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Google Apps Overview: Part 2

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Overview of Google Apps including Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Reader and Google Analytics

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Google Apps Overview: Part 2

  1. 1. Google II More Information, Faster and Betterwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  2. 2. Google Search TMI… http://www.google.comwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  3. 3. Search Basics• Keep it simple. A search engine is not a human being; think how the words are likely to appear on the page.• More keywords will help narrow results• Search is generally case insensitive• Limit your search by date range, language, document type.• Use Google as a calculator, to find weather forecast, time zone information, conversions, and dictionary.• More: Advanced Search Tips www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  4. 4. Search With More Keywordswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  5. 5. Advanced Search• Phrase search: Use “” to search for exact words in an exact order (example: “geek girl camp”)• Use “” to search for a single word with no synonyms• Exclude words using –• Include multiple words in any order using +• Search within a website by using site:www.domain.com (example: 2012 conference site:geekgirlcamp.com)• Find sites linking to a site by using link:www.domain.com (example 2012 conference link:www.geekgirlcamp.com) www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  6. 6. Advanced Search Bingo!www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  7. 7. Google Business Listingwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  8. 8. Google Business Listing http://places.google.com/businesswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  9. 9. Create your listingwww.google.com/placesforbusinesswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  10. 10. Google Maps: Map View Click here for Satellite view http://maps.google.com/www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  11. 11. Google Maps Click here for Maps view http://maps.google.com/www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  12. 12. Google Maps: Directions You can use your mouse to click on any route point and drag it to an alternate routewww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  13. 13. Google Maps – Alternate Routes New route from where the previous point was dragged fromwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  14. 14. Google Maps - trafficwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  15. 15. Google Maps – Multiple Stops www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  16. 16. Google Maps – Pedometer http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  17. 17. Sometimes (gasp!) Google is wrong For businesses: Visit the Google Places Help Centerwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  18. 18. Google Alerts http://www.google.com/alertswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  19. 19. Google Alertswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  20. 20. Google Referral Listings Replace “geekgirlcamp.com” with any domain you’d like to see referral links for http://yourdomain.com:placeswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  21. 21. Google+www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  22. 22. Google+- hangoutswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  23. 23. Analytics - Dashboard http://www.google.com/analytics/www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  24. 24. Analytics - Visitorswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  25. 25. Analytics – New Visitorswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  26. 26. Analytics - Visitor Technical Detailswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  27. 27. Analytics - Visitor Loyaltywww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  28. 28. Analytics - Traffic Sourceswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  29. 29. Analytics - Traffic Source Detail www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  30. 30. Analytics - Keywordswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  31. 31. Analytics - CampaignsYou can generate trackable URLs for your Campaigns using Google URLBuilder: http://www.google.com/support/analytics/bin/answer.py?answer=55578www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  32. 32. Analytics - Content Overviewwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  33. 33. Analytics - Content Detailwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  34. 34. Webmaster Tools: Site Overview https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  35. 35. Webmaster Tools: Keyword Searcheswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  36. 36. Webmaster Tools: Incoming Linkswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  37. 37. Keyword Densitywww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  38. 38. Google Docswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  39. 39. Google Document (like Word) Download in any format to save to your hard drivewww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  40. 40. Sharing Google Docswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  41. 41. Sharing Google Docs by Addresswww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  42. 42. Sharing Google Docs by URLwww.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  43. 43. Google Presentation (like PPT) Download in any format to save to your hard drive www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  44. 44. Google Spreadsheet (like Excel) Spreadsheets need to be named and saved manually Download in any format to save to your hard drive www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp
  45. 45. Google Forms Create your own multiple choice, plain text, or other kinds of questions Share the form with a link you can publish on your website or put in an email. The information will be captured in a Google Spreadsheet.www.GeekGirlCamp.com www.Twitter.com/GeekGirlCamp