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Envirotech Waste Audit Review Highlights

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Learning from a Company-wide Waste Audit | How much of your office garbage is heading to landfills? It’s a question responsible enterprises are asking and, where they aren’t asking of their own volition, government regulations are demanding it of them. Conducting a waste audit leaves nothing to the imagination about how wasteful – or not – a company is. The audit is a set procedure that investigates how much waste is “captured” to be recycled, re-directing to a composting facility, hazardous waste disposal centers, or sent to a landfill. The audit report then makes recommendations for improvement.

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Envirotech Waste Audit Review Highlights

  1. 1. 2015 88.77% Waste Audit Highlights Capture Rate In House Cleaning Recycling With the in house service we are doing a more diligent job of separating recycling from waste (especially paper) and increasing the capture rate “ Our Journey Zero Waste to Landfill Remanufacturing 100% 5% 1% 95% post-consumer waste diverted from landfill Re-Sellable Product + raw materials production landfill waste 3Year plan Digital Technology Paper Consumption Sources: • Envirotech Office Systems 2015 Waste Audit • www.envirotechoffice.com/waste-not-want-not-audit-review/ 7345 East Danbro Cresc. Misssissauga, Ontario www.envirotechoffice.com Designed by www.lauradunkley.com 12.1.2015