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Meet the teacher updated (2)



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Meet the teacher

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Meet the teacher updated (2)

  1. 1. Enrichment Welcome, students and parents!
  2. 2.  My background  I grew up in Decatur, Alabama.  I attended Auburn, University. My experience  I’ve been teaching for over 20 years.  I have taught kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  * I have my gifted endorsement from  the states of Georgia and Texas.
  3. 3. All About Miss Holt
  4. 4.  My background  I grew up in Peachtree City, Georgia.  I attended the University of Tennessee and LaGrange College for my undergraduate work. I earned my Master’s Degree from the University of West Georgia and my Educational Specialist from Lincoln Memorial University. My experience  I’ve been teaching for 11 years and 10 of those have been right here at Cleveland!  I have taught kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grades.
  5. 5.  University of Tennessee Football  Playing golf  Traveling to the beach and the mountains
  6. 6. Praise VS Encouragement Overemphasis on achievement or outcomes rather than a child's efforts, involvement, and desire to learn about topics of interest is a common parental/teacher pitfall. The line between pressure and encouragement is subtle but important. Pressure to perform emphasizes outcomes such as winning awards and getting a good grade,for which the student is highly praised. Encouragement emphasizes effort, the process used to achieve, steps taken toward accomplishing a goal, and improvement. It leaves appraisal and valuation to the youngster. S Carol Dweck, a motivation researcher, describes the “mindset” needed for learning. Parents and Teachers can teach their students to have a “growth mindset” that allows for struggle and failure on the path to understanding. Children need to know that there is value in hard work and that their hard work makes a difference to their success. Heidie G. Halvorson, in her article, “The Trouble with Bright Kids”, states that gifted children should be praised for their hard work rather than told how smart they are. http://www.nagc.org/resources-publications/resources-parents/motivation-and-learning#sthash.tYOxfFpp.dpuf Article from National Association for the Gifted
  7. 7. Bloom’s taxonomy – Hierarchy of thinking skills S
  8. 8. ● Universal Themes.... ● 1st Grade ~ Foundations S ● 2nd Grade ~ Change ● 3rd Grade ~ Systems ● 4th Grade ~ Perspectives ● 5th Grade ~ Interdependence ● ...and the Enrichment Curriculum! ● ● Units of study under universal theme "umbrella" ● ● Designed to be very challenging ● ● Interdisciplinary in nature ● ● Classroom differentiation ● ● Creating life-long learners who "feed" themselves
  9. 9. What Will My Child be Studying in Enrichment Class this Year? School: Cleveland Elementary 2014-2015 Enrichment Strands by Subject Area Grade Level Universal Theme Vocabulary Literature/Writing Logical/ Mathematical Explorations Science The Human Experience Technology 1st Foundations Word Detectives I (Miss Holt) -Through Different Lenses – Fairy Tales as the Foundation of Culture -Junior Great Books (Miss Holt) Cooperative Problem Solving (Miss Holt) Hard Science (Miss Holt) The Me Network (Miss Holt) Power Points Web Research Google tools (Miss Holt) 2nd Change Word Detectives II (Miss Holt) -Junior Great Books -Beyond Words (Miss Holt) -Problem Solving Strategies -Mathematical Notation in Different Cultures -Domino Math (Miss Holt) Thinking Like a Scientist: Using the Scientific Method (Miss Holt) Ancient Cultures: Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece and Rome Current Issues (Miss Holt) -Timeliner -Powerpoints -Google tools (Miss Holt) 3rd Systems Caesar’s English I Lessons 1-10 (Miss Holt) Jr. Great Books (Miss Holt) Journalism (Mrs. Brown) -Eddie Files (Real World Math Concepts) Logic Exercises (Miss Holt) (Mrs. Brown) Aerodynamics: The Systems of Flight (Miss Holt), Archeology: A System for Discovery (Mrs. Brown) National Parks – Systems at Work (Miss Holt) Current Issues (Miss Holt) (Mrs. Brown) -Google tools -Glogster -PowerPoints -Timeliner (Miss Holt) (Mrs. Brown) 4th Perspective Caesar’s English I Lessons 11-20 (Miss Holt) Down a Rabbit Hole(Alice in Wonderland) (Miss Holt) (Mrs. Brown) -Eddie Files (Real World Math Concepts) Logic Exercises (Miss Holt) Scientific Investigations: (Mrs. Brown) Current Issues (Miss Holt) (Mrs. Brown) Through Artist’s Eyes (Mrs. Brown) -Google tools -Glogster (Miss Holt) (Mrs. Brown) 5th Interdependence Caesar’s English II (Miss Holt) The Shakespeare Experience: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Miss Holt) Logic Exercises (Miss Holt) Hands on Equations (Mrs. Brown) Exploravision (Mrs. Brown) Current Issues (Mrs. Brown) Skype With Experts to Learn about Technology innovations for Exploravision; design web pages; Google tools (Miss Holt) (Mrs. Brown)
  10. 10. Disney Science Project Guest speakers Archaeology and the Disney Planet Project here at Cleveland Elementary School.
  11. 11. How do native plants affect local streams and ultimately the Chattahoochee River and our drinking water?
  12. 12. Weekly Schedule ● ○ Monday – 3rd Grade ● ○ Tuesday –5th Grade ● ○ Wednesday – 1st Grade ● ○ Thursday – 2nd Grade S ● ○ Friday – 4th Grade ● Specials, recess, and lunch with homeroom ● Students do not make up everything they miss while in Enrichment
  13. 13. Continuation Policy ● 85 average in core classes of regular S classroom  Adequate progress & participation in Enrichment Interface between settings ● Contact between home, regular classroom, and Enrichment team solves most all problems ● Probation ● Withdrawal Enrichment Report Cards ● Will be sent home for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Nine-weeks grading periods.
  14. 14. Report Cards Areas that are considered on the Enrichment Report Card: 1. Independence/Self-Direction 2. Critical Thinking Skills/Problem Solving 3. Social/Personal Growth Skills S 4. Motivation 5. Creativity 6. Communication 7. Research 8. Conduct 9. Other Rather than using ABC grades, we use the following symbols for achievement: 1. S+ Working Beyond Expectations 2. S Meeting Expectations 3. WN Working Novice: Still Developing Skills 4. NI Absence of Effort and/or product
  15. 15. Homework in Enrichment??? ● There will be little homework in Enrichment as we know that your child has enough to do S in the regular classroom. ● However, because of the accelerated content of our class and the fact that we meet only one day a week, there will be times when outside work is required to complete projects.
  16. 16. ● Parent/Enrichment teachers/classroom teacher/students –What a team! ● E-mail us if you have questions or concerns: brown.laura@mail.fcboe.org and holt.emily@mail.S fcboe.org ● Weekly updates will be posted on our Enrichment websites. Please visit the sites regularly.
  17. 17. We look forward to working with your children and we know that we will have a great year!