIPTED.COM IDEA GENERATION Know This First: Your Brand Content Creation Your Audience Timing
  20. 20. SCRIPTED.COM MESSAGING Content is not just to get people to your website:
  21. 21. SCRIPTED.COM MESSAGING LATE STAGE Sales & Revenue MID STAGE Lead Gen & Subscriptions EARLY STAGE Engagement & Reach
  22. 22. SCRIPTED.COM SUCCESS Success for Scripted’s Content Engagement Qualified Leads
  23. 23. SCRIPTED.COM SCALING SCRIPTED Scaling Content With Outsourcing
  24. 24. SCRIPTED.COM CONTENT TEAM What Are Marketers Outsourcing?
  25. 25. SCRIPTED.COM CONTENT TEAM Strategy, Writing and Editing Are Different Planning Writing Promoting Publishing Editing Content strategists need to focus on their core audience and maintain an editorial calendar.
  27. 27. Know these before outsourcing to writers: SCRIPTED.COM COMMUNICATE 1. Industry – what do your writers need to know?! 2. Topics and titles – do you need ideas?! 3. Examples on your blog or blogs to emulate?! 4. Tone – style guide?! 5. Budget! 6. Timeline/Editorial Calendar
  28. 28. SCRIPTED.COM SCRIPTED SCALING What Type Of Content Is Easiest To Outsource? Thought-leadership Long-form content Newsworthy/trend content Evergreen content
  29. 29. SCRIPTED.COM SCRIPTED SCALING Small Team, Big Content Team! • Content Manager! • Content Editor! ! Volume! • 50+ pieces of content published per month! ! Content! • Blog Posts! • Guest Posts! • White Papers! • Slideshares! • Webinars! ! Content Creation In-House 20% 80% Outsource to Scripted Writers
  30. 30. SCRIPTED.COM SCRIPTED SCALING Efficiency of External Writing Teams Editorial Calendar Submit Guidelines ! Content Written Review Content Measure and optimize Measure Publish/ Promote Plan content 4 weeks in advance 30+ pieces of content written in 5 to 10 days 3 to 5 days of review and editing Promote across relevant channels immediately
  32. 32. Seeds SPSEPAEARRSS Nets LeadGenius.com SPEARS OutSbeoedusn, dNe ltes,a adnsd SfrPoEmAR SS ales ! The Good: Predictable results, often pinpointing specific executives. ! The Bad: Not profitable for small deals or customers. ! Hard to scale exponentially. You need $$ to hire sales associates.
  33. 33. Specialized, scalable roles at each stage LeadGenius.com OUTBOUND FUNNEL Prepare Prospect Close
  34. 34. LeadGenius.com DATA + TECHNOLOGY + PEOPLE You can now… 1) Find and rank every potential qualified customer in the entire country (with no developers!)! 2) Figure out relevant data about each of those customers 3) Write each one of those customers a personalized message from a salesperson
  35. 35. Define your ideal customer! and mind the web. LeadGenius.com
  36. 36. LeadGenius.com PREPARE: CUSTOMER PERSONA Define your target customer! Meet Fred, Operations Manager Image source: Hubspot
  37. 37. LeadGenius.com PREPARE: MIND THE WEB Avoid low quality sources… Data.com Dunn & Bradstreet Find decision makers… There are 21,708,021 American businesses 6,049,655 businesses w/ >1 person Your customers are listed in… Yelp (47M establishments) LinkedIn (2M Companies) CrunchBase (650K Companies) AngelList (289K Companies) GO STATE BY STATE or CITY BY CITY and vertical by vertical
  38. 38. Build a team and test! your approach. LeadGenius.com
  39. 39. Find people here: Craigslist (DIY) oDesk/Elance (DIY) Freelancer (DIY) Job Boards (DIY) TaskUs (managed) LeadGenius (managed) LeadGenius.com SCALE: BUILD A TEAM Leadgen: go global! Outreach and QA: stick to US Start with: 1 leadgen staffer 1 outreach staffer 1 manager/QA (!!!)
  40. 40. Equip your virtual SDRs with sales intelligence solutions LeadGenius.com SCALE: EQUIP YOUR TEAM Give researchers: LinkedIn Premium Google Spreadsheets Import.io Rapportive Toofr (verification) Give prospectors: LinkedIn Premium Yesware or Streak or Tout Salesforce/CRM access Total cost: <$200
  41. 41. Make it a custom, handwritten email. LeadGenius.com PROSPECT: CRAFT THE PITCH From: anand@leadgenius.com To: sarah@hotlead.com Subject: We have a few SDRs ! Hi Sarah, ! Our mutual friend Michael Jameson mentioned you were hiring SDRs. I wanted to see if we might be able to help you scale your team. LeadGenius has a few extra SDRs we can push your way. Let me know if you’d like to chat on Tuesday afternoon – we were able to replace 2 SDRs at ExistingClient last month and they saw a 30% boost in lead flow as a result. BTW, congrats on your recent round! ! Send it from your salesperson. Short and sweet wins! Don’t be salesy… be helpful and solve a real problem. Social proof and quantitative outcomes. Double-Tap: LinkedIn profile view on the same day
  42. 42. Targeted Content Immediate Response Multiple Touches LeadGenius.com PROSPECT: ADVANCED MESSAGING Interested? Here are 3 times that work for me! Here’s more information! Check back later. Specific question Automatically schedule a follow-up mail From: anand@leadgenius.com To: sarah@hotlead.com Subject: We have a few SDRs ! Hi Sarah, ! Our mutual friend Michael Jameson mentioned you were hiring SDRs. I wanted to see if we might be able to help you scale your team. LeadGenius has a few extra SDRs we can push your way. Let me know if you’d like to chat on Tuesday afternoon – we were able to replace 2 SDRs at ExistingClient last month and they saw a 30% boost in lead flow as a result. BTW, congrats on your recent round! !
  43. 43. Measure your ROI. LeadGenius.com
  44. 44. LeadGenius.com INCREASED CONVERSIONS Immediate responses! from decision ! makers.
  45. 45. LeadGenius.com MEASURING PERFORMANCE Cost per lead Leads per week Emails per week Handoffs per week
  46. 46. Ideal customer profile. LeadGenius.com
  47. 47. LeadGenius.com IDEAL CUSTOMER B2B tech companies (all sizes). You know your target customer and unique! value proposition. You’ve consistently sold your product/service. You have at least one sales professional.
  48. 48. Goals & Expectations. LeadGenius.com
  49. 49. LeadGenius.com REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS When working with our ideal customer, we like to see… 1 researcher + 1 manager generate 600 leads per week 1 writer writes 600 templates per week 10% response = 10 leads per day
  50. 50. Scaling outbound checklist. LeadGenius.com
  51. 51. LeadGenius.com CHECK EACH BOX Define your target audience and know your customer ! personas well. Gather a list of highly targeted prospects to contact based ! on your qualification criteria. Create a consistent process for doing outbound outreach. Craft highly relevant and targeted email messages; then ! measure open and response rates. !! !! !! !!
  52. 52. Questions? air@predictablerevenue.com eric@scripted.com anand@LeadGenius.com Tell us what’s working for you. Our Head of Marketing would love to hear from you: Lena@LeadGenius.com or @LenaShaw
  53. 53. Thank you! Slides will be available via download.