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  1. The Art of the Pitch Relationships and Sales
  2. Laura Byrne @NewYorkerLaura • WordPress user since 2006 • The hobby that exploded • Led to freelance online writing • 1st Career: Private Education • Teacher, Admission Director • Comms and Marketing Director • 2nd Career WordPress • 3 different agencies: Sales, Project Management, Customer Support • Currently: Account Manager at WebDevStudios
  3. Preparation is Everything • Defining Your Mission • People Buy Benefits • Pre-Call Prep • On the Call • Post Call
  4. Define Yourself Ideal Clients • You can’t be all things to all people • Get those testimonials at the right time • Walk when it’s not right Core Services • Website, social, email: copy/images • Viewbook Slide Deck (Watch TLDR) • One Sheets Make connections • It costs what it costs • Pass it on or pitch with others
  5. People Buy Benefits • How people in your organization play a part • It’s a retention/referral game Sales is everyone’s mission • You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a first impression • Be camera ready Image • Recording isn’t just about he said/she said • Opportunity to review yourself Record it
  6. Pre-Call Prep Tool Kit Email Scripts Vetting Info you need Do not start an automation from hell Investigate UX Journey Social Media BuiltWith Screaming Frog Glassdoor LinkedIn Bring the right People Am I the best facilitator? Remember it’s business, it’s not personal. Even if it’s a current client, they are not your friend.
  7. How, What, Who to Say It Listen First • Have an outline, control the flow, but listen deeply it’s what and how they say things • Talk benefits on areas that might be a problem, don’t firehose it. • Questions: The first word is never “no” Set up a second call • Get documents • Get time to look • Brainstorm a high-level overview • Bring others on your staff back Second Call • Strut your stuff • Clarify • Formal Pitch to follow • Don’t be afraid of Zoom
  8. Thanks for Listening Laura Byrne Lorah Byrne she/her Find me everywhere @NewYorkerLaura Account Manager: WebDev Studios