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Time powerpoint

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Time powerpoint

  1. 1. Time By Laura Clement - Evans
  2. 2. This is my clouds inspiration page I really like the way clouds can be used to portray time through their gradual movement over a long period of time, when researching how to capture the clouds moving over time I found this video that explains how to do a long exposure well although he doesn't use clouds it’s a really useful video; https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=f21MwF8icmM
  3. 3. Experiment page
  4. 4. This is my clocks inspiration page I really like the way clocks can be used to portray time through their different figures over a long or short period of time, however with clocks I think the effects, colour schemes and backgrounds can change it from looking modern to looking like an antique when I was researching how to make a photo look older I came across this video which explains how to do it; https://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=wSR5QsbfCIA although he doesn't use photos of clocks it gives the same effects and example you would want.
  5. 5. Experiment page
  6. 6. This is one of my nature inspiration page I really like the way the flowers can be in focus and the centre of the image or blurred and they just add to the image furthermore can be used to portray time as they grow and die, while researching how to make a key feature in an image I found this video that explains how to do it, it’s a really useful tool and help me understand how to do this to my images; https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=-9gpPGehVLE
  7. 7. Experiment page
  8. 8. This is another one of my nature inspiration page I really like the way the beaches can be completely empty or full of people I think it would be interesting to have a time-lapse of an empty beach at 5am or so with the occasional dog walker to having it jam packed at midday to then I clearing as they day ends.
  9. 9. Experiment page
  10. 10. This is my firth inspiration page, its my gymnastics movement page, I like how time-lapse’s shows time through movement as you can see what the performer is doing at each stage of the move.
  11. 11. Experiment page
  12. 12. The denotations of this image are a long road, in what looks like the middle of nowhere and a storm on its way in the distance the sky gets lighter which perhaps connotes a rough journey before the path gets easier or that times maybe hard now but everything gets better. The road is slightly offset to the left (in the first third of the image) so the audience’s eyes are directly drawn to it. The lines of the road and on the horizon are also important parts of the image as our eyes are drawn to them this make the picture especially effective because of all the features are emphasized in appealing ways to our eyes. From decoding this image I think it could suggest the darkness of the storm clouds isn’t permanent and there are always lighter and brighter times ahead and that is why the light yellow clouds which connote happiness and euphoria are in the distance. However the photographer may have encoded the image to portray a different meaning. The denotations of this image is a pocket watch and in the background a blurred out picture of a photo. It looks very old because of the sepia effect on it, I think if they image where to be made to look older the photography he or she would add a black fade out frame. Some connotation of this could represent love capture in the moment or love is eternal, the clock seem to be working which could connote love prevails over time. From decoding this image I think the pocket watch in the foreground it is the main feature of the photo and it has a lot of detail on the frame of the clock suggesting its old and has been through many situation, and if it was a person would have lots to say. The sepia effect gives the illustration of aged and weathered things that are very mature. The photographer may not have intended for this to be the decoding of the image as he may have encoded it to intend something different. If I where to use this image as inspiration for my time project I would defiantly use sepia to show the time progression through the aged colour. If I were to use this image as inspiration for my own work I would perhaps make it into a time lapse and have several pictures merged together to shown the clouds moving over time.
  13. 13. The denotations of this image is a beach with a boat in the foreground, it looks like it could be on an desert island as there is no signs of human life other than the boat. The boat is in the second third of the image (off set from the center to the right) this makes the boat the main focus of the picture. The colours in this image are mostly blues suggesting a refreshed start to a new chapter in someone life – as they may be stranded at sea. Some connotations of this image may be fresh starts and new beginnings. The denotations of this image are tiny fresh pink flower that hang in a bunch from a dark branch. The main feature hangs slightly off centre to right and the arches up left along the top of the picture which is good because that’s where they eyes look first when you look at an image, the rest of the image in the background is blurred this is a good effect because it highlights the main part of the picture that the photographer wanted use to focus on. From decoding this image I think its just started to be spring and these flowers have just bloomed I think this is a perfect example of time passing as you could take a photo as day and capture the flowers blooming furthermore by blurring the background you can highlight the key features of the image and portray your view in an effective way.